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Why Religion is Evil – Part 2

organized religion
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

A friend of mine is from Indonesia but resides here in the States.  He lives in mortal fear that his brothers will kill him.  Because their religion teaches them to.  More about that in a moment…

In this series of posts, I’m making the case why I believe organized religion is harmful, and the most powerful anti-prosperity force on earth.  I’d like to restate once again, my motivation for writing these is not because I’m a militant atheist on a mission to convert people to atheism.  Far from it.  I have many friends of faith and hope that it brings them peace and comfort in this difficult journey we call life on earth.  And since we’re now in Yom Kippur, allow me to wish my many Jewish friends a blessed and meaningful one.  The sole objective of these posts is to cause you to question if the religious beliefs and programming you have adopted are serving you, or keeping you from a greater prosperity.

In part one, we looked at how organized religion requires you to believe in irrational superstitions, forsake your critical thinking abilities, and abandon your self-determination.  Now let’s explore the second reason…

Organized religion fosters fear, judgement, hate, and intolerance. 

There are not many behaviors more anti-prosperity than fear, judgement, hate, and intolerance.  But these seem to be basic tenets of an alarming number of religions today.

Let’s start with fear, and so many people’s pride in announcing they are a “God-fearing” man or woman.  What kind of god would actually want you to fear it?  Does that really seem prosperous and spiritual to you?  Which takes me back to my friend…

We were eating lunch when he told me the story of why he emigrated here.  He’s gay, and told me that if his family discovers this, his brothers or his father will murder him.  Of course I was aware of the Muslim prejudice and persecution of non-heterosexuals, but to hear that his own family would kill him shocked me to my core.

“Don’t they love you?” I wanted to know.

“Of course they do,” he replied, “And I love them. But the religious law is strict.  They would be required to kill me to protect the reputation and safety of the rest of the family.”

Think about the magnitude of that.  People will kill someone they love, because of the religious programming they’ve received, and believe they are doing god’s work.  This is unfathomable evil. 

Of course Islam is not alone in their judgement and persecution of non-heterosexuals.  Christianity creates a lot of fear, hate, judgment, and intolerance as well.   Two of the most influential Christian leaders in America for decades were Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.  In 1998 Robertson suggested god might decide to send hurricanes and a hellfire of lightning bolts to destroy Walt Disney World for allowing a “Gay Days” celebration to happen at their theme park.  After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, both Robertson and Falwell suggested that the attacks were the wrath of god against “pagans, abortionists, gays, lesbians, [and] the American Civil Liberties Union.”  Imagine suggesting such a thing and having people consider you a holy person.

Millions of people followed these men, believing that hate and intolerance are spiritual values.  Another case in point is Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States.  He’s long been outspoken against homosexuality and even promoted conversion therapy.  And he’s a hero of the evangelicals for it.

Here’s something that might shock you.  I don’t think Robertson, Pence or the late Falwell were evil men.  Similar to what I wrote in this post about the beloved Pope, John Paul II.  By all accounts, he was a well-meaning and deeply committed man.  Like the Pope, I believe Robertson, Pence and Falwell actually believe what they did or are doing is god’s work and helping the greater good.

But their beliefs and actions are profoundly evil.  And because of them, people are being discriminated against, persecuted, and even being murdered. 

Like the Muslim leaders, these paragons of Christianity are scientifically illiterate about gender and sexuality.  All the hate, judgment and discrimination they directed against non-heterosexuals is actually based on a completely and totally erroneous understanding of the subject. (If you’re interested in the actual, you know, science, of gender and sexuality, read this post.)

Their ignorance is innocent, but the fear, judgement, hate and intolerance they promote is guilty of crimes against humanity.  LGBTQ kids are committing suicide, and getting bullied, attacked, and killed.  Homosexuals are losing their jobs, imprisoned, or being thrown off rooftops – because religious believers are brainwashed with bad science.  The fact that scientifically illiterate people like Mike Pence could hold such positions of power speaks to my point in yesterday’s post, how religion brainwashes people into behaving in irrational, illogical or insane ways.  Even intelligent, educated people become irrational and ignorant, because they lose their capacity for independent, critical thinking.

Believers aren’t just persecuting, denying rights and killing non-believers.  They also feel mandated by god to go after those who have different dogma than they do…

Sunnis and Shiites differ on who should have succeeded Muhammad after his death and they’re slaughtering each other over it.  ISIS keeps it simpler, wanting to form a caliphate and kill everyone else.  I fear the Kurds in Syria are facing genocide as you are reading this now.  Evangelical christians bomb medical offices where doctors perform abortions because they believe Jesus wants them to.  Missouri Governor Lilburn William Boggs, a good god-fearing Christian if ever there was one, signed an executive order in 1838 declaring that Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State.

