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Questioning Your Beliefs

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

I get a lot of grief from people for challenging their beliefs. The fundamentalists in particular seem to think I’m a heathen because I ask them to examine their beliefs. But that’s where the breakthroughs are.

It’s all about critical thinking, to make sure that your beliefs are based upon correct premises. It is only by questioning, examining and analyzing your beliefs you can determine if they really serve you.

You have to be prepared to question your every thought, opinion and action. Only through this examination can you find the true you, true happiness and true spirituality. Any belief that is true will survive the scrutiny. The more truth is questioned, the brighter it shines.

Any premises that are false will fall by the wayside, which gives you the opportunity to replace them with correct ones.

Are you up for that?


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47 thoughts on “Questioning Your Beliefs

  1. Olga says:

    I happen to agree that we need to keep questioning our beliefs, just one thing, not every one can get to that place of clarity about a particular issue sometimes we need teachers, mentors,coaches such as yourself to ask the critical questions that starts the thought process.

    Looking into ones self takes work, and commitment simply because we then become responsible for what we have created and as you mentioned in a previous post some prefer to stay in victimhood.

    By the way, I especially liked the simple statement in the last post about wanting to know your future.

    With Gratitude.

  2. Jonathan says:


    Upon your recommendation I purchased Dan Millman’s “Everyday Enlightenment”. Since you’re familiar with his book, you know that one of the gateways has to do with acknowledging your ‘shadows’, or as Plato said, “Know Thyself”.. For me, this post has much to do with this. I particularly love the exercise he mentions here where you pick someone in your life and ask the 3 questions: What have I received from ___, What have I given to ___, and What trouble have I caused ____.

    As to questioning our beliefs, I think you would agree that ‘knowing thyself’ opens the door to deeper inquiry, which in turn will bring forth the deeper question of our beliefs. I completely acknowledge that the battle to let go of poor self esteem, i.e. I’m not worthy, is one that must be done on a daily basis. This belief in and of itself when finally relinquished will bring forth the prosperity, Joy and Love in my life that’s been missing.

    Thanks so much.

  3. Justin says:

    As we grow and expand as a person so must our beliefs. We as people, tend to get programmed early on in life with limiting beliefs. learning to de-program them is the obvious next choice.

  4. Carmen says:

    Yes, I’m up for that. I know that it can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when I’m looking at things that aren’t pretty. At other times I feel uncomfortable because I haven’t managed to work all the way through something. Someone might have pointed something out and I’ve acknowledged it, but I haven’t for some reason been able to come out the other end feeling positive about a way to feel, think or believe differently.

  5. I see this in healthcare as medicine continues to lose its market-share for “medical” conditions. The old way of doing things is on the way out and when faced with complete paradigm shifts, anger, lashing out, harsh criticism, mandates, and censorship are the only tools left. Instead of reinforcing our existing boxes, we all prosper when we agree to draw a bigger box and enjoy deeper levels of prosperity and health (where both sides win).

  6. John Lowery says:

    I question my beliefs all the time. For example when I was younger I didn’t believe in UFO’s than while camping in Australia I saw one. I used to be an externalist and believed that everything was controlled by some force than I started reading and studying personal development and realized that I can change my results by changing my mindset. this is a great subject matter as I feel too many people are on auto-drive and don’t even question their beliefs, but do you really believe what you say you believe in?

  7. Victoria Crowley says:


    Great post!

    I think the key is to be totally honest with self.
    But sometimes, no matter how honest I am with myself, I can not find an answer because I do not know the source of a problem.
    Actually that is exactly what brought me to your site – the search for answer.

    The original answer to my question came to me yesterday, and ironically it’s root was my belief. So now, that I understand the cause, I’ll find the solution.

    In the meantime I’ll stick around and learn some more.

    Thank you for everything,

  8. kathleen Caldwell says:

    The Bible tells us to test all things, prove all things that the dross may fall away and the truth will shine all the brighter. Right on Randy!

  9. We question and test our beliefs frequently. That leads us with more beliefs and more complexity of beliefs to be tested.

    Our results are usually measured in how much better or how much worse and very few absolutes.

  10. For me the big challenge is to discover my beliefs…the dratted hidden ones that I’m using to create the few less-than-ideal aspects of my life. I’ll be thrilled & delighted to trade those in on new beliefs.

