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Becoming an Enlightened Person

Mother Teresa
By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

You may worship Jesus or Buddha, idolize Mother Teresa or Golda Meir, or be inspired by the way Oprah lives her life.  Your lifetime goal might be that people see you in a similar way.  That’s a wonderful perspective to have.  But there is only one way to create that reality and it won’t come from imitating those you admire.

You can start a book of the month club, but that won’t make you Oprah.  And you can put “God first” and pious quotes in your Facebook bio, but that doesn’t make you spiritual.  Just because a chimpanzee beats on a drum, that doesn’t make him a musician.  You can’t be one of these beings by imitating their behavior, or using the right slogans.  Because it isn’t about the actions you take, but the actual person you become.

Once you’ve become the right person, you never have to ask questions like “What would Jesus do?”  Because the right course of action will always be what you do, because of who you are.

– RG

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2 thoughts on “Becoming an Enlightened Person

  1. Daniel says:

    “Just because a chimpanzee beats on a drum, that doesn’t make him a musician.” Usually, I use to say things to piss off everybody. 😀

    Hey, what about worshipping to yourself? I think by worshipping external symbol systems in a bad way, one give away the energy, what they needed for themselves. It makes the people weak (technically a slave). And I think the worst kind of worship, if you do nothing, but constantly asking stuff from your God or from your spiritual whatever. This tells you that you are absolutely not capable to reach those things, so you need help. A nice punch for your subconscious about how useless you are. And many prayers in Christianity starts with this: “God, I am NOT WORTHY for your this and that, but please, show me mercy because I am such a useless piece of shit, so give me this and that forever”. In case if you wonder where does your worthiness issues could comes from.

    I believe in Gods, because I know the math. The world are simply too big, and our knowledge are simply too small for claiming that Gods aren’t existing. It is pure insanity if you think deeply about it. We don’t even know what the fuck are we doing on this planet. Of course, this is nothing to do with modern religions at all. Absolutely. But thinking that those Gods are slaveholders and we are their minions are idiocy. But this is how religions are shaped the world. We have politicians, who have god-like powers over us, and we are their minions, who constantly praying for them for more free stuff. Please my politician, give me that and this! And they do. This is the exact same method how you give away your energy for a “higher” authority, for candies and bones. The EXACT SAME how the Christian prayer was designed. Isn’t it so awesome? I don’t think that this is a coincidence.

  2. wellbeinginsights says:

    Enlightenment is an inside work!


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