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The #1 Wealth Building Secret

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we looked at the excuses entrepreneurs make to convince themselves that their customers won’t spend money with them. We saw how those entrepreneurs were actually buying into an erroneous limiting belief, and inhibiting their own sales.


There was a great response to that post, yet some people felt it didn’t apply to them, because they weren’t business owners. So if you were one of them – this is the post for you! In it, I will reveal the number one secret to building wealth for an individual.


You might have read the last post and said, “That stuff works for you, because you have a business. I’m stuck in a dead-end job and I’m at the mercy of my cheap boss who never wants to give me a raise. I would love to start a business and be my own boss, but I don’t have the money.”


Here’s what I want to say to you:


Stop it. Just fucking stop it.


In every situation you always have two options: be a victim or be a victor. If you give away your power to anyone – your boss, the economy, the government, etc. – you’re almost certainly guaranteeing yourself a life of struggle and lack. You have to take responsibility for your own prosperity and success. And you really can create them.


ANYONE can start a business today. There are businesses you can start with a few thousand dollars, some you can start for a few hundred dollars, and even some you can start with five dollars.


To say that you’re searching for prosperity is like a fish swimming around looking for water.


Prosperity is surrounding you everywhere; it is in the ethers all around you. And the way you manifest it on the physical plane is through the power of ideas.


When I was 15 years old I was delivering The Capital Times newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. I knew some people who went to the drug store on Sundays to buy the New York Times. Others were Cubs or Bears fans and they wanted to read the Chicago Tribune. Political junkies bought the Washington Post. So I wrote all those papers and offered to become their distributor in Madison. They all accepted me and “Gage Distributors” was formed. I made up and copied some flyers and soon had dozens of new customers all over my neighborhood. Later I sold that business for the whopping total of $1,500. I turned being a paperboy into a residual income, into a business that could actually be sold.


Let’s go back to the last post and the two ways prosperity is created:


The best business ideas are the ones that solve problems, add value, or even better, both. Anytime you see someone with a problem, you have a business opportunity to create wealth. Anytime you think of a way to speed up, improve or reduce costs in any process, you have a business opportunity to create wealth.


Kids who start young earning money become decidedly better entrepreneurs. They learned from raking leaves, shoveling snow, babysitting, delivering newspapers, running a lemonade stand, or mowing lawns. And those are all things even an adult could do now to earn some extra money.


You can also do house sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, or a personal concierge service. Every one of those businesses can be started small and grown larger. If you want to be really savvy, you look for ways to leverage them.


Leverage is one of the true accelerators for creating wealth. Because leverage allows you to escape from the trap of trading hours for currency. The greatest fortunes in the world – from Carnegie, Getty and Rockefeller to Jobs, Gates and Walmart – were all built using the concept of leverage in some way.


The reason I recommend the business models of real estate, network marketing and information entrepreneur is because they all allow an average person without large investments or resources to apply the concept of leverage.


Of the three business models I mentioned, real estate does require the most money and knowledge. But with that knowledge, a small amount of money allows you to invest in a much larger property. So you have an opportunity to leverage your investment.


If you don’t have a lot of money, consider network marketing. For a few hundred to around $1,000, you can start a business that can eventually provide you a 5- or 6-figure residual income. There are many fine companies offering a broad range of products and services, so it’s relatively easy to find one congruent with your interests.


If network marketing doesn’t interest you, consider becoming an information entrepreneur. Information is more valuable than gold, diamonds or money, because people are willing to trade all those things for the right information.


You know how to do certain things. There are other people who would pay money to learn how to do those things. You can create physical products like books and DVDs or simple sell digital versions. And the possibilities are endless.


Somewhere right now there are people who want to know how to raise healthy happy kids, how to write a book, how to become an archer, how to learn languages fast, how to invest in real estate, how to become an info entrepreneur, how to collect fine art, how to manage a team, how to lead an organization, how to design your dream home, how to harness your inner potential, how to build a log cabin, how to soup up your snowmobile, or any one of 465,887,456,345 other possible products.


Be willing to think laterally and creatively, don’t just buy into the usual possibilities. Driving a taxi is trading hours for currency. Creating Uber is leverage. Starting a lemonade stand is trading hours for currency. Franchising your lemonade stand is leverage. Starting a dog walking business is trading hours for currency. Selling a “how to” special report on how you open a dog walking business is leverage.


Sell wellness products and you make money. Join a network marketing business with wellness products and you make money, help others, and apply leverage.


Buy a tandem bicycle and offer rides and you could make money. Invest in six tandem bicycles, get some riders and you can apply leverage. Launch the first Uber for tandem bicycles. Or the first Uber for pedi-cabs. Or the first Uber for sailboats. Or gondolas. Or jets.