Followers of organized religion practice this hate, live in this fear of others, fester intolerance, and commit all these atrocities in the name of god.  They believe this is good and spiritual, and likely to earn them favor in the afterlife.

How can anyone think this is transcendent, godly, or prosperous?

In most cases it’s because of the religious beliefs they were indoctrinated with during their childhood.  Or after being radicalized by people who were indoctrinated with these beliefs during their own childhood.

We need a cure for religion. 

In the next post, we’ll explore another of the harmful results of organized religion: the low self-esteem and worthiness issues it fosters.  Before then, I would love to see your thoughts below.


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10 thoughts on “Why Religion is Evil – Part 2

  1. jorgeamp63 says:

    Deep, profound and certainly thought provoking. I think religion has brought much pain, sorrow, hate and darkness to mankind. I think religión, to certain extent, is what education is for society, feed the masses what we want them and not what they truly need. Given the conversation is focused on religión and not spirituality, I will continue to read and see where we go. Personally I think religion, when it is more about a relationship with God, not the Truth about it, can be a first line of structure in someone’s espiritual path. But given how man want’s to give it his own interpretation, people are left to their own devices and why we live in such separation, isolation, positionality and conditionality.

    1. BuddhaBarry says:

      Please read THE DEATH OF RELIGION AND THE REBIRTH OF SPIRIT – Joseph Chilton Pearce (nobody says it better!)

  2. BuddhaBarry says:

    They say that the root of all evil is money – but I’ve always said that the root of all evil is religion – (please read THE GOD DELUSION – Dawkins – and THE END OF FAITH and WAKING UP – Sam Harris – the most spiritually aware of all the god delusion guys) – But the one thing that always struck me about Dawkins was how he said that the greatest form of child abuse was religion – because they make you BELIEVE – which is a mental issue – forcing the child out of his body and into his mind – prematurely – which are both lies – which it’s why it’s so abusive – in a socially acceptable way, of course! And like I’ve always said – if you believe in your mind and you believe that you are your mind then you must believe in all the contents of your mind including the beliefs, opinions, prejudices, like, dislikes and hearsay! (please read THE MIND PARASITES – Colin Wilson – same as the ‘mind viruses’ they’re talking about) –

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      The money quote you use is a part of the full quote “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. It comes from 1st Timothy in the bible and is another example of how religious leaders use part quotes and/or misinterpretations to control the masses.

  3. jcbruru says:

    I just don’t care, and I refuse to give any religion my attention.

  4. Daniel says:

    “By all accounts, he was a well-meaning and deeply committed man. Like the Pope, I believe Robertson, Pence and Falwell actually believe what they did or are doing is god’s work and helping the greater good.”

    Now who is denying the reality here? Believing in superstitious dogmas without questioning them has nothing to do with being an utterly evil motherfucker? There is no well-meaning in this, nor good intentions.

    About those gender thing: you may know that if everybody were homosexual, the humanity probably would end. Same thing if everybody would born without hands, due some chromosome fault. The world would also end if everybody would have poverty-consciousness. Calling this as normal is idiocy, but hating it is also idiocy. It is just what it is, and you are completely right about that chasing homosexuals is evil and unnatural. Who the fuck cares if you like males instead of females? My girlfriend is safe from you. That’s all. Why should I care? In fact, I should be happy with that.

    However, forcing the children to be uncertain about their gender is utterly evil, and there are tons of abuses committed by these LGBTQ people, who like to confuse kids in order to favor them.

    My ex was risen as boy for years, because her parents wanted a boy instead of a girl. They dressed her as a boy and they bought her boy toys. The result is devastating: she have very few woman-like tendencies, but she is not gay. She is acting like a man, she is competing with men instead of women, which is utterly bizarre and unnatural. She is confused and she successfully developed a lot of mental disorders, which led us to finish our relationships, which is of course affecting to our child. She now chose a man who have no voice, nor will, just to let her to be the man in the house, while she completely lack of important woman attributes like sensitivity, care, looking like a sexy woman instead of a laborer man, being empathic and so on. She is harsh, she speaks loud and she is completely lacking of softness. She lacking those attributes for what a man chose a woman, but she could pretend for a while as she have those attributes. She is unable to have orgasm. And she is also accused me for wanting a boy instead of a girl. See now what is the source of this? She have no sense of reality. Now those are the devastating mind viruses that just because you don’t have a penis, it doesn’t mean that you are a girl.

    Ironically to what you said, I had to leave her because I have my own critical thinking, and I refused to accept something unnatural as natural, and since I am not gay, I need a pure woman instead of a woman who pretending to be a man.

