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Giving Yourself Permission to Win

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Let’s pick up where we left off in yesterday’s post: How your perceived self worth can cause you to sabotage your success and prosperity.  

Every day of your life you subconsciously answer the question, “How much abundance can I stand today?”  You don’t even know you’re asking it, but your subconscious mind is asking it all the time.

And the answer to that question is determined by your self worth…

Not your real self worth.  Because your real self worth is worthy!!!  You deserve to be healthy, happy and prosperous.  But your subconscious mind is going to answer the question based on your PERCEIVED self worth.

You will manifest prosperity in direct proportion to the degree you believe you are worthy of it.

Read that last sentence again.  Because that is where the breakthrough starts.  But just starts.  Because here’s where you need to go next…

Remember that you’re conscious of every petty, jealous, or mean thought you ever have.  And you have vivid recollections of every mistake you ever made, every bad thing you’ve ever done, and everything you’ve ever regretted doing.

Every time you have caught yourself doing something like this, you’ve likely lowered the perception you have of your own self worth.  And remember what we discussed yesterday…

Subconsciously you know you’re supposed to be punished for bad things.  So you punish yourself, not even knowing you’re doing it, by self-sabotaging yourself.

When it comes to prosperity no one gets what they deserve.  You get what you BELIEVE you deserve.   And if you don’t believe you’re worth enough, the self-sabotage starts.

How does this play out?  Let me count the ways:

•    Starting arguments with your spouse to create drama;
•    Food, alcohol, or other drug abuse;
•    Accepting lower wages or exploitative work situations;
•    Settling for negative, dysfunctional relationships;
•    Vegging out with TV or Farmville five hours a day;
•    Walking away from lucrative opportunities; and,
•    Literally hundreds of other scenarios.

I promise you the people around you aren’t telling you about the bad thoughts they’re having.  So you think they’re saints and you’re a sorry sinner.  But EVERYONE does bad things.  Lots of them.

Welcome to the training program we call life.  You’re human.  Humans make mistakes.  Humans sometimes do things that are stupid, inconsiderate and not nice.

The Pope leaves wet towels on the floor.  When Princess Di was shagging the Prince, she was really fantasizing about Zach Efron.  Gandhi slammed the door sometimes.

At the last supper, Jesus was talking with food in his mouth.  Buddha actually stole that milk and rice pudding from Sujata.  And Mother Teresa thought Johnny Depp had a cute ass.

Yeah, you’ve done a lot of horrible things.  So has everyone else.  Get over it.  And know this…

It’s something quite ironic.  And could be the biggest breakthrough for thousands of you.  If you really “get” this, it could be the thing that stops your self-sabotage cycle forever.  Here’s the insight:

The better a person you are – the more caring, sensitive, and self-aware you are – the harder you judge yourself.  The irony is that often those of us with the highest morals, standards, and values sometimes actually have the lowest sense of self worth!  Because we fail to meet our standards on a daily basis…

You know why the Pope, Princess Di, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, and Mother Teresa demonstrated such lives of prosperity, even though they had the same human frailties as the rest of us?  They accepted their humanity and realized that included both good and bad.

They forgave themselves.

And instead of punishing themselves, they changed the equation:  They decided to pay it forward.  Instead of dwelling upon their flaws, they celebrated their gifts and chose service to others.  They broke the self-sabotage cycle and accepted themselves as worthy.

And that’s what YOU must do…

Like yin and yang, we all have positive and negative aspects.  That’s part of the “how to be a human” class we’re all enrolled in.

That doesn’t make you less worthy.  You were born to be healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Please.  Forgive yourself.  Give yourself permission for prosperity. Give yourself permission to win!

You up for that?


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130 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Permission to Win

  1. Nam says:

    Thanks for the awesome message Randy!!!


  2. Carey Rapier says:

    Alert: typo: PERCIEVED

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Got it, thanks. -RG

      1. Actually you got it right. I before E except after C. Also, I checked with Merriam Webster. Perceived. Carry on.

  3. Keith R Leitzen says:

    I truly love how you can kick each of us in the backside but makes us smile and say THANK YOU!

    Forgiveness is the key to opening the door to prosperity. May all who read this post open their doors and be willing to walk through with heads held high.

  4. Brandon Hawkinson says:

    Well said, mother Theresa screwed people over most of her life fyi! Nice blog Randy.

