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Blowing Up Bad Beliefs about Money & Success

Posted By: Randy GageJanuary 5, 2020

Hopefully by now you realize that the majority of all the programming you’re receiving daily is designed to keep you ignorant, sick, needy, victimized, lonely, and/or broke.  The key to creating a new you – one that you actually like – is identifying the limiting beliefs you created from that programming and replacing them with empowering ones. 

Let’s revisit the six areas of core, foundational beliefs that determine your self-esteem and the levels of happiness and success you achieve.  In each area, we’ll explore the direct connection between a negative belief and the results you manifest – and the type of belief you need to replace it with.  We’ll start this post with the ones surrounding money and success.

The main memes in this category are:

  • Money is bad
  • It’s noble or spiritual to be poor
  • You don’t deserve success
  • Rich people are evil
  • You have to be a bad parent to become successful
  • Successful companies have to exploit people and the environment
  • Money and material possessions have nothing to do with happiness

The main results of these memes are to cause you to hate wealthy people and identify yourself as superior to them – believing that being poor makes you more spiritual, noble, or virtuous.   They can also cause you to set your goals lower and self-sabotage your success.

First let’s get some of the silly beliefs out of the way... 

Let’s start with the misconception about money being bad or evil.  Money is simply a medium of exchange.  Governments attempt to assign it a unilateral worth, but the value actually fluctuates all the time, because the only real value of money is what you’re willing to receive or trade it for.  Money is neutral; there is nothing bad about it, or good about it.  Unless you knowingly or unknowingly attach an emotion or motive to it.

If you think about the subject rationally, you have to realize there is no connection between money and whether a person is good or evil.  Money simply reveals who you really are.  If you’re a grounded person with positive self-esteem and strong character – coming into a large amount of money would lead you to use it for higher good for yourself and others.  If you’re a dishonest, narcissistic person who comes into a large amount of money – you’ll use it to control and manipulate others for your personal gains.

You’ll frequently hear statements like, money doesn’t buy happiness, a car simply gets you from point A to point B, and my favorite, “once you turn the lights off, all hotel rooms are the same.”  People who make statements like these believe it brands them as wise and virtuous.  In actuality, such a statement exposes their ignorance.

We can agree that money doesn’t buy happiness.  But we should also agree that poverty doesn’t buy happiness either.  Someone who has ever driven a Viper or Ferrari, or been ensconced in a Bentley Continental GT would never be so foolish to suggest that there is no difference in the possible methods of transit between the aforementioned points A and B.

Likewise, no rational person would say there is no distinction between an oceanfront suite at the Four Seasons versus a room at the Holiday Inn overlooking the dumpster behind the IHOP.    Or at least no rational person who wasn’t under the influence of worthiness mind viruses. (And trust me, even in the dark, there’s still quite a difference in the air quality, soundproofing, mattress, and bedding.)

Now if you decide that it is prudent for your financial situation to book a brick wall view room versus a panoramic one or stay at the Marriott instead of the Mandarin Oriental, that may be the right choice for you.  But let’s do it rationally, not because of ridiculous misrepresentations.  Money and material things don’t make you happy.  But money and material things allow you the self-expression, freedom, and enjoyment that can make you happier.

Here are some ways to turn negative beliefs into empowering ones.  Start with the belief that rich people are evil.  Just more brainwashing, a natural extension of the “money is evil” trope.  Whether you are spiritual or evil, having lots of money will just reveal and amplify whatever you are.  I’m able to support the arts, youth sports, wildlife programs, and other worthy causes today.  I wasn’t much help to them when I was broke.  And you won’t be either.  Imagine the greater good you can do with more money and success in your life.

Yes, there are plenty of companies that exploit workers or put profits over the environment.  (And there always will be.)  But there are thousands of companies that have proven this isn’t necessary for success.  They demonstrate that being a good corporate citizen and taking care of workers can actually make them more successful.  Aren’t you grateful that there are companies to support the many worthy causes in your community?

It’s a similar dynamic with the belief that to become successful, you have to be a terrible parent.  My mother was left to raise three children by herself.  Certainly no one could have faulted her if she elected to go on welfare.  But instead, she chose to become an Avon lady and went door-to-door to earn enough money to support us.  We had to make our own breakfasts and look after ourselves after school.  But what a wonderful example of perseverance, grit, and integrity she set for me and my siblings. You don’t do your children any favors by holding back from success or remaining poor.  How about adopting the belief that becoming successful could provide a powerful, positive example for your children?

Due to the prevailing mind viruses in the world, you may have coupled money/success with being evil, acting evil, bad parenting, exploitation, or poor environmental stewardship.  Once you sever these unjustified couplings, you’ll stop self-sabotage tendencies and expand your vision, goals, and dreams.  You’ll view the world through prosperity consciousness rather than poverty consciousness, and this will transform everything you do.

Next up, we’ll look at the limiting beliefs about marriage and relationships. Before that, please share your thoughts below about the things we discussed in this post.


- RG

P.S. Speaking of prosperity consciousness, thank you to those of you who frequently use the share buttons above and spread the message of this blog.  I'm very grateful for you!

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  • 7 comments on “Blowing Up Bad Beliefs about Money & Success”

    1. this helps. i do face to face sales in a busy airport.

      spiritual, noble, virtuous. solid point on air quality and bill gates came to mind about with what one chooses to do with their money. this well rounded view makes it very exciting to think of what one could do with mountains n mountains of wealth.

    2. This brings back my first lessons from you in the first of your books I read. Coming from a family (mother) that daily repeated the “rich people are bad” meme, even toward some of her own relatives, it was pretty ensconced in my beliefs. As I matured and entered the USAF my world became so large that I found her beliefs simply weren’t true. Your book solidified my thought process. Great read! Thank you!

    3. So glad you pointed this out. It seems like being an aggrieved party, scouring social media for injustice and then calling out people on it has become a full time job for some people today.

      1. Interesting that one Denise. I'd heard it slightly differently. In order to do more, you have to be(come) more.

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