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Speak Your Prosperity into Existence

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 10, 2020

It always amazes me when people affirm the most negative things. A friend called me to say that he had backed his truck into a tree and added, “Every time things really start going good for me, something always happens to set me back.” Well of course it does – he’s hardwiring that belief direct into his subconscious mind.  Should it be any surprise when that subconscious mind then leads him to take actions that cause his beliefs to actually play out on the physical realm?   How often do you hear people say (or you speak) statements like, “Every winter I get at least three colds,” or “My back goes out at least once a year.” 

When you speak statements like that, it’s voluntary self-sabotage. 

Think how many times good things happen and people are shocked.  They win $500 in a radio contest and immediately start shrieking, “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I never win anything!”  Or something bad happens, they drop a dish or spill something and proclaim, “I just knew that was going to happen!”  Of course they did...

A harmful (and common) habit to avoid is speaking of yourself in demeaning terms. Statements like “I’m always a day late and a dollar short,” or, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” will endear you to the people in your world who vibrate on victim consciousness. But those same statements also repel prosperity and become self-fulfilling prophecies for you, as you’re programming them into your subconscious mind. The words you speak create your programming, your vision and ultimately, the reality you produce. 

A much more empowering habit is speaking your prosperity into existence using the power of positive affirmations.  If you’re going to determine your prosperity by the words you speak, why not affirm things like the positive statements below?   These are some of my personal favorite affirmations:

I release all that no longer serves me, and am open to the good that is coming to me.

I see my good and then I manifest my good.

That which does not serve me, I release.  I am open to the rich, bountiful good that is coming my way.

Money is attracted to me like a magnet!

I know the Universe is good and I send forth my own good to be multiplied.

As I envision in my mind, so I manifest on this earth.

Just as I dream it, so I will achieve it.

I release the old me, forgive myself, and move forward to accept my abundance.

Please.  Be mindful of what you say.  Choose to speak your prosperity into existence.  And if you have a favorite affirmation, please share it below.


- RG

P.S. Reminder: This weekend begins the Prosperity Warrior Journey.  Details here.

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  • 7 comments on “Speak Your Prosperity into Existence”

    1. Dearest Randy, I hope you are well.. If I am not mistaken your blogs are more poised and perfect...It only took me 20 years to learn the art of tithing, well i knew about giving so i would splash some cash at times and think ..yeah i have done my bit...but life was still after listening to Ponder on youtube repeatedly i decided to tithe properly, but even then i was defauding the system by giving 5 or 6% of income,,,still thinking..that will do... after all this was my hard earnt money evaporating into thin air... but life was still not happening, although there was changes starting to happen, which i could eventually i thought i really have to do this properly, ie the full 10%, if not more, let go and trust in this system you can only feel.. and things have changed again for the better even in the middle of this virus situation, i write this to you because some of your people will probably be going through a similar journey... the strange thing is without tithing none of your messages will make much sense to people...LOVE G

      1. And there is a subconscious belief that Randy has spoken about in the past. Tithing is NOT necessary, unless you believe it is necessary. Giving is good because it makes us feel good, as well as the recipient feel better. Bill Gates made billions before he started giving back - and he's not the only one.

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