    1. Peter Byrne says:

      I’m sure you’ve got lots of other freaky, weird ideas in that head of yours, Brandon, but that one is the stupidest one.

  5. Will says:

    I bet the pope thought Johnny Depp had a cute ass too.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      LOL. Well I started this, so I guess I can’t say anything.

      1. Sabina says:

        hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Guys! thank you for great beginning of my day!:)))

    2. michele says:

      Yeah, but if Johnny Depp think the Pope has a … well, whatever. THAT might be unforgivable!

      Just kidding. GREAT uplifting post!

    3. John says:

      Divine creatures we are even in our darkest hours. Mother Theresa, the pope, and Johnny Depp all have cute asses in the divine way of looking at things

      1. Randy Gage says:

        Yeah…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


        1. Libby says:

          This is what we need – an insight to make evreyone think

  6. Kay says:

    Yes, I’m up for it.

    LOL @ Jesus talked with food in his mouth and the Princess Di comment. That was my good laugh for today.

    Good message too. Forgiving myself is something that comes easier to me now that I’ve started meditating (Loving-kindness and Vipassana meditations) as described by someone named U Silananda.

    Now I can go back to doing what I was doing. Thanks.

  7. david pierson says:

    I get your your sarcasm Randy… unlike Theresa when I made fun of text messaging… just say this, have you ever seen Bill Gates or Warren Buffet mindlessly thumbing away on their phones… no and you never will… those guys are operating on a much higher plane.. even Mark Zuckerberg who I really admire, same thing, build your company without harming anyone else and give it all away…
    But your message about forgiving yourself and other people is very true…

  8. Joye says:

    Hi Randy,
    very wise words, forgiveness is something I have been working on for a while ( with success)

    If you find it hard to forgive yourself or anyone else…just remember…when you forgive…it does not mean you are condoning the action …it just means you are able to release the pattern from your life, enabling you to move forward on your path.


    1. Vineet says:

      “when you forgive…it does not mean you are condoning the action …it just means you are able to release the pattern from your life, enabling you to move forward on your path.”

      Amazing words – thanks for sharing !!

    2. Deb says:

      Forgiveness or the action of the word was hard for me to understand when my sister forgave the teacher who abused her. She said that it wasn’t something she was doing for him, it was something she needed to do for her. We had many many conversations over that one.

  9. Marlene Geary says:

    So true you could carve it in gold.

    Accepting one’s self as worthy is…a major mindset change. *nods*

  10. Francisco says:

    A simple way to increase your self worth:


  11. Jul says:

    Thank you for your timely message. What a mentor you are!

  12. David says:

    “When it comes to prosperity no one gets what they deserve. You get what you BELIEVE you deserve.” Love it! Thanks for sharing your wisdom Randy!

  13. Greg Reed says:

    Another awsome post Randy. When is the new book out?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m just writing it now. And I thought I had the first couple chapters done. Then I started writing this today and decided it’s a better first chapter. So we’re at least a few months away.


      1. Jeff Atherton says:

        You could do the Robert Kiyosaki thing and create a web site and let us read it as you are writing it. 🙂

  14. Poppy says:

    Thankyou Mr Gage! I occasionally need reminding….actually I often need reminding – feels better already! :>

  15. Bill Guertin says:

    Ha! Love it when you put the “shock factor” in your rants, Randy… Mother Teresa and Johnny Depp’s ass! Too funny! The message is spot-on, and can even be elongated to say you’re destined to only be as prosperous as the friends you’ll choose to hang with, etc.

  16. mia says:

    See that is exactly what i need to do..
    To love myself more even if all i do is not perfect.

  17. Seriously… can we clone you? This is the second time in a week I’ve felt the need to populate the world with little Randy’s all thinking and saying such great awesomeness! 🙂

    And you’re funny too! You could do stand up if being a millionaire gets boring… just saying. 🙂

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m here til Friday. And please remember to tip the bartenders…

  18. Randy,
    I have been an avid reader of the blog. In Indian sects there is a saying in Sanskrit that literally means that ‘ the ability to forgive is the greatest gift that one can give to him/herself or others”.

    You relate it beautifully to self-worth. I remember Bob Procter saying somewhere that you have to make peace with your past to move ahead in future. That includes let go of the regrets and bad memories. Forgive and forget.

    Shantih Shantih Shantih!


