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Own Your Strengths

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

How often do you affirm a negative statement and anchor that belief more deeply in your subconscious mind?

I’m always a day late and a dollar short.

If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

All the good guys are married or Gay.

I can’t sing a note.

You have to have money to make money.

No matter how hard I try, I always fall short.

Why would anyone want to program themselves with those kinds of beliefs?  And can you see how they would become self-fulfilling realities?

Own your strengths.  Talk those up!  Only acknowledge your limitations for the purpose of overcoming them.  And only argue for the ones you want to keep!

– RG

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Joe Lee
Joe Lee

Usually these thoughts come from the subconscious. Whatever that is embedded into our subconscious comes from our past experiences. It seems easy to just change our thoughts, actually it is not that easy. It is not as easy of reaffirming, "I am good enough." Going deeper to remove the root of the thoughts is much more effective. 


@garyoneil2 We love hisposts. Short, sweet & to the point.

Marion Won
Marion Won

:-) thank u love ya, have a blessed day :-)


Here's a little 5-step trick I recently learned:

1. Identify the Negative Thought, eg, "there are no good, available men in my country"

2. Reverse it. "There are good men everywhere, including here, and there's one for me." (Power of Reversal)

3.  Turn it into questions, "Why are there so many good available men 'round here?  why am I such a great match for a good man?"

4.  Answer the length!

5.  Repeat those answers over and over and over and... (Power of Repetition) for 21 days without fail, or 30 days with the occassional oops-I-forgot.


The unconscious mind cannot withstand the strength of the conscious mind.  It will eventually roll over and say, "OK!  You win!  Mr. Right is available for you. You are hugely attractive to Mr. Right." 


Enjoy the feeeling of knowing that you've changed your mind, for good.  


Or do it about money...  I've been doing it with my silly old thought that "I haven't got what it takes."  What a silly idea!!  Sheesh. Of course I've got what it takes! What have I got?  I'm smart, ambitious, diligent, focussed, skilled,  etc etc. etc.....



I am SO CURIOUS about your up-coming prosperity seminar!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I won´t have to write my own handbook for de-programming but I guess I have to, but anyway!!!

since you offer "no money back guarantee" (do you?) >> I guess it must work for all of us.


so curious.


you did it.

then WE can as well.

wonder who I am afterwards.....

more strengths?




Very well put, RG! OMG, that's good! I've had family members often say that my preference was a waste. I quickly correct them by saying the waste is their thinking and speaking their limitations on me. I then go on a little further and tell them to keep those thoughts of baggage to themselves. I won't be carrying them. I'm awesome! My preference just makes me uniquely awesome! ;) 

Tamara Christie
Tamara Christie

Agreed, Randy. They're such great excuses!! I'm really becoming conscious of this and striving to improve in this area.

Jo Galloway
Jo Galloway

How timely... I was only affirming one of my own negative statements about an hour ago! I've told it to move along now!

Matt Shorty Wells
Matt Shorty Wells

I'm convinced we will never prove ourselves wrong. So we should be very careful of what we argue for. What we say to ourselves. 


Yeah man...focus on your strengths, guess what grows. Your strengths!



Great that all the good guys are either married or gay. That leaves more nice women for me.


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