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Your Peak State

peak state
By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

One of the things I have discovered is that when I approach something at my peak state, it is almost impossible for me to fail. 

You know the state I am speaking about.  When you feel eight-feet-tall and bullet proof.  You’ll try just about anything then.  And you feel so confident that you usually accomplish it.

So why not build on that?

When you make a big sale, immediately call on ten other accounts to set appointments.  When you finish that brilliant opera, start writing the next one.  When you make your personal best time, find the next workout routine you want to conquer.

You can also create that peak state artificially…

Perform some mental reps and visualization beforehand.  Do your favorite activity.  Or play your favorite song. (With the volume loud enough on my workout playlist, I can bench press a bus.)

So what is it for you?  What gets you into your peak state?  And what do you need to do it for today?


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2 thoughts on “Your Peak State

  1. Kirstie Preece says:

    Great idea! I need to build my list to have enough to call on the back of gaining a new customer! I am working on this!

  2. I fire up my peak state by meditating, reading form The Daily Stoic, and listening to empowering podcasts. I aim to work that into my daily routine. Today, I am nurturing my peak state to write another part of a chapter in my book on storytelling.


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