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Your Real Legacy

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

I wrote Risky Is the New Safe to encourage entrepreneurs to take more chances, stop being timid and to explore new possibilities.  This blog is my attempt to do the same thing for the world at large.  The reason so many people live those lives of quiet desperation is because they are fear-based in almost every decision they make in life.  The legacy they leave is one of not having messed up too publicly.

Is that really the inheritance you want to leave the world?

Here’s the thing:  No one remembers the shots Michael Jordan missed.  No one remembers the start-up ventures that failed for Mark Cuban.  No one remembers the operas Puccini didn’t finish, the books Hemingway didn’t write, or the fashion collection that Coco Chanel never launched.

Remember that guy who gave up on his dreams?

Neither does anyone else…


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One thought on “Your Real Legacy

  1. Krzysztof Obarski says:

    Being a coward rarely pays off, better to fall gain some XP and get up than never try!


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