  11. Joe Duncko says:

    Amen. I hate when I find people, especially Christians, who blindly follow their religion and not even know the basis of it. (Sorry guys; it’s true). Many just say “I love Jesus because the Bible tells me so”. When I reply “How do you know the Bible is true?” They get flustered. A lot of these people would be a different religion if they were raised that way.

    My parents really irk me in that way; they hate my constant questioning of their actions. But, fact is, they don’t even know why they do half the things they do. It’s silly.

    I am a Deist. I do not normally announce that, as that more or less defeats the purpose of Deism, but I say it for a reason. You see, I grew up Catholic, went to a Catholic school for 5 years, then was moved into public schooling. My parents force me to go to church almost every weekend. 99.9% of people in this position would be Catholic due to brainwashing. I am not. Because I did a lot of wikipedia-ing and research on the Bible and various religions and just said “Fact is, I know things exist. Something must have created things. No one really knows who did, and if they do they have no actual evidence, so I’ll just stick to the facts.”

    Thanks for reading this long winded reply XD

    1. Deb says:

      Thank for this, I think you finally helped me put into perspective what my spiritual belief would be. I looked up Deism and it sounds like what I would feel comfortable in looking into researching and learning about. The bible stories are just that to me, stories. I always found too many of those stories difficult to believe and could never understand the rigid devotion people can have to something that they didn’t witness for themselves.

  12. Annie says:

    Fundamentalists don’t have the truth, they only have maybe part of it. Also, Fundamentalism in Christianity contains lies, so it is good to question those who believe that way. However, while they do not have the universal truth of love, they do see their beliefs as their own personal truths.

    So, I guess I am saying there is a distinction between universal truths and personal truths. One may hold a belief that contains the universal truth, that which is true for all and eternal, or one could hold a personal truth that contains a lie. However, this personal belief that contains the lie could be viewed as something that is self serving.

    When one questions themselves, they will find that there are some truths that are personal. While it is true to them it may not be true for others. That’s okay, some personal truths do not hold a true universal answer, and we all must find the answer that serves us. Universal truths are universal and can have only one true eternal answer.

    However, the answer to a universal truth may not be viewed by one as self serving, even though it really is. Sometimes the truth requires service of a different kind, but in the end, that which serves to benefit all serves us as well.

    Love your post, it is a very important topic. I will now tell my friends that don’t understand why I like to engage in discussions with those I don’t agree with, that it is a search for the truth.

    This is an afterthought, Fundamental beliefs of any kind are probably not quite right. Fundamentals are the basics and are usually black and white. Black and White doesn’t usually contain the whole truth, usually truth is found somewhere in the grey areas.

    1. Victoria Crowley says:


      What are the concrete facts that Universal Truth exists?
      What kind of evidence is available to prove it (not theories)?
      Can you see it?
      Can you touch it?


      1. John Walsh says:

        Truths that can be felt with the heart and seen with the heart are universal truths. What holds true with and in all things

        What is above is also below.
        Nothing is solid, it is an illusion
        All things have consciousness
        All things were created with thought
        without thought there can be no creation
        Love and Respect yourself and others will Love and Respect you
        We are all connected to each other
        We are all One with each other and everything
        When you know yourself you know all others
        All answers are within

        1. Victoria Crowley says:


          Nice philosophy, although not sure about “Nothing is solid, it is an illusion”.