    Hersh Bhardwaj

  19. Helena says:

    I had some highest degrees you could think about. I made 2 mistakes in the past, then I decided to walk away from my careers, and started new career. It has been 10 years now, I still didn’t find success and financial independence. Still struggle to find out what I should be successful again.

    From my bottom of my heart, I know I am worthy to make tons of money with prestige life due to my previous degrees. However, my current situation is totally opposite. My pride is often stepped down by frustration. I can’t get into my previous career since it has been so long.

    I often forgive myself and others who hurt me, but many times bad feelings come back from time to time.

    I feel my abundance from all aspects of life seem to be sabotaged. What’s a way to have a real breakthrough?


    1. Randy Gage says:

      Your degrees don’t make you worthy of success. You’re worthy of success just because you’re you.


      1. Helena says:

        Thank you so much for quick reply, Randy.

        I did claim I forgive myself and others. But hurt feelings from others often come back. How to overcome that? How to truly forgive? Really get over?

        1. Elsa says:

          Repetition always helps. My breakthroughs are usually gradual. affirmations/mantras every day. Sometimes even then I think I’ve got that ol’ subconscious licked and I’ll stop focusing on that one thing, and maybe the problem will come back and I have to start over again, or sometimes it will really stick. Depends on how deeply ingrained the issue is.

        2. Joe Gregory says:

          If so inclined, check out “A Course in Miracles.”

        3. Bolero says:

          Check out Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. If you’re stuck in a pattern, the book may help you see how you create the experiences. His website has a forgiveness worksheet that is helpful (free). I read the book with a discussion group, which helped me be able to move forward.

  20. Edoardo says:

    I’m ready!!

  21. KimbraLee says:

    ~ touche.

    … kind of figured you were onto something when you made me cry.


  22. Ok, my thoughts have to stay on course:

    I am a millionaire, i am a millionaire….

    1. Edward Devero says:

      Wrong ! You’re a multimillionare, You’re a multimilionaire !

  23. Elly says:

    Randy! I cannot wait for this book to come out.
    I read this and went wow – ouch – wow – ouch! Great insights especially “because we fail to meet our standards on a daily basis”.
    I set myself ridiculously high standards to achieve each day/week/month and then beat myself up when I only achieve a third of them.
    And yes I too think my colleagues are all doing it right and I’m doing it wrong, and yes I think they’re all doing amazingly well and I must be doing something wrong because I’m not getting the same results as them. Thanks to your humorous illustrations I now see that that is a load of BS!
    Thank you so much Randy – you are amazing.

  24. Jennifa says:

    Randy,…What happens to these perceived thoughts when they are over come? how does one keep them contained… how do I teach my 16yr old son not to have these thoughts…and where the heck do they come from and why are they in our mind and thoughts?…Jennifa

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Those are definitely great questions to explore in future posts.


  25. Alex Tita says:

    I selfishly devour the joy of being alive. Fired up and focused!

  26. John E Regan says:

    Hi Randy, I always read your rants and blogs because first they are ‘in your face’ and also funny. I have always believed in telling it like it is in a constructive way, and quote you often in my speeches. It began for me after reading your first book, and implementing the thinking behind it. now things are moving along very nicely. Thanks to you and your philosophy. Enjoy your travels my friend and keep up the good vibes. cheers John

  27. Saachi says:

    A beautiful post, and the beautiful person ‘you’! Thanks to you 4 us for you being so perceptive, so deep, so very human, so complex and yet so simple-minded, so intelligent, complex, and self-knowing and yet purely natural little child in you at the same time [lol]/this is meant to be positive and a compliment. 🙂 Whenever you write something like today’s post (similar to many of the past posts), you always touch my heart and push the refresh button on my heart to help me start a new beginning in my life with a positive outlook on many things, including a prosperity mind-set, daily issues in life, as well as precious relationships. Thanks for being ‘you’ and for being there for us and for me. I love love you, RG. Big hug:::
    Hugs::: to you all in the Randyland community, too!

  28. It becomes so automatic not feeling good of bad things we’ve done. Following this point of view, I gonna forgive myself for the way I’m now (not prosperous) and look forward.

    Thanks Gage!

  29. Daniel K.H. Chong says:

    They forgave themselves. And I can do it too.

    Celebrating our innate gifts by paying it forward in service to the community/humankind and giving myself permission for prosperity and to win!

    Thanks a million, Randy. Hugs.

