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Work with Love or Quit

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

You’ve probably been taught that work is a necessary evil; one of the things you must endure, in order to be able to spend the “real time” living life.  This is blatant poverty consciousness and an extremely limiting belief.

Work, and your opportunity to perform it, is one of the greatest spiritual blessings in life.  (You guys who read my Mad Genius book, think back to the story I told about my billionaire pal Nicolas Hayek and why entrepreneurs never retire.)  Your work, whether it’s a job or you’re an entrepreneur, is a way to stay in sync with the energy of the world.

All work is an opportunity to learn new skills, evolve as a person, and contribute to something bigger than you.  This is true if you are running a charitable foundation or working the drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant.  I come from the Kahlil Gibran school of thought on work.  Work with love or quit, and beg for donations from people who do.

People with true prosperity consciousness always work with love.  Even (and especially) if they are just starting out, and may be in a stepping-stone, minimum wage position.  That doesn’t always mean they love their work.  Many don’t.  But they can still work with love, knowing that they are adding value and solving problems, which will propel them forward to their next assignment.

So how you doing on that?

– RG

P.S.  I believe this topic is worthy of a deeper dive.  So I’m doing a new podcast on it this week.  (Title: The Prosperity Element in Jobs, Biz, and Discovering Your Assignment.)  If you’re not already a subscriber to the Power Prosperity Podcast, you can find all the links for the various platforms here.

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3 thoughts on “Work with Love or Quit

  1. Lene Hansen says:

    LOVE this topic Randy!!!!!!!!!! Thank’s

  2. Michelle Jaquette says:

    Love this truth and the way you explained it!

  3. Jorge says:

    Thank you Randy! I have been a believer, practitioner and teacher that you can choose how you feel about what you do even if you don’t love what is going on in your life.


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