          1. John Walsh says:

            Nothing is solid, we only perceive things to be solid as to our perception of what we are able perceive with our abilities from what we have experienced in our experiences that we experience throughout our existence. The more we are able to SEE, the more we are able to break things down to there elements, the more we find a cooperation of beings (all things are beings)pulling together in Love to create and help each other to experience what another being set out to create in their reality. Ask and Yee shall Receive, Love thy neighbor, Man serving man. But, once you break everything down you break it down to consciousness. (God, The Creator) So as far as things being solid, they are in reality only an illusion
            Example: if we were to look at our bodies, what makes up our bodies? We have millions and million of cells that make up who we are as a material being. if you saw those cells as being millions of little people all living within your body, all having a special job to do to give you the ability to do the thing that you do, and give you the things you need to do them, like arms, legs, eyes, ears, ect. They all are serving you in cooperation with each other and you and for the most part with love. A question here is, are you creating the same cooperation that is given to you, to them with love? Or have you given away your Free Will to someone else to decide how you should love yourself and love all those little people within you that make you who you are? When you get hurt, say you cut yourself, all the little people inside you rush to the scene with everything you need to keep you from pain, stop the bleeding ect. Their are little people that rush to your heart, rush to your mind ect. All doing what they can to keep you safe because they Love you and themselves. Because you are all connected and are one with each other. Now, when you put things into your body or do things to your body, they all have an effect on what goes on in your body. To much of anything will keep the little people from being able to do what they are able to do. You slow them down, you have them doing to much, they begin to get tired or they have to spend to much time doing one thing that they forget to be able to help with others whenever something happens to you. They can’t rush there as fast as they use to. You start losing the cooperation you once had. You start feeling the people are turning against you. But it is you that has turned against the little people that make up who you are. A Universal Law applies here, What is above is also the same below or vise versa. You could say, Our body is a Universe within itself. All the people around us are their own Universes, What if WE ALL were the little people within someone elses body? Are you working in cooperation with all the other beings that make up that body?

          2. Victoria Crowley says:


            It is clear that your thoughts are influenced by Immanuel Kant’s philosophy of sensory perception, anti-individualism and pro-social subjectivism, selflessness and sacrifice, anti-self-interest, hatred of reality and reason.

            No thank you, Rationalism works for me:)


      2. Annie says:

        Yes! you can see and touch universal truth. Actually for one to disprove universal truth by saying it doesn’t exist, is in and of itself defining a universal truth.

        Our earth has gravity that is a universal truth. Mathmatics has universal truths. The kind of truths I am talking about are more felt, and seen, although I think they can be touched.

        I think love is a universal truth, not that it doesn’t look different from situation to situation, but I think we can always discern real love when it is received. It feels nurturing and it always protects our soul and helps us to grow.

        Truth is universal. Truth is truth, that which is a lie can never be true.

        For example, plays that were written hundreds of years ago, still have validity in our modern world because they possess a universal truth. “Othello” was for certain about how destructive jelousy can be in a relationship. That still holds true today, jelousy in any relationship can prove to be highly destructive. Othello killed Desdemona over jelously, which was inspired by a lie (another universal truth) that was born of another kind of jelousy. Lies and jelousy can be destructive, it was true when “Othello” was written in the 16th century and is still true today in the 21st century.

        The Bible, the Koran, and other holy books contain universal truths. Since we have noway to preceive the entire universe, for instance, it is a universal truth to say one cannot prove or disprove the existence of God.

        It is tricky philosophical stuff, and I think Plato probably adressed the issue at some point. I actually disagree that because there is absolute truth, relativism can’t be right, I actually think we humans have to use relativity and universal truths.

        1. Victoria Crowley says:


          So, “since we have no way to perceive the entire universe, for instance, it is a universal truth to say one cannot prove or disprove the existence of God…It is tricky philosophical stuff…”

          Would it be fair to say that the Universal Truth is based on FAITH?
          And hence FAITH is NOT based on actual facts but on personal philosophical belief, then it is personal truth?
          And if so, then wouldn’t it be erroneous to say that the personal truth of Fundamentalists of any doctrine is a lie?


          1. Annie says:

            Victoria, I hope gravity isn’t based on faith. 🙂 I happen to think that one is true. No real truth is not faith, it is tangible, and evidential. The evidence of truths like love and faith, faith ironically is a universal truth, is difficult to come up with in the material world, but I think we can. For instance, if you see children who are loved they often look quite a bit different than children who are not truly loved. It can be documented in a way, the problem is identifying the why. That does come down to some speculation. But, I think it is something we just know and we all know it to be true. Just like people who are free look different than people who are enslaved.

            Psychological truths like these are difficult to prove or disprove, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It also doesn’t mean that anomolies don’t occur as well. I believe that is another universal truth.

            Personal truths are based on faith sometimes, and a personal truth can in fact also be a universal truth. A universal truth being something we all agree on. For instance, we could say, saying personal truths are based on faith and sometimes are also universal truths is a universal truth.