  30. Johnson says:

    Thanks Randy your are always awesome you got me to see something thats has been holding me back. I always thought i wasn’t worthy enough or deserve to receive things at all… I guest its the past of those bad things you do. like you said we have all done bad but we have all done good to its time now to stop sabotaging and start believing I deserve more!! b4 when ever people used to give me things i didn’t wanna take it or I’ll give it back and felt bad takin it, but I realised its ok. also what I realize is im always giving and now its time to receive and its all good! In health wealth love and more 🙂 Thank you Randy your a great mentor!! let pay it forward

    Johnson Huynh from Down under Australia mate 😉

  31. Neo Trinity says:

    Fantastic point you have raised Randy. However, there is still one element which the West refuses to raise when it comes to the law of attraction and that is Karma. If you are born with negative Karma, you will not make money. Thankfully, there’s a remedy to resolving Karma problems and its part of the Quantum Particle Mind thinking and its mantra.

  32. wencel says:

    Absolute truth, get rid of the negative effects is the daily struggle with my other self.


  33. Lene Hansen says:

    Yes I’m up for that – Thank you! 🙂

  34. It is all a perception and matter of perspective.

    Jesus real name was Jmmanuel. He actually focused on giving out the true message (as did Gandhi), contrary to what his alien creators intended. He was drugged, placed on the cross, taken down, revived and sent to Kashmir. The bible has been screwed with ever since to enhance suppression, not least with the Pope involved.

    No one listened to Buddha. That is why there is Buddhism.

    Princess Di knew what game she was playing. I wouldn’t call it prosperity.

    Some say Mother Theresa had a belief in the spiritual goodness of poverty.

    Forgive and release others and yourself.

    Knowing is better than believing.

    1. David says:


  35. Jack says:

    Randy: In all the time I’ve been reading and contributing to your blog, the books you’ve written that I’ve read, your CD’s I’ve listeneded to and the presentataions you gave at MM6, THIS is one of the best and most meaniful pieces you’ve ever done. Thank you from me and all the fortunate people who will read it.

  36. Jack says:

    Randy: In all the time I’ve been reading your blog, the books you’ve written that I’ve read, your CD’s I’ve listended to and your presentations at MM6, THIS is one of the best pieces you’ve written. Thank you!!

  37. Immanuel says:

    I’m up and running. Thank you Randy 🙂

  38. Mel says:

    This is wonderful! I especially loved the perceived
    shortcomings of those named….this really hits home Randy. Thank you!

  39. Bob McEnaney says:

    This is great stuff, Randy. Thanks. But if all these negative thoughts and perceptions are going on subconsciously, how can we change them through conscious thought? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      In my case, it took (and takes) daily self-development time. That takes you to the point where the positive thoughts outnumber the negative ones.


      1. Joe Gregory says:

        That’s why Jim Rohn said, “work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” How many do that? That’s where the work is.

        1. Bob McEnaney says:

          Hi Joe,
          Thanks for chiming in. This was an excellent addition to Randy’s comment. And you’re right in asking “how many of us do that?” This has been an incredibly enlightening topic, series of posts and comments. Thanks!

      2. Bob McEnaney says:

        Thanks for your reply, Randy. That’s great advice. I little quite time to reflect, get our “game face on,” so to speak. Awesome.

  40. Sven Erik says:

    Very good!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    thank you, I need to read this everyday until it sticks

  42. Rachel Henke says:

    Love that. Beating yourself up really stinks and so many of us do it. Re. Princess Di you need someone in her timeline. Zach would have been just out of nappies!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Poetic license! 🙂


    2. Jamie says:

      Yes hon, he always forgets that Zac is in MY timeline. 😉

  43. Jim Barber says:

    Randy, like many people I place carefully selected insightful quotations around my office to provide me with my daily motivation and remind me of where I’m heading.

    With a line from today’s post, you’ve now joined Eleanor Roosevelt, Muhammad Ali, and others. Thanks!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      And remember you were one of the people that started this discussion!


  44. Vineet says:

    Randy ,

    Awesome Post …I’m going to print this post and keep up with me to think and also have fun !!

    BTW , all your training material is fabulous …just wondering if you can have that translated in Hindi for India …my duplication will go sky -rocket , and it can outnumber the sales you get cumulatively from many countries !!

