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Why You Love to Hate Rich People

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

So in yesterday’s post, we explored some of the most prevalent mind viruses about money and success.  And I shared how I can predict the success or failure of pop culture entertainment, by how many negative and limiting beliefs it panders to.

As a rule, about 60% of the audience members in my keynote speeches gasp when I tell them that the more they loved the movie Titanic – the the more anti-prosperity beliefs they have.  They believe they were emotionally touched by the movie because it’s a beautiful love story.   Seriously?  You do know the goddamned ship sinks and almost everyone dies, right?

You don’t love Titanic because it’s a love story.  You allowed yourself to be emotionally manipulated into believing that.  But that is not where the connection with Titanic, Avatar, or television shows like Succession really comes from.

You become enamored with these stories because of the cruel, demeaning, and negative way they portray wealthy and successful people.

We love books, plays, operas, television shows, and blockbuster movies that allow us to hate rich people.  We love the story of the little guy, fighting the forces of evil.  Because as we watch those stories, we can insert ourselves in the place of the protagonist, and view ourselves as the noble, spiritual warrior.

But if you really want to blow up all the negative motherfucking beliefs you have about money, success and wealthy people – you better learn the payoffs you’re getting from believing in this ridiculous shit.  Which leads us to the question of the moment…

WHY Do We LOVE to HATE Rich People?

Because doing so gives us an excuse for our own failures and absolves us of personal responsibility.

The second I shut off Succession was when the patriarch slapped his grandson.  This was the culmination in a plot line about the kid’s separated parents fighting over how to raise him, because of course they were trying to squeeze in parenting between their money-grubbing, back-stabbing, pursuit of wealth at all costs.  People love scenes like that because then they can tell themselves, “You see, you have to be a bad parent to become successful.  I’m sure glad I’m one of the noble poor people, because that means I’m a good mommy (daddy).”

We love to see evil companies in Alien, Avatar and Mr. Robot because it feeds the mind virus that to become successful in business – you have to rape, pillage and plunder the environment, and exploit innocent people.  Then we can tell ourselves, “That’s why my business failed. I wasn’t willing to hurt people and sell my soul.”

On a singular level, we love to hate characters like Logan Roy and JR Ewing because then we can tell ourselves, “Obviously rich people are evil. I sure am glad I’m one of the noble, spiritual, good-hearted poor people.”  Or as Peter Parker’s uncle tells him in the original Spiderman movie that started the franchise, “We may not be rich. But at least we’re honest.”

Think how many times you were probably told that, or something similar, in your formative years…

If you’re like about 6 billion other people, you have probably adopted a foundational belief system like this:

Money = Evil

Poor = Spiritual

Successful = Bad Parent

Struggling = Noble

And that boys and girls, is why you love to hate rich people.  It helps hide all of your insecurities, fears and low self-esteem.  You can tell yourself that your limitations and failures are really badges of honor, demonstrating what a superior human being you are.

And it’s bullshit like this that keeps you broke, sick and miserable.  Which is what we’ll explore in the next post…


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12 thoughts on “Why You Love to Hate Rich People

  1. Bernice says:

    How do Bible stories create hatred?

    You can be rich and kind. You can believe I. Equality .you can be kind if you are wealthy, poor or in between. Love does not depend on wealth. You can still be kind and connected to Spirit regardless of income.

    Keeping people in poverty was a way of ruling others. Being kind and believing you are created equal makes you a winner.

    Rulers tried to create hate between people. Brothers, other countries, ethnicities, colors, religion, gender, etc

    They do this do you are focused on hating each other instead of the people creating the hate.

    You can chose to stop create hate by changing what you are reading, watching and listening to

    The Great War is Here.

    1. It is not just about the money.
      It is not just about the land.
      It is about ruling the world and victimizing everyone else.

      They are disguised as the chosen victims with lots of enemies. They tell you not to look back at history. They tell you to believe their stories.

      You either stay a victim or you stop believing their lies and you win.

      Death or Life.

    2. Kinda like the WIzard of Oz… you are not supposed to look behind the curtain. There is no wizard just a man with a man-made machine.

      The Spirit is real. Eternity is real.

      You get to choose.

    3. Inequality isn’t kind. It isn’t love. Victimizing/Killing many for many years.
      You lose if you hate them. You can hate their beliefs. Learn to love other/be kind/believe in equality/eternity.
      Help others to do the same.

