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Are You a Broke Hero? 

hero's journey
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

This is a continuing series on how you are infected with negative memes, developing limiting beliefs from them.  This causes you to work to become prosperous on your conscious level but undercut your own efforts because of your subconscious self-sabotage programming.  The crushing side effect is that you decimate your self-esteem, stop dreaming big, and settle for a life of mediocrity.  Last post we explored why you love to hate rich people.  I told you that we had yet one more timeless universal meme to explore.  And that is…   

“The hero’s journey.”

Another mind virus almost certain to cause you to self-sabotage your health, happiness, and success. 

The hero’s journey is another archetype that has been with us in storytelling – and self-sabotage – for thousands of years.  The basic premise of the hero’s journey is an average person (the chosen one), is confronted by an extraordinary challenge.  They initially reject taking the challenge, then have their “stasis = death” moment, accept the challenge/journey, find a guide or mentor, and ultimately prevail.  We love hero’s journey stories because we can project ourselves in the place of the protagonist, and view ourselves as the noble, spiritual little guy (or girl), fighting the force of evil.

“The fates lead him who will; him who won’t they drag.”

– Joseph Campbell

And if we want to analyze the redundant and formulaic tropes in hero’s journey stories – and how once again, they relate to you, you, you – notice this: Usually at around the midpoint of the story, the hero undergoes a death and rebirth — sometimes literal, sometimes figurative — that forever cements their transformation.  (This is the underlying element tying together all of these posts.  I’m working on my next book Radical Rebirth, about how to kill off the old you and start fresh.)  You’ll see this death and rebirth theme in ancient mythology, comic books from the ‘50s, Puccini operas in the 1800s, bestselling novels in the ‘70s, and the blockbuster movies of today. Some examples of the hero’s journey formula in action:

The Lion King


Fight Club



The Chronicle of Narnia


Finding Nemo


Homer’s Odyssey

Star Trek (The 2009 JJ Abrams movie)

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Matrix

Moby Dick

Iron Man

The Hobbit

Star Wars

Ender’s Game

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Jane Eyre

The Hunger Games


Huckleberry Finn


The Wizard of Oz

These are the ones that pop off of the top of my head in a hot minute.  There are literally millions to choose from.  (You get more bonus points if you noticed the stories that made both the orphan and the hero’s journey lists.  If so, you’re starting to see how the emotional manipulation of mind viruses really work.)

Now let’s explore how your love of hero’s journey stories as a child – could turn into self-sabotage once you reached adulthood… 

It all begins with the programming, usually from organized religion, based around the “you’re not worthy” theme.  Once you’ve bought into the not worthy mindset, you’re basically doomed to a life of self-sabotage because you don’t believe you deserve happiness and success.  And when you start achieving happiness and success, you’ll subconsciously feel guilty about it.  (This is a huge cause of imposter syndrome.)  The root cause of all your behavior from this point forward will be based on your low self-esteem.  Put in emotional terms, you feel unworthy and desperately want to feel worthy.

This leads to all kinds of crazy, dysfunctional behavior.  One of the craziest things I see happen from this situation is you subconsciously set out to create a more heroic hero’s journey for yourself. 

In my coaching program I have worked with people who blew up their marriages, bankrupted successful businesses, or found some other way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – because they were subconsciously trying to create a more heroic story, in an attempt to assuage their feelings of unworthiness.

You subconsciously believe that if you overcome bankruptcy not just once but twice – or beat cancer four times instead of three – or survive getting fired, your dog dying and the house burning down all in the same week – you’re going to finally deserve to be loved and accept yourself.

But if you don’t eviscerate the negative beliefs causing you to manifest all of that trauma and drama, it will all be for naught.

The perfect storm of negative brainwashing… 

The education system programs you to be a worker drone in the collective.  The government trains you to be needy and dependent.  Organized religion convinces you that you’re not worthy and need them to make it to nirvana.  Finally, the Datasphere throws all these mind viruses into the crockpot with your subconscious mind and simmers them 24/7.

Is it any wonder that you grew up to be a mess of conflicting emotions, incongruent philosophy, and self-destructive tendencies? 

It is what it is.  But it doesn’t have to remain that way.  Because you really can kill off the old you and replace it with a new and improved model.  That process begins by eviscerating the limiting beliefs and sending them back into the nothingness from which they came.  And replacing them with beliefs that empower you.  That’s what we will explore next.  Until then, would love to see your thoughts below.


– RG

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17 thoughts on “Are You a Broke Hero? 