            Fundamentalists in my comment, is about the Christian Fundamentalists, for the most part. I do believe that it is based on a lie. The Fundamentalists believe the Bible itself is a complete work of nonfiction and everything in it is completely true, and there is no need to interpret. That in itself is false, because they have already made an interpretation of the bible being completely literal.

            I am refering to fundamentals, such as when a person strictly adheres to a particular theory or political stance and does not see the value in other philosophies or theory.

            Yes, you are correct, if you say someone’s personal truth about their fundamentalist beliefs is lie, that is not true, because it is true to them, but to say it is also a universal truth is to say something that could be false.

          2. Annie says:

            Oh, I just thought of this Victoria. I appreciate your skeptism of absolute truth. I am not so headstrong on the subject to see where it can not be questioned. It is the hovering between the affirmitive and the negative of a subject that often gives it it’s light. And what more perfect place to do it, than on one titled “Questioning your Beliefs”.

        2. Victoria Crowley says:


          Thank you for explanation, I got it 🙂

          It’s just several belivers told me that my beliefs are my own truth, therefore is a lie. They insist that their Bible is the only truth. Ironically, every doctrine claims that THEIR Bible is the ONLY TRUTH…
          I find that interesting 🙂

          I also find it quite annoying to hear that I am going to Hell 🙂
          And at the same time I wonder what is it that motivates them to believe that life on Earth is meant for suffering, and blind expectation of afterlife is worth that suffering. Could it be hatred of life and humanity? And if so, how can they proclaim love?


          1. Annie says:

            Well, in my opinion the several believers that told you that, are not only wrong and foolish, but intolerant as well.

            As for those who tell you, you are going to hell, I would leave them behind. I had a friend when I was in my twenties tell me that, and I just created a polite distance from him until he was finally gone. And, I told him if Heaven was filled with judgemental folks like him, I would rather go to hell. Not true. I was mad, but I sure didn’t like hearing that either, it really hurt my feelings.

            I don’t know what motivates them. I know they are not all the same. I have some fundamentalist friends that would never tell me I’m going to hell, and they are really loving at times. I think spirituality is a journey and they are in a stage, that hopefully they progress out of. Some do, some don’t, it is easier to believe something in black in white terms and not have to really examine it, than to question.

            I hope no matter what, they don’t hate life and humanity, but who knows. Some of them definitly spread hate. As for the Afterlife, my opinion is that I hope there is one, but I am going to enjoy what I know is real. 🙂

          2. Victoria Crowley says:




  13. Annie says:

    I feel terrible. I believed things about you Randy that were not true. I thought you were just awful. When I took a step back to question those beliefs, I realized I was the one being….I’ll let you fill it in. That was my vague confession to a candidate for Pope.

    I am truly sorry I thought those things. I really don’t want to have to ever apologize here again. That is my goal.

    1. Mary-Ellen says:

      I think you can sleep well knowing that Randy is the quality of person that has the ability to forgive. Say a prayer for you and for him that forgiveness is the greatest gift of all, not only to ourselves but to others.

      1. Annie says:

        Thanks Mary-Ellen, you are always so sweet.


  14. Joe G says:

    To me it is key to be around people that can spot my limiting beliefs that I don’t recognize, and then calling me on it in a nurturing way. I am so fortunate to have people in my life that can do this for me, and me for them. We constantly question our beliefs. Doing this on your own is way more difficult.

  15. Michael says:

    I’ve learned that the most important question you can ask your self is “why?”. You have to be like a two-year-old. “Why, why, why.” Especially when it comes to those pesky mind viruses.

    “Why do I want to do this? Is it truly what I want? Or is it what my parents want? Society? My ego?” Etc.

    Maybe if I’d asked myself “why” twenty years ago, I wouldn’t be getting a divorce now. She wanted to get married because she was afraid of what her family thought about us living together (I didn’t know that was her reason at the time), and I asked her to marry me because, well, that’s just what you did. Regardless of the fact that I was already questioning marriage in general back then. Those beliefs can run deep.

    As Socrates (the Greek one, not the Peaceful Warrior one) said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

    Great post once again, Randy!

  16. Testing and questioning beliefs is key to further understanding and appreciation. By investigating, we really have nothing to fear. A deeper appreciation for what we believe is true and right is often found by introspection and discussion with others.

