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You Can’t Outgive the Universe

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 20, 2020

After 30 years of studying the principles of prosperity, I have come to an important conclusion.  You can’t outgive the universe.  Think of it as the law of giving and receiving, or call it the law of reciprocity, it doesn’t really matter.  But everything in the universe is based on the cause and effect relationship of exchanging value.  But in this case, the scale is rigged.  There are two reasons that tilt the equation to your advantage.

First, because our planet and the universe are driven by an evolutionary creation process that rewards virality, strength, and advancement.  Meaning that the universe is essentially good.  And secondly, the vast majority of people are inherently good.  If you smile at them, they usually smile back.  When you do something nice for them, they like to reciprocate in kind or even more so. 

So what you send out comes back to you in multiples. Oftentimes tenfold. When you sow seeds of prosperity, much more prosperity will boomerang back to you.  This is a fundamental element of prosperity that many people don’t comprehend. They approach prosperity with a “give me” mindset and thus never attract the prosperity energy they could be harnessing.  This holds true for money you tithe, love you share, and good deeds you perform. As hard as you may try, you can’t outgive the universe. I know this for certain, because I’ve been trying for three decades. 

Resolve each day to perform a random act of kindness, sow a seed to someone in need, and be extra nice to those you encounter.  Then receive in sacred gratitude the prosperity the universe sends your way.


- RG

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  • 5 comments on “You Can’t Outgive the Universe”

    1. I agree Randy! Great post thankyou. Managing one's beliefs, energy, thoughts and mind are critical, for prosperity warriors. Re-inventing ourselves kind of makes this challenging at times.. yet rewarding..

      I'd been wondering lately, in the prosperity consciousness, can you illuminate us on "tithing from an atheist perspective" ie: your inspirational sources have changes becoming atheist? Complete respect intended; it's an awareness that would help us all I believe. It's mystical, and intriguing. I'm curious as the Unity Church used to be "your source of inspiration", and initially what led to to it years ago. Thanks, Much reverence and curiosity too.

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