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How Big is Your Fear?

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Prosperity, Success.

As most of you know, I’m currently off the public stage, on a sabbatical (details here).  And what a mind-bending, consciousness-expanding, and comfort zone-exploding journey it has been thus far…

Two weeks ago on an around-the-world trip, I flew from Helsinki to JFK, where I was greeted with a sign, “Welcome to the United States.”  But I was just passing through and for the first time in my 54 years, I don’t have a home in the country I was born and raised in.  And to tell you the truth, that’s a little scary at first.

That and a couple of other situations got me thinking about fear, and when fear is healthy and good for you.  So I decided to send you another postcard.

I’ve been coaching an amazingly talented singer to audition for the X Factor television show.  He made it through the first round, got to the smaller audition with the producer and got through that.  Then he was back in his hotel room with a panic attack, having trouble breathing and he called me.

Here’s what I told him…

Almost every season, on every competition show, there is “the ambulance person.”  They have a hard time breathing and can’t sing, or they faint and get rushed to the hospital, or they stay up rehearsing all night then collapse the morning of the finals, or they break their ankle before the dance competition.

The show producers milk it for all the drama they can, and the ambulance person is the focal point of that particular episode.  Then they go home, and they are never heard from again…

They’ll probably save the recording, and for the rest of their life will replay it to family and friends, lamenting how they could have made it big – until the bad break came and they were the victim of the sickness/disease/accident/malady.   But if you’ve studied the Course in Miracles, you know there are no victims; only volunteers.

Don’t be the ambulance person. 

They call the ambulance for the physical ailment.  But the condition isn’t physical.  It’s mental.

The physical disorder is a self-sabotage reflex, almost invariably created by one of two underlying causes:

1)   Worthiness issues

2)   Fear of Success

If you have the first one, it’s certain to cause the second one.  People are physically striving for success in the conscious world, but subconsciously undermining it, without even knowing they’re doing it.  If you suggest they might be holding themselves back, they usually are incredulous at the suggestion, and may attack you for making it.  Such is the power of delusion.

And this harmful, defeatist behavior plays out in lots of situations, not just talent competition shows.  Here are some real-life examples:

The truth is, we sometimes do need to set the stage, decide the logo, test the price, raise money, or other actions to prepare for success.  The problem is when you pass that stage, but you’re still using it as an excuse not to move forward…

Okay, you have to test the price.  The only way to do that is to get the offer out and test some prices.  So drop the mail piece, send the email, or run the commercial.

Okay, it’s hard to write the great America novel when you have to get the kids ready for school, the phone’s ringing, and you’re worried about the bills.  But every great novel, non-fiction book, opera, play, and short story started as a crappy first draft.  Get your ass in front of a keyboard and start typing.

Okay, you want the logo to be perfect.  The truth is, no one but you and your mother gives a shit about your logo.  If you send prospects an offer for a product or service that will solve a problem they have – they will lovingly, joyfully, gratefully throw money at you to get it.  Sell something.

Okay, you think you need $500,000 to start your project.  That means it can really be bootstrapped for a tenth of that.  Invest what you have and mix in your sweat equity, passion and love.  That will be enough to get you over the top, or you’ll attract the money along the way.  (Or the venture will fail and you’ll realize there is something better you should be doing.)

Okay, if Oprah recommended your book it would sell millions of copies and save the rainforest, the whales and the tofu burgers.  But Oprah’s never heard of you and you don’t have a connection.  So write articles, guest post on blogs, do interviews, contribute to forums, participate in professional associations and build a tribe by offering value.

If you’re getting ready to get ready, you’re really just making excuses to protect yourself from the thing you fear most:  Not fear of failure, but fear of success. 

If you are a member of any of the world’s organized religions, there’s no doubt you’ve been infected with many issues surrounding self-esteem and worthiness.

If you’re a citizen of a country with a collectivist philosophy (which is most of them), odds are very high you are programmed to feel guilty about your own success.

If you were born and raised in a family of humans, the chances that you’ve been programmed to believe you’re not good enough, don’t deserve success, or that success is for other people is very high.

And when you believe you don’t deserve something, you don’t let yourself attain it.  You work for it consciously, but work against it subconsciously.  And the subconscious mind always wins.