  17. Mary-Ellen says:

    You know what I have found out about people? Ask me how I know this. When you try to be something you are not, the only person you fool is yourself. I think many people pretend to be someone they are not and by doing so are not ever able to identify what their limiting beliefs are. In the past, I was always trying to be what I thought every one else wanted me to be. What you learn when you do this is that by not being authentic to yourself, you miss out on the beautiful unique gift that is you. There is no one like you. When I came to the realization that I was acting out my life in order to get the approval of others, is when I understood how important it was to be me. All my beliefs surfaced after that and I was able to see myself and all my gifts and flaws. I don’t think until we come to the realization that by being ourselves we are at our best, that we can honestly figure it all out. People who challenge others about their beliefs and lay blame for their so called flaws are, in my estimation, doing it because they are hiding their own. What is it about this world that we feel the need to not be genuine? Being truthful, not only to ourselves, but to the world, is such a beautiful quality. Why can’t we grasp that for a while instead of trying to be something that we will never fit in the shoes of?

  18. John Walsh says:

    God, The creator of all that is and ever will be, is pure conciousness, creating with thought. Since the creator is within and is apart of all that is and ever will be, we are connected to all there is and will be. We are creators or co-creators of all that is and will be. We are all ONE. The creator creates with Love for the creator is Love.
    Jesus who is the son of man is also the son of our creator, just as we are all the children of our creator. Jesus was here to guide us to finding out who we are. He made it clear he didn’t want any title put on him as to who he was. Titles are hard to live up to and have different meanings to different people. He was just a being, as we all are, we are conciousness, a thought. Jesus represented the heart, the lamb of God. When you are hurt and feel alone, where do you go for comfort? You go within your own heart to find the answers and to find the truth. It is said you can’t get to heaven except through Jesus, When you find love in your heart and are guided by your heart in everything you do, you are going through Jesus. Once you see love in all that there is and will be, you will have found heaven within you. People continue to search for God, and search for the answers outside themselves. You are not alone, you have never been alone, I have always been with you. All the answers and truths are within you. Beware of false prophets and those that will deceive you. Why are people watching and waiting for this to happen. It has already been happening, we were born into this environment, it is in all our societies all around the world. Fear and Control is everywhere, everyone has an agenda which involves Fear or Control that gets them to there agenda. We live in a world of duality, opposites, Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Up and Down. They are all one and the same. We were given a gift of Free Will to make our own choices, to make our own decisions. Can you honestly say that you make your own choices and decisions in your reality? Seek and Yee shall find all the answers within yourselves. Love yourself first, then you can love others for who they are. They are you.

    1. Mary-Ellen says:

      Wow. Beautiful.

  19. John Walsh says:

    Our creator, created and gave us all that we would ever want or need. Who is it that wants more? Who is it that makes us want more? Is it your Free Will that makes you feel you want more?
    There is Good and Evil all around us in this world today. Even though you may think one is better than the other, this is usually determined by a persons environment, or how much a person has experienced or haven’t experienced in there life time, and the reality they have created around them. No one is better or worse in the eyes of our creator. We have had many life times to experience many things at different times. So you could say we all happen to be in the same place at once all learning the things we chose to learn in this life time together. Who are we to say we are any better than another person if we understand who we are. We are all connected to each other and are ONE. We are Love, we are all experiencing what we are experiencing for the same reason. We were created by the creator with Love to create Love in all that we do and bring back to our creator what we have created. Can you bring the love back to your creator that he gave to you? Could this be what it’s all about? To learn that we are nothing without our creator, and the only way to realize this is to give yourself up to your creator because this is the only way that you will know who you are? Hmmm..when you know who you are and question things with this understanding you start seeing the answers and truths that have been within you the whole time.

    1. Victoria Crowley says:


      What do you mean by “…and the only way to realize this is to give yourself up to your creator because this is the only way that you will know who you are?”