  1. Yann says:

    Many years ago, “Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke…” was a truly enlightening book and helped me navigate the many sources of negative programming all around me. I feel this series of posts, and therefore the new book, picks up where “Why You’re Dumb…” left off – but with an even clearer and more gripping message. I can’t wait to read “Radical Rebirth”! Many thanks, Randy, for your hard work in spreading this unwelcome but much-needed message.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      This is the book I wanted to write then, but wasn’t ready yet.

    2. M says:

      I second this.

      I’ve really enjoyed this series of blog posts.

      Looking forward to the book!


    3. Sydney Haughton says:

      Love Larry Winget’s books, they were a complete game changer for me financially……..not gonna lie.

  2. Ronald Usher says:

    I fit this mind negation like a glove, I am lost in my Network Marketing business, At 85 I need to regain my positive self to progress into creating income to support my family.
    I will follow any method to CLEAR MY MIND OF A DEFEATIST ATTITUDE.
    Thanks for your PMA Randy.

  3. Ronald Usher says:

    I am at this tipping point? Lost confidence, Broke, and ALL not for the fact of trying to get up out of this negative mindset that is creating the whirlpool of sucking me down, and destroying my Network Marketing business.
    I will do anything to get back my life and success mindset, so Randy what should I do ?? I am 85 years young but need to support my family, and prove that I am capable.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      We will be looking at ways to combat negative memes and replace them with empowering ones in the posts ahead.

  4. Grant R Muller says:

    “to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”….this is so on point and an excellent turn of phrase. We LOVE a good comeback story. No one really cared when I was young and and successful – I had to burn it all down (snatch defeat from the jaws of victory) and find new success and now suddenly, my redemption is impressive. It’s sick, really – especially since the narrative the world wants to tell is how I pulled myself up from the depths and saved myself (heroic), rather than the truth – I put in the work, but it took a village and a system that is built in my favor. It took a team of heroes.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Yes it is sick, really. Really, really sick. Watch for the next post or two and we’ll explore how your fears and insecurities are weaponized against you.

  5. Randy, thanks for this series. It has truly opened my eyes on how much negativity we can allow to be embedded in our brains.
    #mindvirus #success

  6. Eric C Smith says:

    Crucial. a lot of nuance. so its the fusion of the hereo story with the other memes that really bad, not necessarily the hero story 100%? been looking for a way out of that formula and look forward to the new book and the time to learn all of these things.

    i get so tired of tasting victory just to have it slip away all the time.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      The right hero story can be inspiring. But when you get programmed with unworthiness and low self-esteem, you can try to make your story more heroic.

  7. We’re talking “belief-swapping” credit to Vishen of Mindvalley for the phraseology

  8. Juanita Johnson says:

    This all makes so much sense… and explains why I have been unsuccessful in my endeavors to get away from being an employee. It’s also a good sign that it is hitting so close to home… I’m ready to move out of that place. Thank you so much, Randy!

  9. Chris says:

    Great content Randy Gage. I will be first on the list of buyers to buy your book Radical Rebirth and look forward to it. I hope to meet you one day in person. Thank you.

  10. Judith A Baughn says:

    WOW…To Randy Gage
    I am reading The 4 Year Career , Reading your pages was Like Reading My Life Story..Only being A Teenage mom at 15yrs old having 5 children by age 29..Now my resume would show owned my own Cleaning service in 80’s Went Belly up Caused by not wanting to hire any help. BECAUSE I DIDN’T BELIEVE ANYONE WOULD DO AS GOOD AS I WOULD.. Been in Amway,Herbalife, Avon,Tupperware Blah ..Blah..Blah…Now in Zurvita BUT ONLY As A Preferred Customer (Love the main Product) Cause I COULDN’T MAKE IT AS A Distributor.. Ran out if Family And Friends Because they Couldn’t make it and Couldn’t Afford Monthly product. Which I KNOW Family & Friends Are NO-NO !!!
    BUT !! They were All I Had, Retired so no Workers to call on, Tried Social networking and Craigslist Ads Ect… So NOW AT AGE 71
    I’m thinking Well The Ole King of Chicken
    KFC He was 70 Something when he Started… I KNOW We Are Our Own Worst Enemy….I Just DO NOT Know How To Get People When your not in a Work place, No Social Life, Social MEDIA HATES !!! Multi Level ANYTHING !! I Was Blocked from The Beginning…I have All the Books,Tapes, PMA info.from the 80’s to Now… WHAT…
    Can I Do ?? I’d Appreciate any Word, From When you Was… Where I Am Now… I Would Love To Be Your * Senior * Student….I Do BELIEVE In God And Miracle’s…. ♥️
    Judy Baughn Thank You…

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Keep watching the follow up posts. There will be lots of details how to overcome negative programming.


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