So how do you know if you’re past the point of getting ready – and now you’re just unknowingly using it as an excuse to sabotage your efforts?

If someone sent you here to read this, that’s your first clue.  If you’re reading this thinking someone you know needs to read this, then you’re definitely the one it’s written for!

Get to work.  Do something amazing.

Now that still leaves the issue of worthiness.  That fact that you’ve probably been programmed to believe that you don’t deserve to accomplish great things, live a prosperous life, and be amazing.  I get that.

So I’m here to tell you that you do deserve it.  Really.

Everyone is a genius.  Including you.  We all have different areas in which we express that genius.  Some are architects, others are poets. Some are B-Boys, others are scientists.  Some are doctors, inventors, entrepreneurs, sculptors, mathematicians, teachers, scoutmasters or preachers.  But everybody is amazing.

You are amazing.  Be amazing.

And just know that when you do, mediocre minds will fear you.  Some may ridicule you.  Some will even attack you.  They don’t really hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.  So forget about the critics and go for it.

And also know that when you do something amazing, something important, something epic – it’s going to be a little scary.  Or a lot.  So two very important questions to ask are these:

How big is your fear?  How big are you willing to let it become? 

If you’re not at least a little scared – you haven’t started a project worthy of you.  The bigger the fear you are willing to face – the greater the accomplishment you will ultimately achieve.

Be true to your talents.  Be amazing.  Be afraid.

– RG

P. S. I promised that if you guys spread the word on these postcards, I would continue to post them.  So you know the drill…

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Alexey Chesnokov
Alexey Chesnokov

Ренди, ты очень много сделал для МЛМ бизнеса во все мире! Спасибо! 
Твои знания трансформировали мое видение индустрии в мире:


Thanks Randy for all you have done for our industry over the years.  You are an inspiration to me personally.



Thank  you!! It's excellent! Love you!



Here in Prague in AGEL CZ-SK team is great atmosphere :) We are with you! THANK YOU to be with us...


Hello Randy,

I'm so glad your sabbatical is going great!! I just shared this post with members of my network marketing team and your materials give us great inspiration always. Thank you for being such an instrumental teacher and coach. Very warm Regards, Anosi Okhuemoi from Lagos, Nigeria

loys doy
loys doy

Randy! Could you make a video conferance program like Ted, but with your type of spirit and openness. I would like the title : Gage Open

Witch we could use to share ideas and inspire eachother. Let me know .

Much love

Loys Doy


Thanks Randy. This really spoke to me. I must share! 


I'm there!!  Working it!!  Doing what you have taught just can't go fast enough for me!!  I need you!!!  IT IS MY LEGACY!  My dream!  I'm doing it because YOU taught me to believe in myself RG!  I love you and wish that I had you in my house for a day to give me the nuggets I need!   


How'd you get inside my head? Great reinforcement! 



Love it, one of the best ever - wishing you all the best as you move forward in the journey!


RG, I've studied the work and mind of Joe Schoeder (MLM top performer & wisdom mentor) I've studied some of the work of Joe Vitale, (four cd libraries auth by him & 4 books) and Abraham initially..

maybe it's their work that prepared me for your work. Your Prosperity Cd's changed my life; they "tilted my world" and the two books I own of yours helped a great deal (Risky is the new Safe and How to be Smart, Rich & Healthy)

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity & Prosperity by Charles Fillmore, also Lessons in Truth by H Emilie Cady are ongoing reads and references for prosperity. ,<= All books recommended by you, thankyou.

You've touched my life and heart by your example.

I beleive you exemplfy "true personhood" through virtuous living. Bravo Jedi Knight! Your a KING Randy. Love ya bro!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou..


Happy Father's Day Randy

Thanks for the Updated Postcard..... Was  just thinking about you the e other day.... and wondering how you are...


Спасибо Ренди .Ваши слова актуальны и необходимы.Я согласна на ВСЕ 100% 

Находясь в старом окружении, в зоне комфорта не страшно, НО не интересно. Выйдя на встречу новому всегда страшновато. Там ВСЕ новое: ощущения, видения, люди, мысли, возможности.... и подсознание нас оберегает и тянет назад в знакомое прошлое. Наша подсознательная программа даже останавливает нас травмами, проблемными событиями, болезнями...- это правда. И чтобы такого не происходило или происходило без крупных болезненных ситуаций необходимо заниматься постоянным самообразованием и личностным ростом. Ренди , спасибо за книги,  видео и семинары. Сегодня такое огромное количество информации предоставлено только бери и пользуйся . Или сиди в старом окружении и довольствуйся тем ,что к тебе будет иногда попадать после того как раздадут всем ПОБЕДИТЕЛЯМ.