No one really has a money shortage. What they really suffer from is an idea shortage. The only thing between you and the prosperity you’re seeking is the right idea.


At the beginning, I promised to reveal to you the number one secret for building wealth and creating success. In the unlikely event you haven’t figured it out yet, let me disclose it now…


Stop selling yourself short.


– RG

P.S.  I’ll be ending my sabbatical in the New Year and be posting a lot more often.  To make sure you don;t miss anything, enter your email in the “Stay Connected” box in the top right hand corner.

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44 thoughts on “The #1 Wealth Building Secret

  1. John Clark says:


    Once again you put it on the line….

    And now it is a matter of someone reading this and either taking action or saying “ho, hum I have heard all this before, where is the new stuff…” or someone frozen with fear who does not feel that they can do anything that people are willing to pay.

    A tip on that last one, if there is something that you can do that others find hard and are amazed that this task is easy to you BUT you don’t give much credit to yourself because it is an easy task for you, this is a great place to start.

    Thanks Again, Randy!!

    As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

    God Bless You,

    John Clark,

  2. EdithHarakk says:

    You are awesome, thank you for inspiration! 🙂

  3. Randy_Gage says:

    lifetosuccess Thanks!

  4. lifetosuccess says:

    Once again you put it on the line….
    And now it is a matter of someone reading this and either taking action or saying “ho, hum I have heard all this before, where is the new stuff…” or someone frozen with fear who does not feel that they can do anything that people are willing to pay.
    A tip on that last one, if there is something that you can do that others find hard and are amazed that this task is easy to you BUT you don’t give much credit to yourself because it is an easy task for you, this is a great place to start.
    Thanks Again, Randy!!
    As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,
    God Bless You,
    John Clark,

  5. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg Mad love bro.

  6. BobBurg says:

    Randy_Gage My pleasure. That was an AWESOME post!

  7. Randy_Gage says:

    James_Carian Thanks!

  8. Pili Cuadrado says:

    I started a Fitness Studio with just one suspension band in my dinning room, thinking of solving a problem (I learned that from you) to the people who does not like to go to a big gym or want to exercise fast. Its been more than two years and I’m doing great. I went from having nothing to have my own business and a brand that I believe adds value. 
    It is so true that prosperity is everywhere and it goes beyond of our victim mentality.

  9. Randy_Gage says:

    TthMotocross55 Thanks!

  10. LuisMaggi says:

    I think so “he only thing between you and the prosperity you’re seeking is the right idea” but, moreover, it is very important “the execution” of this idea. So, “idea+execution”, is the explosive formula for any business. To be an excelent executor, you have to attempt and attempt until you reach the sufficient experience. Then, the new ideas will be better than the old ideas. Thank you, Randy!

  11. Randy_Gage says:

    malejagonzam Thanks!

  12. “…or any one of 465,887,456,345 other possible products.”
    LOL, that made me laugh.
    Great post! As usual.
    I’m going to spread it around in hopes that it helps folks better see through some of their limiting beliefs that are holding em back. Great work!

  13. ThomasMrak says:

    Henry Ford was fond of saying “Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right.”
    Have a Prosperous 2015 everyone.

  14. NAGARAJAPP D O says:

    you are right sir, If I want to create the wealth, associate with person who created the one. thanks

  15. EdithHarakk says:

    You are awesome, thank you for inspiration! 🙂

  16. Janet K Best says:

    Greetings from Montello, Wisconsin. Thanks for being you. Janet Best

  17. zhannetka says:

    Thanks Randy. That’s amazing you always tell the right and most important words in the right time. Moreover, I’ve read them lots of times but you are the one who can make them valuable for me. Thank you again and again.

  18. Randy_Gage says:

    GoforNo Thanks for the love!

  19. Randy_Gage says:

    tiago_c_simoes Thanks!

  20. odellcohensjr says:

    Always on point my good man!

  21. Funmi says:

    Thanks Randy you are a blessing to our generation, may you live long for your effort to be crowned with the highest level of glory.

  22. KaramagiGeoffreyMello says:

    Have a great new year, we r glad to have you Randy

  23. Jodi_Meynell says:

    Thank you for being you Randy.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your prosperity teachings all those years ago, through to today.
    Happy New Year mate!!

  24. Maliki says:

    Randy you are great! You have nailed it. Leverage is the secret of wealth creation. Thank you so much for the eye opener. Have a great New Year.

