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Beliefs, Assumptions and Mind Viruses…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

The recent blog I wrote about propaganda got me a lot of replies offline, from my close friends.  A lot of them are authors, coaches, podcasters, etc., — and the idea of people who consider themselves “invisible governors” intrigued some, shocked some, and offended some. 

Let’s be honest.  It takes a strong ego to believe that you have something important enough to say, that it motivates you to write a book, launch a podcast or publish a blog.  Nothing inherently wrong with that.  But when do you cross the line from coach to propagandist, from beneficial to evil?

When I read Bernays’ words in Propaganda, I am profoundly shocked by his arrogance.  He begins the book by stating, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society.”  Alrighty then!

I have no desire to be such a force in society, as I find the ethics of such conceit troubling.  But I’m releasing content on a daily basis, across a lot of platforms.  Why?

Because I love my work and have a healthy enough ego to believe I can bring value to you life, as well as the others who follow my work.  And what is this work?

Not to tell you what to think, but perhaps assist you in your development of how to think critically.   To cause you to question your core, foundational beliefs – to determine if you came to them through mindful contemplation, or had them programmed into you.  To cause you to bring your hidden assumptions to the light of day.  To see if you are holding those assumptions, or if they are holding you.


How am I doing?

– RG

P.S.  If you didn’t hear the new episode I released on my podcast yesterday, ya gotta check it out!  It reveals the darkest day of my life, my future standup comedy career, and how my $6,000 toilet has accelerated the moment the machines will kill us…


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6 thoughts on “Beliefs, Assumptions and Mind Viruses…

  1. Roger says:

    Well Randy, I for one really enjoy your blogs. They get me thinking about what I am thinking. Ha! Keep up the great work

  2. Perhaps your $6,000 toilet has expanded your possibilities for intimacy 🙂

  3. Why does Bernay shock you? He points out something that is commonplace and definitely not new. Everything we perceive with our eyes and ears is planting seeds of opinion, beliefs, attitudes, and values. A song. A movie poster, a TV commercial, a passionate marketer on a webinar…even a ride on a bus where no one is talking is bombarding us with messages from people’s faces and body language. A daily diet of public transportation can make a person despondent and cynical. Leni Riefenstahl’s camera angles were telling us how to view Nazi’s and German atheltes. The onus is on us to remain mindful and choose the seeds we nourish. Those who are up to the task will thrive. Those who are not…you finish the sentence. At the end of the day, what matters is the answer to this question, “Who is John Galt?” (reply written in fun – ro is it?) Sounds like a great podcast episode. Gotta listen.

  4. Rumor has it that Peter Diamandis is John Galt. Do not ask me how I know. I cannot reveal my sources.

  5. jcbjr9455 says:

    You are doing incredibly well!!!

  6. “Cosmic intention”, from a Cosmic consciousness. Those are my thoughts on this.


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