Желаю всем решительности в действиях, терпения в развитии и обучении, и ДОСТИЖЕНИЯ тех высот, которые ВЫ СЕБЕ УСТАНОВИЛИ+ НЕМНОЖЕЧКО ВЫШЕ. УСПЕХОВ И ЗДОРОВЬЯ. :))) 


Great to see a new postcard from you Randy.  Very motivating and timely message.  I can so relate.


That's it! Finally I have to start no excuse ;-)



I will say what scares me most is pushing forward with my music.

I'm not saying any of this to be a victim,  but I do admit I am terrified.

A lot of it is my age- I'm 31, which is considered "old" in the entertainment industry.  I'm really intimated by it.

35, which by many, including marketers, is considered the beginning of middle age, is a little over 3 years away for me.

It's true, people in the industry aren't fond of people above the age of 25-

The main reason is youth is easy to market- you're in the prime of your life, you have a ton of energy, and you usually look great.

Even many of the music oriented shows such as American Idol have an age cap of 28.

I look young for my age, I'm doing something about the weight I've put on, I'm practicing, I even sought out someone who has been composing music professionally for games, TV, and ads to get advice on how to create something with higher quality.


How you think and express, feels like "home" to my infinite SELF. So helpful, so inspiring.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!


Wow! What Great Universal Timing!  I'm stepping into a project to help others while generating a passive stream of income and for me it's a HUGE STEP.  I, and those that I assist are soooooooooooo deserving and you post confirmed just that! Thank You Randy Gage for the Gift That You Are!!! Hmmmm . . . As A Father To Many, Happy Father's Day! Much Joy, DJ 

Suzanne St John
Suzanne St John

Wow! This is the kick in the pants I needed today! Thank you!! Come back soon!



Peace and Love...

PS:  Enjoy the Time.

Juan Escalante
Juan Escalante

Randy, mi amigo as you would call me. May God Bless You Always.


Is this a test to see how much your followers love you?  Interesting.  You are so not gone.  I'm glad, but just saying...  Thanks for the post.  Very inspiring.  Home is where the heart is.  Right?

I still haven't faced my biggest fear yet.  Have you?  I am thinking no.  There is still time, enjoy the journey. :)

BTW, lucky X Factor contestant to have you as their coach!


Great words---- "just know that when you do, mediocre minds will fear you.  Some may ridicule you.  Some will even attack you.  They don’t really hate you.  They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.  So forget about the critics and go for it."--- very true. Randy, thanks for reminding us to do the extraordinary things we are capable of. Thank you---S ELANGOVAN


Wow Randy, I was not aware of your new adventures, as I have recently embarked on one of my own! A couple of months ago, my husband and I got rid of most of our belongings, packed up what was left in our car, and drove across the country to begin a new life in Los Angeles. We had no job, family, or home waiting for us; we simply acted on the need for a change of environment and a long held desire to live in southern CA. Our decision was affected in part by your teachings, as well as the lessons of other mentors and recent life experiences. So I thank you for helping me have the courage to chase the unknown, and applaud you for practicing what you preach.

As for the worthiness issues. I am still working on that as it is something so deeply conditioned into me. Of course, starting over in a new place surrounded by new people doesn't hurt. It's interesting what you said about the athletes...I actually knew a guy who had a contract to pitch for a MLB team, and just a couple of weeks before he was supposed to start he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Now why would someone with such an amazing future ahead of him take that kind of risk? I guess the answer lies in your post....

Good luck to you on your new journey, I'll look forward to your updates as I continue to discover my own new path.


Randy, this a great post. I told my subconscious mind to absorb these ideas, process them, & let's use them to blast off!


Randy I hope your finding the answers that you are searching for. Love the post. Deep. Real. And to point. I actually did the same thing several years ago. Left this country for ten years. Amazing experience. More appreciative than ever. Peace

Marita Liepina
Marita Liepina

It's a very  narrow , I'm not sure  I can differentiateor I'm afraid of winning, or just have some fear of the unknown, which is a normal part of the process.
I do not know how I can differentiate it. Whether I need to a
nalyze my fear instead to analyze my activities ?

