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Why You Don’t Always Get What You Ask For…

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 23, 2020

Your broke loser friends may be broke losers, but at least they’re your broke losers, and you will defend them to the death.  The death of your success anyway... 

If you have surrounded yourself with victims, you will likely feel most comfortable when you are commiserating in victimhood with them.  This can mean staying poor, but can manifest in many other areas as well.  You may sabotage promotions at work, manifest medical conditions, or blow up your marriage.  Of course, you don’t do this consciously... 

We think we want one thing, but often what we really want is something different.  You undoubtedly desire positive outcomes in your conscious awareness, but don’t realize you have underlying programming that conflicts with what you say you want.  You think you want the promotion, but what you really want is the righteous feeling you get from all the enabling feedback you get as a victim instead.  When there is a conflict between your conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious always comes out on top.

When I was young and poor, I thought I wanted to be a millionaire.  Badly.  I hated being poor.  Or so I thought.  But there was another dynamic at play here, unknown and and unnoticed, preventing that from happening... 

In my conscious mind, I really did want to become wealthy.  But my subconscious mind was holding a very different desire: the desire to keep receiving the attention, sympathy, and empathy that comes from being a victim.  It was only when what I really wanted changed from being a victim to being a millionaire that it actually happened.

So if you have areas in your life where you aren’t manifesting the prosperity you desire – it’s worth a gut check to determine if that is what you really want – or if on a subconscious level – you’re holding on to a very different outcome.  There are many emotional and other payoffs you can receive from staying in your comfort zone, failing, or even being victimized. 

Make sure that what you want is what you really want, and that is what is anchored in your subconscious mind. 

Peace, - RG

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