    Warm Hugs

  45. Natalie Thackston says:

    I know this dysfunction well. On top of the harsh judgement because of not meeting our own high expectations on a daily basis, which leads to the low sense of self worth….add a layer of realization that such thinking is ultimately selfish and self-centered, though not in the productive and prosperous sense but in a manic and paralyzing sense…which pushes one further down the vortex of low self worth because we realize in that that we are not in service to others which is what we profess to want to be because we are caring and sensitive….which makes it all the more difficult to celebrate our gifts and pay it forward. The ego is a powerful force. Just let go!

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Don’t be too hard on your ego. That’s another chapter I’m working on!


      1. Jennifa says:

        ego and the tongue!!!!

  46. kathy stuck says:

    Thank you Randy, Good way to start the day, and forgive myself amen. God Bless kathy

  47. Steve says:

    Thanks Randy, This reminds me to pray and ask for forgiveness for the “bad” things I have done, and to also pray for the wisdom to understand my self worth so that I may be “health, happy and prosperous”. Remember everything is possible with God.

  48. dan vesperman says:

    Wow. Simply put the best blog post i have ever read, you nailed it.

  49. Clarissa says:

    GRACIAS!!!!smart,nice,lovely message.I deserve the best.I am a winner.AMOR Y LUZ

  50. Angela M.C. D'Alton says:

    Uplifting..kick ass post…Thanks Randy…I’m up for it…love Angie

  51. matthew says:

    love your stuff randy

  52. Simon says:

    Boy its like you’re a fly on my living room wall Randy.
    I have played out this act of self sabotage for years. I never thought about it being a part of that wants to punish myself for all the wrongs I have done in my life.
    TODAY IS A NEW DAY that is going to be my motto from now on. Thank you Randy for this wonderful insight.

  53. Rhonda Kaye says:

    Yes I am up for that. I forgive myself.

  54. Genesta says:

    Inner knowledge has been a long hard process for me, as I believe the best knowledge we have is already within each of us. We all have a great story from our own experiences.
    Continual learning and developing is the key to a great life, which most can enjoy!!!

    Wishing all the very best Holidays and a fantastic, healthy, happy New Year!

  55. Linda Roach says:

    Randy! This is magnificent. Worthiness is soooo huge. I will happily share this masterpiece. Blessings.

  56. Jamie says:

    What a beautiful post! 🙂

    I remember having an eureka moment with this years ago. That as beautiful a person can be, is exactly how ugly he/ she can get on the other end of the spectrum. And that it HAS to be this way, for within us we have to have that balance of duality. Then we choose, consciously or unconsciously, every moment – from which end of that spectrum do we wish to express ourselves. That’s the yin & yang you were talking about.

    It was amazing for me to *get* this then, for I could accept myself completely and others too. It wasn’t difficult to forgive & accept anyone after that, no matter how much pain we might have caused each other before. I could see them as whole, beautifully human & on their personal journey of learning here; as I am on mine. And my friendships get transited to stratospheric levels of trust after that, and the self-worth of all involved goes up a couple of notches because we honor the truth of who we are. It’s beautiful!

    Side note btw: The universe balances itself out too. Did you realize that when Gandhi was bringing the experience of non-violence to the world, there existed Hitler in the exact same time frame, doing the exact horrific opposite in as massive a scale? Just a thought that came to me when I was studying this universal balance & duality thing.

    And to get back on point and answer your question – yes, I give myself permission to win and to prosper, to honor the gifts I’ve been given by sharing it freely and fearlessly, and to live in conscious contribution. Sending love to ya rocksta! xoxo

    1. Deb says:

      @ Side note btw: The universe balances itself out too. Did you realize that when Gandhi was bringing the experience of non-violence to the world, there existed Hitler in the exact same time frame, doing the exact horrific opposite in as massive a scale? Just a thought that came to me when I was studying this universal balance & duality thing.

      This is wonderful, I never never thought of life working this way. Thank you so much for this eyeopener.

      I was just asking for clarity on taking the knowledge I have and connecting it to my heart…. the balance of KNOWING=FEELING. I think this is one way of me getting to that point.

  57. Annie says:

    We are still responsible for the choices we make. Guilt may be a negative emotion, but it is a nessecary one. It tells us when we have stepped over into the dark side. Then we should do the punishment that fits the crime, or rectify the situation as soon as possible. But, yes hanging on to guilt and shame forever is detrimental to our feelings of self worth.