    I guess you are not a fan of Gavin McInnes, but search for his video, called “teaching trans awareness to the kids” on youtube, and start the video by 4:40. They drawing SERIAL KILLERS to the children. And even if it is a mistake, and it was a bad cut, how come they didn’t realize it? How come they didn’t apologize for it?

    About modern religions: you successfully described all the evilness of modern organized religions, and I am 100% agree with you. I like to add that the main theme in these religions is that people get God as their buddy (they think that), so they can commit any crimes and confess it, they get salvation. This is the source of endless immorality. Just do it and confess it. Problem solved.

    But there is no mortal who can promise you salvation and Heaven. That’s for sure.

    Now let’s look the disadvantages of being an atheist (or if I want to be modern: god-denier :D).

    You think that there is no one above you. You are the center of everything, just as they thought that the Earth was, instead of a drop of sand in the Sahara.

    What does thinking that in an endless universe, nobody can be as far from you by evolution, than as you far from an ant, and as an ant far from a cell in terms of evolution, doing with your mind? Aren’t you becoming an ignorant, arrogant, egoistic asshole? Why it is that easy to deny, when the proofs are all around us by endless beings being on different level of evolution?

    Then you talk about common sense. But what does common sense have to do with accepting only that what you can sense with your senses? What you don’t see, can’t be exist? Isn’t it make you a little bit ignorant?

    The human senses are very restricted things. Denying the existence of what you eyes can not see is ignorance. Who said that a being should be visible for you in order to be exist?

    So here is my answer: both religions and atheist are dead wrong. But atheist are much more harmless. I guess these institutions are exclusively designed to prevent you from God, one way or an other, just like how the whole world (SJWs, commies, socialists, alarmists and politicians in general) are aiming to discouraging you from being rich.

    Here is the thing: you taught to me that being rich AND giving charities is the way to think, and not just being rich or giving everything you have to charities. Now I told you that believing in God doesn’t have to be a master / slave relationship. Just because there is a God, it doesn’t mean that you are the slave of him or her. Maybe it is exactly he or she who let you to do anything you want, since you can’t exist outside of this planet by default (except of course in an other planet).

    Too long answer, again. Sorry about that (and for the grammar).

  5. Kaylee Smith says:

    Interesting article but as a Christian, not one that follows ‘big church’ but one that has looked into it and decided it was good on my own.
    I find that your conclusions are right but only from a human perspective.
    From a #, and I hate to use these words ‘true christian’ I follow Jesus and the new testement. Love God, love others as your self and even your enemies. forgive those who transgress against me.
    Its not easy but it’s true Christianity not this “bigoted, money grabbing, using God to fight my battles” type of chritianity. The type that is giving, tolerant of all, charatible and giving of time to others. I hope I am following Jesus and pray as such each day. I work for Him no the other way around that Christianity seems to have become.
    So, I think you are right but I don’t class the bigoted, hate filld, exclusionary, Ritual demanding ‘christianity’ the real deal regardless of how many there are practicing it.
    I have also read lot about Islam and I am appalled at what the religion prescribes and how male orientated it is.
    All religeons have faults because humans are involved, but Christianity is the only one where you don’t have to get points to bank points to get into heaven. it wants you to love rather than do this or that or don’t do this or don’t do that, just love everyone.
    Christianity is simple, it’s the humans that make it difficult.

  6. Kaylee Smith says:

    I want to add that fixating on prosperity is part of the problem and as such you seem to be mired into it in a considerable way.
    Lusting after wealth is a classic way to make people unhappy so being anti- prosperity I.e. “stepping on others for you to get ahead” which you have to do to be properious is a good thing.
    The way Big religeon goes about it though is wrong.
    The problem with people is that they take their bigoted and prejudiced ideas and use the Bible or Talmud or Quran to make their point of view correct, which is of cause wrong.
    To hate LGBT people you have to find less than a handful of verses and then put a strict interpretation on them and combine them and not apply the same logic and reasoning and latural thinking that is routinely applied to other verses. But that is what people with axes to grind do. Non religeons people are just as bad if not worse and they don’t do all the other volunteer work that Christians, in whatever from they are , do.
    These negative people are in all religeons, remember church is for those trying not for those that have succeeded, and after a while they get to the top and currpt the religeon (If it was pure to start with, like Christianity)
    None of us are perfect but some of us are trying to follow Jesus. I myself are a male to female transgender Christian so I see both sides and it makes me sad to see Christianity abused by those that fear and hate othres. However I hope God forgives them for what they say to people like me. I do, in His name of cause.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Please don’t confuse living a prosperous life with lusting after wealth. I’m speaking about the first one, not the latter.

  7. robert davis says:

    religion done by man can be dangerous-but religion by Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself ,forgive those who persecute you,abuse you,pray for those who hate you- this is the religion of Christ


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