  25. JeanDeLaPierre says:

    thanks Randy

  26. jsmartcan says:

    Great post Randy, 
    Your wisdom and sharing of it is appreciated. You are definitely right….leverage is the key. I look forward to the new year and what you will be sharing. 
    May your New Year be brought in with peace, love and Big Fun. 
    James Smart

  27. Shawn Beaumont says:

    Yes! Great post prosperity is. Everywhere you look! Endless opportunity! Cool! Man!

  28. CarlSmithOne says:

    Randy, this one is you’re best yet! Whatta looong way we’ve come from those Prosperity Classes after church on Sundays. So very glad you stuck with it. The World is such a better place, for it…

  29. PaulIkechukwuChukwuma says:

    Great post, promise to use this informations to build my business.

  30. zhannetka  A person’s mind is always positively changed when encountering a #truthful mind, I love it!

  31. #StudentsofTruth..      BLESSING your #spiritsubstance OR # mindsubstance OR #consciousnesssubstance OR #Godsubstance is the way to #appropriate more IDEAS
    .. and deepen your #spirituality. WHAT YOU ACCEPT & WHAT YOU EXPECT is what you’ll manifest
    maintain a #consciousness of #spiritsubstance and build it up in your mind. BLESS everyone’s consciousness to leverage theirs and your own substance..
    the more substance you can build; the more ideas you can hold, and act upon.

  32. Nancy Hall says:

    ~  Thank you for a great post!  You had me at “Just fucking stop it!”  haha!  Seriously……I appreciate what you said.  I used to walk dogs when I was a young teen – bought my first camera with the bucks I earned – a Pentax K1000.  What really helps me is your pointing out how to leverage things. I think….being raised by parents who worked by the hour (+tips) trained me to think along that line – I had no one in my family (including extended) that ran their own business but there’s always been a nudge for me to earn income from non-hourly waged sources….like selling items on Ebay.  I can do digital info. and am working on that.  Thank you for your constant encouragement and great tips.  It’s clear that leverage is a key element on this path and I would like to know more about it.  Much Gratitude & Happy, Happy New Year to you!   🙂

  33. Milieunet says:

    Great. Thanks for sharing Randy

  34. Getman says:

    Nancy Hall Hi, Nancy. I like your way of thinking and that you “would like to know more about leverage” Here’s my email: 
    If you wish right me a request and I will send you some information how to create leverage in one of the ways Randy is talking about in his post.
    Have great holidays and a wonderful new year!
    Ivaylo Getmanov

  35. AlexisMorales says:

    What a great post it´s nominated as perhaps the number one of the year.

  36. Good to see you’ll be back in the swing of things RG! Loving the message here too. If we tune int abundance by noting prosperity all around us the prospering ideas, people and circumstances will flow into our laps. Quite awesome, how it all happens. The big secret lies in raising your vibe predominantly, to move into this prosperity consciousness.
    I lie mixing exercise with mental science to start my day. Doing so helps me feel inspired and when I feel inspired, the goodness and creative idea flows.
    I am selling eBooks as well as my services online through my blog because as you noted; information is the new gold. People love free information and when you offer it freely and set up income streams by creating products and by offering services you better believe folks will pay for the information you offer too.
    That’s why the excuses used above by both entrepreneurs and employees hold no water; both groups of people can generate prospering ideas which they act on, which allows wealth to drop into their pockets.
    I’d add, keep raising your vibe regularly. Exercise, visualize, use methods to reprogram your subconscious mind and surround yourself with stunningly successful people and folks like Randy will rub off on you.

  37. Craig Kemp says:

    Just Stop it! Reminded me of this classic Bob Newhart skit. Enjoy.

  38. Joakim_Eriksson says:

    Oh, I love that Randy! Kind of missed you, even though you have sent these postcards from time to time…

  39. pandkenterprises says:

    Randy, after reading all of your one-liners and platitudes, I have finally been inspired to come up with an idea that I would like to run by you so I can get your spin on it.  I’m thinking of do a $19.95 infomercial selling a surefire way to make people money.  All they need is a ski mask, a gun… well, I don’t want to give it all away until I get the $19.95.

  40. kayenta says:

    Welcome back, Randy. We are eager to hear about all your revelations from your sabbatical. Happy New Year.

  41. LoriMoreno says:

    victor or victim is right!  great post!

  42. royamaghsoudi says:

    thank u so much for your info, i want to be victor.your words so useful.have fun.

  43. LetsiaSamuelMotlhakane says:

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    I also found a cool video on wealth management you can check it out on : <a href=”” title=“wealth management”>wealth management</a>  .

  44. Thank you for the valuable information on prosperity. Becoming a problem solver is definitely an prerequisite to becoming a successful entrepreneur while learning to add value will guarantee one’s success. I try to bring the same value to my website


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