    Thinking we are bad and no one else is as bad, or thinking one deed makes us a terrible person, is also a kind of disorganized thinking that often accompanies depression. Medication sometimes helps this too, and it is very brave to take that step.

    I had a very wise psychology professor who said we must feel loveable and competent these are the two things we have to feel to have a feeling of true self worth.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Very important points to note.


    2. Alan Allard says:

      I’m a former psychotherapist (now mentoring and coaching) and I’ve seen a lot of people wracked with guilt. Too many people use their behavior as a barometer of their self-worth.

      So, it depends on what you mean by “guilt.”

      It’s healthy to take full responsibility for our behavior and empathize with someone we might have hurt or wronged in some way.

      It’s unhealthy to beat up on ourselves, get down on ourselves for our behavior, or to feel we are less deserving because of our behavior.

      We are deserving of love, prosperity and all other good things… no matter what.

      “Guilt” focuses on the past (I’m a bad person for what I did) and keeps us stuck.

      “Remorse” focuses on the future and on solutions (My actions hurt myself or others. What can I do now to make possible amends and to move forward with love and wisdom?)

      1. Annie says:

        We are saying the same thing. Just semantics. I think. Actually it is interesting because the dictionary defines guilt as such: The fact of being responsible for a crime or wrongdoing. Regretful awareness of having done something wrong: remorse. Remorse:Bitter remorse for past deeds. So I think they are synonymous.

        People in psychotherapy have lots of unhealthy guilt and remorse. A healthy person experiences guilt and uses it as teaching tool.

        Your comment does raise an interesting point though. I think the words we use have different meanings to different people, despite the actual definiton. Which is why I tell Randy not to call being poor a “sin”. Thanks.

  58. ari says:

    Thank you Randy!

    So what you`re saying is despite all the past wrong doings, despite any future wrong doings we are worthy?

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I’m saying we all make mistakes. And the way to make them right is to try and rectify them, or pay it forward, not lose our sense of self worth.


  59. you are the best (((Randy)).
    I love waken up to my computer in the morning
    to your (blogs), you are true lye god’s gifted (PlaN) for human society..
    P.S Luv 1 2 Luv 1…………..i give my self permission
    to let C-LoW and Christopher michael Back (to get, grab, and earn his Birth right to (win)
    Happy Holidays …Randy from (C-LoW) at….#11 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  60. Zhannur says:

    – change the equation
    – forgive myself
    – decide to pay it forward
    – brake the self-sabotage cycle
    – accept yourself as worthy

    Yes these things are really good to think about.

    – your real self worth is worthy
    – you deserve to be healthy, happy and prosperous.
    – You were born to be healthy, happy, and prosperous.
    – You will manifest prosperity in direct proportion to the degree you believe you are worthy of it.

    And I guess these are beliefs I may need to convert myself into.))

    Although objectivists would say that we should follow reasons rather than beliefs…
    Objectivity says: “reality exists independent of any perceiver’s consciousness.”

    1. Randy Gage says:

      I like where you are going with this.


      1. Zhannur says:

        Sorry but I couldn’t get this sentence with my english.

  61. Great Insight, Keep Up The Great Work.

  62. RJ says:

    Your posts really make me reflect and think deeper. On the surface I don’t feel as if I have any worthiness issues. At the same time I have some goals and objectives that I am pushing hard to achieve. In the back of my mind though, I keep getting this subtle message that if/when I reach certain goals that I will be judged (especially by those close to me). Another thought is yes, I believe I can reach certain objectives, but can they be sustained? I guess this does come down to an issue of whether I really feel worthy of certain goals. Reading your posts and comments have helped bring that to the surface for me… I believe that’s half the battle of overcoming that.

  63. Lene Hansen says:

    Randy I just got off the phone with one of my friends, fighting selfworth, and I got her to see your video. I talked to her for over an hour. This has nothing to do with my business, but I know that your video about creating your dream life made a difference in her life. She will wach the video again and thinks a lot of you. I am so gratefull for your videos and articles. You help more people than you can imagine. I just wanted you to know.

  64. Nigel says:

    This really set my day off right. Thanx Randy.

  65. Edward Devero says:

    Thankyou so much for these past 2 posts. I hope Annie reads them.

    1. Annie says:

      Hi Edward! I did, I did. Look up, look down, look all around I am still here. Thanks for your kindness earlier.


  66. Terre Johnson says:

    Amen! let it be!

