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Are You a Puppet to Money?

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Last post we talked about how you first developed your relationship to money.  For the vast majority of people this relationship is charged with negative emotions. 

You were probably programmed that money is evil, rich people are bad, and/or it is somehow spiritual to be poor.  And if you read my book on mental programming, you know that you are being assaulted with more negative programming about money and rich people 24/7.  So some things to ponder…

How much of your parents’ feelings toward money have you adopted?

What is your relationship with money now?

How is your relationship with money effecting your other relationships?

Does that current relationship with money serve you, or is it holding you back?

Are you attracting or repelling money with your emotions?

Are you a puppet to money, in the sense that you make important decisions in your life without realizing that you’re doing so impulsively, because of your feelings toward money?

Love to see your thoughts below.

– RG

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One thought on “Are You a Puppet to Money?

  1. david says:

    Had all those memes from my parents… hard to get over that’s for sure.. listening to wealth affirmations on a youtube loop and one that really jarred me, I love money.. and at first you go, what a jerk who loves money and then, no, that’s the wrong programming… you should love money in the sense of what it can do for you and other people..


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