Hmm ... but it looks like you hanker to write and are looking for reason to come back. As you can see- many, many expect you here with great pleasure :)


Hi Randy ~ I hope your sabbatical is going radical!  (radically great!)  It would feel strange to not have a home in one's homeland but the 'space' you have now will bring you the wisdom of where it is you are meant to be. As Bill Hicks would say... It's just a ride!  (We all need to lighten up and enjoy it!)  My fear is lessening incrementally.  The other factor is taming the old programming chatter -  which I am better able to do.  A draft?  That can be a goal.  Thanks for the nudge!  And, Thanks for the supportive beams ~ gratitude and blessings back to you!  


Great to hear from you Randy and as always, a VERY inspirational blog.. After a 10 day water fast I decided to pull out the book that changed my life when I hit a very low point years ago, which is Neal Donald Walshe's "Conversations with God, vol. 1".. The reason I mention this  has to do with a phrase that permeates the book which goes, "What you resist, persists"..In the final analysis, when we give a fear or anything else that stops us reality, we are resisting. But when we TRULY look at it KNOWING it doesn't REALLY exist, it disappears. And there lies the work....Looking forward to the next postcard. 


Hola Randy, que bueno tener noticias tuyas

Un abrazo


Hah! Your post was so exactly on target that I suspect you've got some NSA access. Thank you - so glad you posted. 


Дорогой Ренди! Большое спасибо за твой труд! За вдохновение. Удивительно, как много людей не способных расширять для себя горизонты. И когда человек окружен такими людьми, которые давят, предъявляют претензии, высказывают недовольство, как важно оставаться собой. Несмотря на страхи, когда тебя хотят запугать, унизить или даже предают. Многие сдаются в такой неравной борьбе. Боясь потерять близких, теряют себя.


Randy, having no home in the country of my birth for nearly ten years and rarely passing through I can relate to the first time back....  Something you barely touched on... comfort zone-exploding journey.... For too long I bought the argument to live outside my comfort zone.  You don't..  You and every uber successful person I have met over the last ten years have HUGE comfort zones, expanding!  Big difference.  Live near the edge of an expanding comfort zone and life is a "mind-bending, consciousness-expanding" journey.  Continue living past the edge, or way past FOR TRULY crazy, is chaos, uncontrollable thoughts and fears taunting and controlling the subconscious into paralyzing antics.  I have been studying the signs, mine, of what is exhilarating and empowering actions while being at the edge... versus the terrible results I achieve once outside.  Exercise a muscle correctly and you get stronger. Do it incorrectly and you can permanently damage your body. Keep us in the loop. Keep expanding your comfort zone and be well!


Thanks for the timely insight Randy. I am working on a huge Project right now.


I, personally, have learned, (and am continuing to learn today), that fear is much more painful to sit IN then it is to walk through. That said, it still gets me at times for a little longer than I'd like, but my awareness arises and kicks me in the arse through it.

This post is a great reminder to remember that I am worthy and, darn it, I like me...and so will the world!


This is an antidote for procrastination. Highly informative & instructive. Thanks for sharing Randy.


Amazing as always!! Thanks for the encouragement.

summer2218 does one know when it's time to let go and move on to the next venture?

Jackie Ulmer
Jackie Ulmer

Thanks Randy,

You have no idea how timely this is....or maybe you do! Thanks for starting this with sharing YOUR fear of not having a home in the US any more. A simple thing, but it opened the conversation brilliantly! 

The rest of the article was dead on!

Cheers to your journey!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Mark Bergstrom
Mark Bergstrom

Rejection is one thing that is a constant

in online marketing- at least it has for me.I'm so glad I read this because it just reinforces the idea to "never take no for an answer" It means we're only limited by our persistence, orlack of it. Great article, thank you. Mark Bergstrom


excellent -post-card,-x-factor coaching, for all of us, randy

onward UPward

Edward D Devero
Edward D Devero

@ThomasMrak Good Music is good music regardless of age. 35 is still young nowadays. For some reason people look younger now than they did a couple of generations ago.