  67. Ken says:

    All the time i tought : to be succesfull, you have to be perfect …


  68. Jose Lopez says:

    Hey! Totally agree. One of your most profound messages ever. Deep breaktrough here. Thanks Gage!

    We took the time to translate it to Spanish and share it with all of our team. I am leaving a copy here for those of you who has Spanish only speaking friends. Please, take the time to copy-paste and sending to them. They will sure appreciate it.

    – – – – – –

    Dándote permiso para ganar

    Por Randy Gage

    Retomemos el tema donde lo dejamos ayer: cómo tu auto-valor percibido puede causarte que sabotees tu éxito y prosperidad.

    Cada dia de tu vida estás respondiendo subconscientemente la pregunta, “¿Cuánta abundancia estoy dispuesto a permitir hoy?”. Ni siquiera sabes que estas haciendo esa pregunta, pero tu mente subconsciente lo´está preguntando todo el tiempo.

    Y la respuesta a esa pregunta está determinada por tu auto-valor.

    No tu auto-valor real. Porque en tu auto-valor real sí lo mereces todo. Mereces ser saludable, feliz y próspero. Pero tu mente subconsciente va a responder esa pregunta basado en tu auto-valor PERCIBIDO.

    Manifestarás prosperidad en proporción directa con el nivel en que tu creas que lo mereces.

    Lee la última oración nuevamente. Porque ahí es donde el cambio comienza. Pero solo comienza. Porque esto es lo siguiente que necesitas hacer…

    Recuerda que eres consciente de cada pensamiento de lástima, celos, o pensamientos negativos que hayas tenido alguna vez. Y tienes vívidas memorias de cada error que has cometido, cada cosa mala que has hecho, y cada cosa de la que te arrepientes haber hecho.

    Cada vez que te has sorprendido a ti mismo haciendo algo como esto, lo más posible es que has bajado la percepción que tienes de tu auto-valor. Y recuerda que…

    Subconscientemente tu sabes que se supone que seas castigado por las cosas malas. Entonces, te castigas a ti mismo, sin saber que lo estas haciendo, mediante el auto-sabotaje.

    Cuado se trata de la prosperidad, nadie recibe lo que merece. Recibes lo que tu CREES que mereces. Y si tu no crees que vales lo suficiente, el auto-sabotaje comienza.

    ¿Cómo funciona esto? Déjame enumerar las maneras:

    Comenzando discusiones con tu pareja par crear drama
    Abuso de comida, alcohol u otra droga
    Aceptando bajos salarios o situaciones laborales de explotación
    Conformándote con relaciones negativas y disfuncionales
    Vegetando delante de la TV o los juegos de internet durante cinco horas al dia
    Alejándote de oportunidades lucrativas y…
    Literalmente, cientos de otras situaciones

    Te aseguro que las personas a tu alrededor no te dicen nada de los pensamientos negativos que ellos tienen. Y tu te crees que ellos son santos y tu un pobre pecador. Pero TODOS hacen cosas negativas. Muchas de ellas.

    Bienvenidos al programa de entrenamiento llamado vida. Eres humano. Los humanos cometen errores. Los humanos algunas veces hacen cosas que son estúpidas, inconsideradas y no agradables.

    El Papa deja toallas húmedas en el piso. Cuando la Princesa Diana estaba alejándose del Príncipe, en realidad estaba fantaseando con Zach Efron. Gandhi cerró una puerta con furia algunas veces.

    Durante la Última Cena, Jesús estaba hablando con comida en la boca. Buda realmente robó ese famoso dulce de arroz con leche de Sujata. Y Madre Teresa pensaba que Johnny Deep tenía un bonito trasero.

    Si, seguro, has hecho muchas cosas horribles. Y también lo han hecho otras personas. Acéptalo. Y recuerda esto…

    Tiene algo de irónico. Y puede ser momento de crecimiento más importantes para miles de uds. Si realmente “entiendes” esto, puede ser lo que te detenga de auto-sabotearte para siempre. Este es el punto:

    Entre mejor persona seas – más te cuides, más sensible y más te conozcas – más fuerte te vas a juzgar. La ironía es que algunas veces, aquellos de nosotros con la mayor moral, estándares y valores, son los que menos se valoran a si mismos. Porque fallamos en alcanzar nuestros estándares diariamente…

    ¿Sabes por qué el Papa, la Princesa Diana, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, y la Madre Teresa demostraron tal prosperidad en sus vidas, incluso teniendo las mismas debilidades humanas del resto de nosotros? Ellos aceptaron su humanidad y entendieron que incluía ambas partes, lo bueno y lo malo.

