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Growing Through Challenges

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

There is a special joy that arises from knowing that you are one in spirit with the Infinite Intelligence.  Once you understand that the Universe is only good, it creates a special positive energy.  Even when things don’t seem to go your way, you know that ultimately they are leading you to your highest good.

I wouldn’t change anything about my life thus far.  I know that every challenge I have gone through – including being in jail, getting shot, losing my business, and dysfunctional relationships – has helped to build my character and mold me into the person I am today.

When you accept challenges as part of life, you allow yourself to be enveloped in the cosmic flow of prosperity.  You celebrate the journey, knowing that each day brings you closer to your true self.

Success is the result of what you go through – and grow through.

Ain’t it great!

P.S.  Leaving Sydney in the morning.  Another 19 hours of air travel!  I’ll try and check in from Hong Kong.




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19 thoughts on “Growing Through Challenges

  1. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    Yes that is great! Thank’s for you daily comforting and wise words. Safe journey 🙂

  2. Mo says:

    Interesting-and i feel it is true.I feel happy when I think about it.And it makes my life even more mysterious so far.I regret things, but now I can understand I should not.GREAT!

  3. Yes Randy it is great! 🙂

  4. Eve says:

    Love it, Then you never have to fight back, only use your will to be your own influence.

  5. Jim Story says:


    I feel the same way about my life. We share many things and I what I have heard you say is gratitude. I was never happy where I was previously. I always wanted something different something more. Don’t get me wrong I have desires and dreams however previously I could never get passed the feelings of not being content and at peace.
    In order to move past stuck I had to say thanks for where I am. Last week my car broke down in a not so great neighborhood and the first person who went by me was a man in a wheelchair. I immediately gave thanks for the fact I could walk and that the tow truck was on the way.

  6. That is so true but yet so hard to understand then the crap is piling on. I love the saying “and it came to pass” The thing that most people don’t understand is that saying is for the good and the bad. There will always be a change in the seasons. Every mountain must have a valley. Change your thoughts change your life.

    Thanks for all you do Randy.
    Safe travels


  7. rita says:

    I like the positive echo coming down to me from above, where you are! I didn´t arrive yet on top but I did enter the stage / scenery – so, enjoy the trip!

  8. Lynn Huber says:

    Just the words I needed to hear today! Thank you Randy. Have Safe travels. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  9. Hi Randy,

    we can also trust the universe that we will only receive challenges that we can solve – and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward.

    I wouldn’t want to miss anything either, although I wouldn’t repeat certain mistakes, of course 😉

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational insights.

    Travel safely and take care


  10. John Lowery says:

    Great info! Although tough times suck when you are caught in the middle, they usually don’t last and you can grow bigger and better in the end.

  11. Jonathan says:

    This is SO true Randy. I have also lived a life filled with challenges that I set myself up for, along with much Joy too! And it’s all culminating now in order that I live my Dream.

    If there were no challenges in Life and everything was seamless, it would be pretty boring.. at least for me! The only way we learn and grow is by confronting Life and understanding that we have infinite choices, especially when it comes to our thoughts!

  12. YES! It is great! I’ve learned to embrace the challenges, knowing that they are helping me to grow. Love and gratitude to you Randy!

  13. When I can be grateful for my challenges, they become learning experiences, each one perfectly designed to teach me what it is I need to learn. Thanks, Randy, for the reminder. Be safe and enjoy your travels, J

  14. Bernice says:

    looking for the lesson, what can be learned from challenge & taking your responsibility…and making changes if needed (yourself)…

    instead of blaming yourself or others, looking for who is right/wrong, who was at fault & trying to fix others

  15. Benita Tyler says:

    Very true, Randy. The tests and the trials of life come to make each of us stronger. It’s in the challenging times that we get to see what we are truly made of.

  16. suzanne hng says:

    Hi Randy,
    “Success is the result of what you go through – and grow through.
    Ain’t it great!”


    I am so much richer because of your coaching and look forward to see he fruits.

    Many thanks.

  17. Hi Randy,

    Sometimes we wear our experiences as a badge of courage but we only benefit from growing through tough resistance, not experiencing it.

    Unsuccessful people say “I’ll never do that again!”, after losing everything, and go get a job, spending their life working for the man. They lived through the experience, but are just as stagnant as if the tough times never hit ’em.

    Successful people lose everything. They take a deep breath, let the ego bitch and moan for a bit, and proceed to analyze the situation. What did they learn from it? Where’s the lesson? How can they benefit? They didn’t live through the tuff stuff, they benefited from the tuff stuff.

    I’ve grown through depression, lawsuits, bankruptcy and a bunch of other colorful experiences. If I didn’t, I’d still be employed as a security guard in a shipping terminal. Nothing wrong with that, but I realized the subtle – and not so subtle – nudges the Universe was giving me along the way to be more than what I believed I could be.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Randy.


  18. Audel says:

    Play infomravtie for me, Mr. internet writer.


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