@ThomasMrakHi Thomas. I run an entertainment agency and work with a lot of cover acts, soloists, duos, trios etc. Most are around your age and older and all do the covers thing to earn a living but some write and perform their own music too. I hear a lot of exactly what you wrote here; ie "which is considered old in the entertainment industry" and the self-intimidation that goes along with it. I know a very select few though who have shifted away from 'competing', if you will, in the mainstream. There is one cover act I deal with in particular who has built an online following and subsequent album (or mp3) sales with his own songs via his YouTube efforts and his website. He's not the best singer in the world, he's not the best guitar player in the world, he certainly isn't fit and his recordings are now done in his own home on very simple equipment. Mind you, the quality is quite good. Oh, I forgot to mention that he's 51 years old. There is a way, sometimes we just have to look through a different window. I hope this helps you moving forward. I like to tell those who are passionate about what they do... 'people need to hear your stuff', and as Randy suggests... "Get to work.  Do something amazing." My best to you.


This is a PS, I always want to say Happy Father's Day to you, because to me you are so paternal and a father figure.  So, Happy Father's Day.  Also, just wanted to say you are very loveable person.  I love you and miss you.  Just think of that, your biggest detractor here. :)

Sometimes I feel scared too, when I think you don't have home here.  It makes me worry.   I think I don't know if he is okay or not, because I don't know where he is.  But, then I think it's okay, because no matter where you are, you will always be okay and cared for.


@Edward D Devero  

Since my post I've admitted to myself that the obsession with my age is a form of victimhood and self-pity.

I don't look my age and although I am overweight, other than some setbacks and laziness, I have stuck to improving my mental and physical health for over a year.

I should be proud of that that I choose to do something, and not beat myself up for it.

I had let my health go by the wayside because I had made poor decisions which resulted in moving back in with family for awhile.

Needless to say, that really impeded my growth since even with some time away the relationship was still very toxic.

Still was not an excuse to let myself go the way I did.

If I am clean shaven, unless people know me personally, I get complimented for looking young. They assume I'm 25, 26 tops. 

Some of it is my attitude. I maintain some of the lofty idealism younger people are known for, but I have enough grounding in reality that I don't sit around waiting for "The Secret" to help me.

I am able to deal with distractions and negativity far more easily than I ever could in my early 20s.

I have little trouble connecting with others and expressing my opinions, even if they are controversial or upsetting to some people. 

I may be blunt, but I do have real compassion for others.

First and foremost, I have learned to have compassion for myself.

More than likely I probably would be a drunk, high on cocaine/heroin weigh 400 hundred pounds or even dead if I hadn't found Randy's book at the age of 24, 25 like I did.

That was the catalyst which made me assess why my life sucked and why I made such horrible decisions.

I am less driven by the need to please others or fit into a box. I have come to learn that doing what you value isn't arrogant at all, and that people deciding it for you is the ultimate arrogance.

I am more discerning about whether I take someone else's advice, views, or comments. 

I don't smoke.

I don't drink very often.

I wear sunscreen if I am going to be outside for more than a couple of minutes.

My diet is pretty healthy now. Very little added salt or sugar. Even my snacking tends to be healthier choices.

I eat smaller portions, but more often.

I drink lots of water.

I drink diet soda or use sugar free sweetener when I do decide to indulge in caffeinated drinks.

I am a lot more active physically now. Fairly close to what I was a few years ago.

I limit my access to negative situations and people.

I've learned to see money as a tool, not as something that can make or break you.

I've learned how to solve problems without immediately relying on others.

I've learned that some people could care less about your background, and more about how you treat others and what you do.

I constantly read and I have had the pleasure of connecting over the years with people of different ages and backgrounds.

After all, any work worth paying attention is able to transcend barriers.

That is the way I choose to go about it all. Focusing on that rather than attempting to please people I can never please.

I could go on, but I am not the same person I was at 22, and yes, I wish I would have been successful by 25, but I chose to grow in spite on the adversity and the lot I was handed at birth, rather than "know my place" as so many people have wrongfully told me.

Edward D Devero
Edward D Devero

@Annieb Maybe he knows something the rest of us don't. There are many saying the US is headed for a financial collapse.


@Edward D Devero For an example of someone who looks young for their age, look at Randy himself.

I thought he was in his early 40s at the most.

He's 51 or 52 now I believe.


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