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Your Sacred Circle of People

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

There is a certain group of people who are the most important ones in your life.  Or at least they are if you have them.  Sadly, most people don’t have a group like this.

Who are they? 

They are the people who you have an honest and true relationship with.  The ones who will tell you the truth, and you can and do tell them the truth.  And most importantly, you tell each other the truth with love, and only for the highest good.

I actually have hundreds of people I’m in relationship with that I tell the truth with love.  (And I can even make the argument that I have millions, because I approach my blog, books, podcasts, and speeches the same way.)  Yet I only have five or six people that I can count on to tell me the truth with love and for my highest good.  And I believe I am incredibly blessed to have five or six.  Most people are lucky if they cultivate one.

And it does require tremendous cultivation, by the way.  Because you have to demonstrate that you are self-confident and secure enough to accept and appreciate the truth from those around you.  People won’t tell you the truth if you attack them or get defensive when they do that.

But if you demonstrate that you really want and can handle the truth – and really do attract some people into this “sacred circle” of those around you – it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.  And greatly assist you into becoming the highest possible version of yourself.

So how you doing on that?


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One thought on “Your Sacred Circle of People

  1. thechalkywhite says:

    It is easy to be glib with something like this, hence I’ve emailed the article to a couple of contacts that might be on it – as well as the others who I believe definitely are. The answers will determine the level of trust they have in me.


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