      1. John Walsh says:

        To often we give up our Free Will to others so they decide how we should live. We look outside ourselves for happiness, a good life, love. We have been conditioned to do this from birth. To often we only find sadness, problems, hate, fighting, killing, financial distress, etc. Why? because we have given up our Free Will to others to make the decisions for how we should do things in our lives, we play follow the leader. When we question things and start listening to the voice, our guides, that are within us and see that it is because we have given our Free Will away to others to teach us the way to a good life, we can start seeing it is us that has the Free Will to make our own decision, it is us that creates our reality that we finally realize who we are and realize that it is then that we stop and give ourselves up to who we are and what we are, God, creators of our own reality. We start loving ourselves, finding out who we are and what we can do, finding out we are all the same within, we are all connected and are all on the same journey. So it is now that we give ourselves up to God and love and respect ourselves and others because now we see others as who they are and they are us. They are just experiencing other things at this time than you are at this time.

        1. Victoria Crowley says:


          What a relief, for a moment there I thought that you’ll say that I must accept Jesus as my savior or else…

          I get what you are saying!

          I am one of those people who is not a follower or a leader. I am simply a student of life and I love it.

          Now, I do believe that we are creators of our own reality, yet in no way or form do I believe that I am God. (Unless I misunderstood).

          On the subject of all of us being connected. Is it possible that there are several types of people, therefore the connection exists among the types. For instance, there are people who murder, rape and torture other people, and in no way do I see a connection between them and me.
          There are also people who are givers and takers, and neither can change, therefore once again I do not see connection between givers and takers. I don’t even see possibility of friendship between a giver and a taker.

          What are your thoughts on this?


          1. John Walsh says:

            I use religious terms to help with understanding. I wouldn’t say that I am religious or give myself a title of any kind, I am just a being like everyone else. When I say we are God I’m saying, we are all creators. God created all that there is and is within and a part of all that there is. Can we agree on that? If this is so, wouldn’t it make sense that we are God? Lets say you give yourself a title of being a Secretary, you yourself may not think you have full knowledge of being a true Secretary. because you know that being a Secretary in one place doesn’t make you a Secretary in another place of employment. Yet you still claim to be a Secretary. One thing to realize is, We have been brought up in a world where we are told what to believe and what not to believe. A lot of what we are taught to believe is to protect those that wish to keep us from knowing who we are. So what they want you to believe keeps them in Control. They control with Fear. There agenda is Greed, Power, Control, Profits, Money. We are told to fear God, God fearing. Question: Why should I fear God? God being pure consciousness created us with Love so we could create with love to bring that love back to him. We look at God as being our Father, why should I fear my Father? If I feared God, wouldn’t that keep me from knowing who he was? Turn against him?
            Question: When you get a headache what are we taught to do? Take an aspirin. This is what our Doctors say to do. How many people just take the aspirin and not think about it? Then eventually over time the headaches seem to come more often or get worse? Who stops and try’s to figure out why they have a headache? If they did try to figure out why they have a headache they would learn what caused them to get a headache. Headaches are usually caused by a person being frustrated about something, or they think about something so much or to long about something they have no control of at that moment or have the ability to do anything about at that moment so they are confused on what to do about that situation at that moment. Then they get a headache. if we learned to keep from putting ourselves in those situations then we would keep ourselves from getting headaches. but the point is, we put bandaids on our problems in our society, a quick fix to solve the situation that we are in. We fail to look at the cause of the problems that we are in. We give it away to someone else to take care of, We give away our Free will to make our own decisions. We fail to look at why or what caused the problem and work on fixing the situation. We create our reality. When you don’t feel connected to killers, Thieves, Rapists, Haters etc. Don’t we create them by just putting a bandaid on things? Don’t we Create this environment when we don’t help each other out? Don’t we create this reality when we don’t treat each other as equals? Isn’t the reason we allow this to happen in our society because we were taught to Fear, Take Control, Be Greedy, Want Power? We have been kept from knowing who we are by those that want to control us and they have done it by using us to do the work for them. When we Awaken to this reality and see how it is being held together then we start seeing who we are and we can come together as ONE…because we will know that we are connected and are not seperate from one another. Those that have the Control over use will do all that they can to keep you from knowing who you are. Even put us in Wars that have nothing to do with what they say we are fighting for. They will convince you that you are doing it for freedom and make you feel Pride in doing a service for your Country while you send your kids into battle to get killed. and if you say that it isn’t right you will be made to feel like you are wrong. Can you see the Control there? Who really makes out in any War? Not you, its all about Fear, Control, Profit, Money. What do you get? Being able to say you have Pride in your child’s death all in the name of the freedom you don’t have.
            Once you can Love yourself by seeing who you are, you can then see that everyone else was created in the same light. Maybe then you can find the Love that is within them to and treat them as you would treat yourself. All are equal in the eyes of our creator, no one is any better or any worse that another. Love is all there is

