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Are You a Keyboard Warrior or a Positive Agent of Change?

Posted By: Randy GageJune 6, 2019

Okay you retweeted that appeal for a good cause.  And you made snarky comments to a public figure that you feel is on the wrong side of an issue.  In fact, your whole social media feed screams that you are a woke AF, vocal activist, fighting the forces of evil.

But what are you actually doing on a daily basis to make the world around you better? 

When your loved ones gather for your funeral, do you think they’ll be remembering those posts you made on Instagram and Facebook?  Or will they be thinking about the kind of person you were in deeds?

- RG

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  • 3 comments on “Are You a Keyboard Warrior or a Positive Agent of Change?”

    1. Tombstone inscription: He posted so much cute cats...

      There is something to understand: most of the people on the Earth was always useless. The only difference we have is they had to work all the time in order to sustain themselves. Now thanks to our technical progress, everything is a lot more efficient, therefore the common men have so much time SPARED, which they can spend on the internet. It is not a bad thing, because internet is the biggest library on the Earth. You can access so much valuable information, which helps you to grow enormously. This site is a great example. But of course, most of the people just using internet for porn, fake roles to harvest likes on facebook or watching brain killer movies. This leads them to nowhere.

      Milton Friedman: Free To Choose on youtube: available from 2010. dec. 19., views: 500 689.

      Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born) on youtube: available from 8 months, views: 574 232 505.

      That's it. Their brain is turned off completely. Now you can say this is a good song (absolutely not. It is devastatingly mediocre). Bradley Cooper has literally no voice and Lady Gaga looks scary. But okay, people like it, because they think it is beautiful. But understanding economics, understanding how the money system, how the human progress works isn't utterly beautiful? It is like watching a diamond when it is shining.

      I personally think that if you accept money, if you accept that you are worthy, there is nothing what can hold you in the front of the screen, since you realise that there is so much to do, to gain, to experience, etc. Nobody sitting at home, who have 1 million to spend on whatever they want.

      I also truly believe that most of the people are bored, depressed and desperate, because they had been told that money doesn't buy happiness. But if it were true, humanity were died in sorrow long, long ago. Money is MADE FOR buying happiness. Ignoring this leads to boredom, depression and desperation. You are avoid constantly what can make you happy. Also holding a lot of money gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom, the freedom of choices, the endless opportunities, etc. But even psychologists aren't saying this. It is hard to be depressed and bored with tons of money.

    2. Do not be so quick to damn Facebook, whatever. I know from experience how some people who are feeling desperate post on facebook as probably those around them physically aren't really interested in listening to them. There have been many instances where someone has answered a post which has been a blessing to them and opened their eyes and mindset a little to let some light shine through on to what to them seems a problem without solution. My thinking is If you can truly help one person whether it be on facebook, or in the physical world without an agenda then you have made the world a better place. Why would you even want to think about what your loved ones will think at your funeral as that would mean having an agenda to do what you do, which does not come from real love. There is a world out there apart from family and loved ones and going beyond that is what is called 'brotherhood'. Do any of us know what out words and actions might bring forth - and who knowsperhaps one post on facebook might make someone question their mindset. As you know there is the idea that just the flap of a butterflies wings will reverberate around the world and create change.

      1. I'm not suggesting that it's wrong to post some of this stuff. I do it myself. The real point I wanted to get across was what else you do in actual deeds in life. -RG

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