    Ellos se perdonaron a si mismos.

    Y, en lugar de castigarse, cambiaron la ecuación: Decidieron pagar por adelantado. En lugar de quedarse en sus defectos, celebraron sus fortalezas y escogieron servir a los demás. Rompieron el ciclo de auto-sabotaje y se aceptaron a si mismos como valiosos.

    Y eso es lo que TU debes hacer…

    Como el yin y el yang, todos tenemos aspectos positivos y negativos. Eso hace parte de la clase de “cómo ser un humano” en la que todos estamos inscritos.

    Eso no te hace menos valioso. Tu naciste para ser saludable, feliz y próspero.

    Por favor. Perdónate. Date permiso para la prosperidad. ¡Date permiso para ganar!

    ¿Estás dispuesto?

    – RG

  69. Brian says:


    Great post. I appreciate your style, and agree with most everything you say; however, I always disagree with your comments about Jesus. Yes, Jesus was human, but He was also God. He had no imperfections. As God, He was totally perfect, as we should strive to be perfect. None of the other people referenced in your post were both God and man….only Jesus. He is THE way, THE truth, and THE life! Amen, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Annie says:

      That’s your belief about Jesus. Doesn’t mean it is necessarily so. For instance, I consider myself a christian, but I also think, and I could be wrong that God is a part of all of us. To me it only makes sense if we are supposed to be just like him. What if he wasn’t perfect? I believe there are some lost Gospels where Jesus was not so perfect. Even in some of the Gospels we know about, he wasn’t always perfect. I think there are also lots of ways to the truth, the life, and I don’t know the way. Just my belief. I like yours too, but it should be very hard to be Christ like then, if you follow that belief.

    2. Randy Gage says:

      I thought I’d get crucified for that (if you’ll forgive the irony). I’m surprised it took 100 comments for someone to say this.


  70. Keith S. Aul says:

    The key point that struck me was “When it comes to prosperity no one gets what they deserve. You get what you BELIEVE you deserve.” Many of us, with myself included, were brought up with the notion that prosperity(i.e. – financial wealth) was not for us. We were taught we should go to school and work for someone else. Now, I’m not saying working for someone else is bad. You could build yourself a lucrative career in some industries by working for someone else. But to get back to the point of deserving and believing prosperity.

    Prosperity is in direct proportion to the amount of service you provide. It’s a universal law we must understand. Prosperity is something for everyone, but you must internalize it and believe that it shall be yours.

  71. kathleen Caldwell says:

    this one is one to be printed and read daily. Passed on to others and become it’s own mantra.
    Love you, Randy !!!

  72. Shanna says:

    Your blog is great, and I love how it talks about forgiving yourself for being human, but I only have one concern. Jesus was human, and God, so really, he was perfect and never needed to forgive himself. Other than that, you give great advice!

  73. Clyde Keep says:

    Should not have waited so long to read this.

    GREAT article….I am actually I glad I read it now starting out the new year!

    Thanks again for all you do Randy!

  74. Yobe wa Kanyenda says:

    Man oh man! Jesus talking with food in his mouth? You never fail to amaze me Randy. You made me start the day on a higher note than before I read the post!

    Thanks for the rants. Humorous as they are, there is no price that can be attached to the lessons they contain.

    Cheers man

  75. Darrick says:

    Most people take a bath to clean their body.
    We must not forget to clean our minds.
    Daily mind cleaning creates clarity.
    Thanks Randy for your mentorship

  76. Trading_Trends says:

    this ties into fear of success. very important post as one needs to see if they have limiting beliefs holding them back..


  77. this ties into fear of success. very important post as one needs to see if they have limiting beliefs holding them back..


  78. mgilstrap19 says:

    Good reminders and we all are human with many frailties

  79. xBryboy says:

    I love following your stuff Randy

  80. crosshair08 says:

    Insightful Randy, interesting reading

  81. LeneJytteHansen says:

    Wow – lot of truth to this!!! And miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending LOVE and HUGS. XOXOXO

  82. nathanpguenther says:

    Peace Love Unity and Respect

  83. KarlaTaylor says:

    Definitely give yourself permission to win as nobody else will!


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