  20. John Walsh says:

    There is an Awakening going on at this time in our World. The Corruption, The False Prophets, The Deceivers, all being exposed for who they are, is this the final battle? The final battle between Good and Evil. In has been said that this battle, when started, God will be in this battle. So, wouldn’t it be fair to say that we, as the people who we have learned to finally see ourselves to be, One with God, Be the same as God being in this final battle? Have you Awakened to who you are?

    1. Victoria Crowley says:


      Would you please elaborate on “The False Prophets”, as well as on “Have you Awakened to who you are?”


      1. John Walsh says:

        The False Prophets and deceivers are ones that in order to complete there evil agenda’s of power, control, greed, fear, domination by lowering the energy of people, by taking there free will from them. Making the people believe they are doing a good thing, but are only doing the bidding of the evil ones. The people have been put asleep and don’t know what they are doing because the deception was to put them asleep and turn them against one another. The evil ones have positioned themselves in places in our society, in every society around the world. The False Prophets who are in these positions and are trying to get in these positions by using God, or the belief in the God you were taught to believe, to take total control of who you are. All things that you have learned in life are lies, half truths. It has been designed that way to keep you from finding out that YOU have Free Will, YOU are the creator of YOUR reality, YOU are Love, We are all connected to each other and we are strong together. They have designed our life to keep us seperate, they don’t want you to find out that we are all ONE with each other. When I asked have you awakened to who you are? When you can SEE who you are and you begin to See the deception that is all around you and begin questioning what you are seeing, start learning to love yourself. You can then see yourself waking up. Waking up from your sleep and seeing things as they are. The Awakening is happening all around the world right now. We are having a shift in consciousness. Do not FEAR. You are LOVE

        1. Victoria Crowley says:


          Are you talking about intentional separation of races; intentional reminder of passed cruelties such as slavery; religious and political dogma; creation of Cold War and now terrorist fret to keep people living in fear, therefore have total control over their decision making; world domination?


  21. Tom Mrak says:

    As Randy has touched on, beliefs come from many sources.

    I know Randy has talked about this before, but movies and TV shows teach us a lot of negative beliefs. Randy has touched on the common ones, rich people are evil and boring, poor people are fun, having money means you exploited others, etc.

    But, there are a few I noticed while watching “Mister Holland’s Opus”

    Mister Holland’s Opus is the story of a composer who is down on his luck and decides to take a teaching job at the behest of his wife. His goal in life is to create the most bad ass symphony ever.

    A bunch of things happen to him- he and his wife accidentally become pregnant, their child is born deaf, and parents are angry about rock and roll.

    Mister Holland appears to end up focusing completely on other people and almost completely gives up his dream and ocassionally scrawls notes on the paper.

    Granted, he enriches the lives of many students at his school and they go onto greatness, but in the
    emotional climax of the movie, a character, now a Governor mentions that Mister Holland isn’t famous or rich, but that his symphony is the lives he touched.

    That message, I am fine with, but I am afraid cements the belief that “life is what happens while you are making other plans” and should just be passive and give up things for others, while “the good people will accept you for failing because you did something for them.”

    Now, the movie is not outright obvious about this, and I don’t think it’s intentional. The message of touching other people with your gifts is a great one.

    After watching the movie it made me think-

    He’s a music teacher.

    Surely, he could teach his students about composition and have them perform their own songs. Heck, Mister Holland could teach the kids and get help writing his symphony at the same time.

    During the 80s portion of the film he could have used a computer/keyboard with some software to write his music without needing outside help.

    Great film, but I think it teaches some limiting beliefs.

  22. Jack Foley says:

    You bet randy, I am up for it…

    To know thyself and live yourlife by the truth is key

    as they say the truth will set you free..!

  23. Karen Marrow says:


    I agree we need to question our beliefs in order to change them. We can have programs running that were established a long time ago that we don’t even know we have until we start to take a closer look.



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