      Love wins.

  2. Paul Erickson says:

    This is a very simplistic post used to manipulate those with simplistic views on life. Being rich has nothing to do with being good or bad, your actions determine that. Some companies have integrity and some don’t (remember the Pinto car from Ford and how it had a high probability of exploding when rear-ended? Ford knew about this but figured it would be cheaper to pay off the remaining relatives of the drivers that burned to death than it would be to recall the vehicles and place a protective bag around the gas tank – I would say that’s a rather evil thing to do). Another fact is children that come from a wealthy family are 87% more likely to be wealthy themselves (which makes sense because they start out with wealth and there are more doors open to them than middle-class or poor people). I really don’t think that most people believe that all rich people are evil, but I would be glad to change the way I think regarding this if you can show me some definitive statistics as to how you determined this belief you are stating.

    But regardless, one thing I think we can all agree on is the the following saying – Life is like a shit sandwich; the more bread (money) you have, the less shit you have to eat. In other words, wealth definitely mitigates the misery you will experience in life. It will not make all of your problems go away (although Internet gurus often try to spew that bullshit), but it will help you eliminate a lot of them. I was very poor as a child but now I am well off, and I can tell you I never want to be poor again. Every poor person I have met aspires to be wealthy, but I have never met a wealthy person that wanted to be poor (which is a lot easier task to do than the aforementioned).

    1. Randy Gage says:

      What you perceive as a simplistic post for simplistic people, I view with the opposite perspective. It’s actually a deep introspective look at the hidden, subliminal programming most people have and are completely unaware of.

      If you asked them, most people would tell you that they don’t hate rich people. Because that is the truth of their conscious mind. And many of them do aspire to be wealthy. The deeper part that they don’t recognize is they are infected with mind viruses and on a subconscious level, very much, hate, envy and resent wealthy and successful people. And this creates serious conflict, which causes them to unknowingly self-sabotage their own results.

      As for the premise that most people don’t feel this way, the definitive statistics you’re looking for are the best seller lists, TV ratings, what operas are still being staged 300 years later, and the songs you’re listening to on the radio today. We love the romanticism of,

      “He owns a big estate just south of Savannah
      And a high rise hotel in downtown Atlanta
      And half the state of Georgia to his name…
      She’d be set for life in his colonial manor
      He’d lay the world at her feet on a silver platter
      But all I had to offer her was the moon.”

      No one sings along to a country song where the rich guy gets the girl, because those songs never make the cut.


      1. david says:

        I hated Titanic because it was a piece of crap, not for the anti-rich message.. I like watching Billions, can root for the billionaire and the DA after him, fun to watch.. always remember a training tape and this rich guy said, he had all those rich people are bad memes in his head and he said, I invested in things that were so stupid I can’t believe people even approached me with them, I just had to get rid of that money, got it back real fast once I realized I was just as miserable poor as rich, might as well be comfortable…

  3. I was surprised to learn that the band on the Titanic really did keep playing until the ship sank. You never know what is true in the movies/stories and what is made up to be entertaining and keep your attention. I think it is important to learn history and what caused things to happen to prevent it happening again. Also to learn how to create a better present and future.

    Made up stories mixed with history also teach beliefs. We have to choose our stories wisely.

    We also need to be aware that we may be interpreting the stories differently than the original writers and listeners.

  4. Jorge Melendez says:

    Great piece Randy. Deep, thought provoking and disruptive to the bull shit force that keeps our greatness in check.

  5. Hidden put-downs? Do you believe Jews go before you? Are Jews your god? What are you reading & believing?

    “For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
    because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:
    first to the Jew, then to the Gentile”

    Romans 1:16 New International Version (NIV)

  6. Dave dunn says:

    Thanks Randy, nailed it

  7. Bernice says:

    This shows up in weird ways. Like a bus driver not wanting to accept my fare card even with proof of balance. (That may be why). If I didn’t have the money she might have been kinder.
    Could be my gender, color of skin or large balance on my fare card.

    She doesn’t want me to ride her bus again.

    I recently volunteered as a witness for a bus driver when someone drove their car into the bus. I didn’t have to. It was the right thing to do.

    Babies of all colors, gender, and family money are born in the light. What we learn after that changes us. We can change beliefs.

    Just knowing we were born equal isn’t enough to change beliefs that we are not equal. It takes a lot of repetition to believe it.
    That is how we learned false and limiting beliefs.


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