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Blowing Up Negative Beliefs

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’ve reached our final post on the deadliest causes or failure. In the last post, I gave you the critical questions to pose to yourself about your core foundational beliefs. (Religion, sex, money, work, relationships.) They are:

These are questions most people simply don’t ask.  They operate their whole lives on the programming they received with they were six, seven, or eight years old.

My philosophy is to question all of my beliefs.  If they serve me, I keep them.  If they don’t, I discard them like a hand grenade, and replace them with ones that do.

Here’s what this process can look like for you.

Now your life turns into a “vicious cycle” of expanding prosperity, which manifests in all areas: health, money, relationships, etc.

When you simply let thoughts “happen,” you fall victim to the thousands of negative memes and limiting beliefs circulating through the datasphere at any given time.  When you become the thinker of the thought – meaning being mindful and choosing what you think about – you are able to build a positive life and move daily toward your dreams.

That’s the great news.  Here’s the not-so-great news: That doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen to you again.  It doesn’t mean every venture you begin is guaranteed success.  It doesn’t mean that people in your world will never face suicide, disease, or dementia.  Bad stuff happens to everyone at some point or another.

But it does mean the good will out perform the bad.  It means you will grow and learn from the challenges and apply what you learn to have better results in the future.  It does mean you will live the life of prosperity that is your birthright.

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8 thoughts on “Blowing Up Negative Beliefs

  1. maryellen514 says:

    When you learn to control your thought, there is nothing you cannot do. The challenge with this, is what are the thoughts you are thinking and do you know what to replace them with? It’s elementary to understand that if you take a bad thought that no longer serves you and replace it with a thought that you think will empower you, then your life will transform. I wish it were that simple. It may start that way but until you take the time to critically think about what it is you are replacing those thoughts with. Where are you finding those new empowering thoughts? Are they coming from the latest greatest trend? Are they your thoughts or some one else’s you thought you might like to be like? When we make changes in our beliefs, if we are not careful, we may just take on one more disempowering belief. It is so important to critically think about the changes we are looking to make and not just accept some random thought that may be out there at the moment that ultimately has no genuine truth in it .

  2. Petra Neumueller says:

    Change your mind, change your life. If our thoughts determine our financial health, then our thoughts possibly determine everything else in our life as well – and, likewise, the bad stuff that is “happening to us” might also be the result of our thoughts? What if we are responsible for most everything that is going on in our lives, because we attract it through the magnetic field our thoughts create that is emanating from our brain into the cosmos?
    I’m playing here, of course, because I know in my heart and mind this to be the Truth. I have experienced it, and I am at it every single day of my life now. Zinzino came to me (or I attracted it, lol) as the result of changing my thoughts about myself and where I’m going in life and what I am here to do, and I’m doing the work to change my beliefs every day – it requires a great deal of attention and awareness to be after your thoughts and state of being all the time. Still, it’s worth every tear and every growl on the way, because they will sure come … to look at all the crap we think about ourselves can be disheartening and, at times, veeery painful, but it is the most rewarding work we will ever do, because it turns us from sheep into influencers, from slaves (of the system and our own, pre-conditioned mindset) to creators and the ultimate destination is total Freedom!!

    I loove that you bring this type of knowledge and awareness into Network Marketing, Randy!!
    And I look forward to seeing you at the Globen next month ;-).

  3. Daniel says:

    I guess everybody here knows how does it feel being poor, because that’s why we here.

    Are you remember when you had absolutely nothing positive in your life? How many times you tried to reach more money, but at least almost when you got it, it disappeared?

    Every time when you fell in love, you partner just cheat you and hurt you.

    Every time you made a business, something unusual, unexpected happened and you were bankrupt.

    Therefore you decided to stay inside the cage. You decided to not fall in love anymore. You made a compromise for holding a job, what pays almost noting, but you said, at least you have a job, looking the homeless on the street. And you might said that you may not rich, but at least you are (an idiot) benevolent. You compromised staying a partner, who you don’t like so much, but you said at least you have somebody the sleep with, and over time the compromise is rotted your soul, making you more old, than what you are.

    Now imagine the opposite.

    If you lose money, you just make more money, and the reason is somehow that you are lost money. You were looking for you lost money, and just met someone, who give you a business, where you gain hundred times more than what you have lost. And you you would not have met the guy, if you wont go looking for your money. May you even find your lost money too during the conversation, under a bush.

    Or you just walking in the street, finding a bag or wallet with no names inside it, just 10.000 dollar. And it is just happening you constantly at least twice a month.

    Or whatever gambling you play, somehow you win more than you loose. In fact, you CAN NOT lose enough, even if you try it hard.

    Or you find 5 girl simultaneously, and every one is looks like the love of your life. Or somehow the best looking girl is the one, who are fell the love in you the deepest.

    Or you just buying a house, and you realized a week later, that the government wants to build a highway there, and they are ready to buy you house ten times more price from you than what it were costed.

    Do you think this can not happen? I have some story to share, but you don’t need it, because you can make your own if you want.

  4. Mia-Louise Connor says:

    Hey RG,
    Thanks for sharing your observations, wisdom and experience over the last week or so.

    I’ve been following the LOA and many of it’s most prominent and prosperous front men and women for about 2yrs now. And, frankly, I gotta tell ya, out of everyone I’ve tapped into over the years, your ‘Prosperity TV’, emails and blog is by far the most real. You are the product and the product kicks ass!

    Keep rocking my friend.

    Loving it! Xx

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thanks, I’m honored.

  5. Sam says:

    Love this! Thanks Randy!

  6. Bernice says:

    Interesting: core foundational beliefs. (Religion, sex, money, work, relationships)

    Some things we may think it is how we are. You may not even realize you can change these things. After changing what you listen to and listening to it enough, you start to feel different and act different. It’s an AHA moment when you realize you have changed and your beliefs have change. Then you realize others can do the same.

    You also realize we all have belief work to do.
    Is there any way to determine the most likely people who will do the work to change?

  7. thechalkywhite says:

    Fascinating stuff Randy, love how much you “repeat” (or is that “affirm”?). One think about language is that I prefer “virtuous cycle” over “vicious cycle”. Not because of sin,guilt or any religious connotations. Just because it opens minds and spreads smiles when used as a contradiction to “vicious cycle”.


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