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Where You Meet Amazing People

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

So last week we began a discussion about how the people in your inner circle affect your happiness and prosperity.  Last post we looked at the energy you may be sending out.  Now let’s look at some places you can meet people of higher consciousness.

First of all, to build on the last post, remember this:  Everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold.  So if you go out with a desperate vibe to meet certain types of people you’ll probably scare them off.  Relax and live in the moment, appreciating everyone for who they are and you’ll become more attractive to others.

And the places you put yourself in will have a lot to do with setting the appropriate gene pool you’ll be drawing from.  If you’re hanging out at smoky bars, whom do you expect to meet there?

Lots of Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, or local bookstores now have lounge areas or coffee bars inside.  The kind of people you’ll find there on a Friday or Saturday evening will certainly be vibrating at a higher consciousness than those you’ll find in a pub.

Have you thought about joining a sports league?  People who exercise their body usually exercise their mind as well.  Now if you just join a league where guys use softball as an excuse to drink a 12-pack of beer a night, the rules change.

Are you a member of a spiritual community?  People that attend a weekly service to connect with a higher power are usually dialed into a higher consciousness.  Of course if you’re joining a movement that teaches hate and intolerance, those won’t be the people you’re looking for.  Look for an environment without the doctrines and dogma, that emphasizes spirituality, not necessarily religion.

I’m Christian, but some of the most amazing people in my life are Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and Atheist.  And I can invite them all to a dinner party and we have fascinating conversations without judgment or condescension.   We learn the most from people that aren’t like us.

Check online and see if there are any Unity or Science of Mind churches in your area.  You’ll find they accept you regardless of your faith and they offer many classes and workshops.  People that are active learners are the kind you want to be around.

So these are some of my ideas on meeting positive people.  What about you?  Where do you go or what do you do when you want to hang with people of consciousness?  Please share your thoughts below.


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33 thoughts on “Where You Meet Amazing People

  1. Barb says:

    Great post Randy. I like hanging out in places where people are proactive about learning. They want to better themselves in some regard. Could be classes, could be morning breakfast networking groups (ones where Givers Gain is the mentality). I agree …if you come across as a preditor the folks around you will feel like prey and make themselves scarce.

  2. Nelly says:

    That’s a life of value, and life of change…
    I find my amazing people by going to every strange place where I’m invited .. one of them is with people from the joga classes.. every month (instead of pubs) there is a night trip in the moutain on a full moon, different people and point of view…

  3. Raivo says:

    As most of my friends preffer to drink in a pubs and I’m living in a small town, I have no big chances to meet people of consciousness but I have found way out of this situation- new business and books. You know, the most biggest inspiration to act I got from Mitch Alboms book ” Tuesdays with Morrie”. It was like a bomb to my mind, I realised that only what I need is mental growth, that’s the start of new begining.
    Why business? Because that society has tendency to mental growth, I can learn from them lot of things, I can hear lot of arguments etc.

    Oh, yes, I am sorry for my primitive langauge use, in my own language ( Latvian) I would argue much better. But as I sad, thats the new begining for me and some time later I will discuss with you as grown-up. 🙂

  4. I do pretty well right here on the internet.

  5. david pierson says:

    Right under your nose, surprised you didn’t mention it, but MLM people are usually great to be around, positive, prsoperity conscious and self starters, etc…

  6. Paula says:

    Excellent post for a Sunday morning RG !! YOU ROCK!! There are amazing women that have connected with Braveheart Women. Elle Drake is building a fabulous community.

    1. Ann Sado says:

      I agree, Paula. Braveheart Women can be a wonderful community especially for women wishing to meet like-minded ladies.

  7. Ann Sado says:

    I have found Toastmasters chapters around the world provide the non-judgmental camaraderie as we all learn to improve our public speaking skills. I have founded the KeyForce Toastmasters Club in Sept. 1991 which was chartered in June, 2010. Just had our 10th anniversary to foster better communication and leadership for women but now we have many gentlemen joining also. My home club was American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) Toastmasters club which splintered off, and now we call ourselves the Aoyama Lunch, the only club serving lunch as we speak. All of these clubs in Japan have attracted like-minded people who wish to serve others but also better themselves.

  8. Alwed Ekka says:

    Yet another great post from you. I spend my great time with people whom I admire though not physically but mentally through my imagination and meditation. I think about their amazing qualities and insights. The millionaires and billionaires who are truly entrepreneurs inspire me and provide me with great environment. I read about these people and they are my Development Members.

  9. Jim Story says:

    Thanks for the great post. I go to Unity of Delray Beach and you are exactly right about accepting people of different faiths with open arms. Most importantly, you can still be Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Isalmic, etc and not leave your religion or beliefs. We have a Prosperity Coffee and Lunch on Thursdays..

    I also am taking and ongoing class at the Actors Workshop of South Florida. I find people who are doing what they love instead of what we think we should, is a great group to be around.

    I love Barnes and Noble and I have joined some to expand my horizons and meet like minded people.

    It is funny. I was thinking that the dinner parties at your home with the guests from different religions, we really are all the same as anyone who would go probably would be open and receptive to learning about different cultures. How many evangelical Christians go?


    1. Randy Gage says:

      Christians are always welcome at my dinners. The ones that use fundamentalism (of any religion) as a code word for intolerance and hate are not.


  10. Zeinab says:

    I am taking a tour ,there would be people who want to be successful.It’s kind of a workshop that a guy teaches success techniques via games. He is a great guy,I went to his seminars called “success techniques” I kind of owe him my life,my journey to success began in his seminars.

    So,taking these kind of workshops is one way,another way is writing,write what we want to attract,this is so helpful because it’s a good way to program our subconscious mind.One more way is type what we want to attract on a photo and put it as our wallpaper.I did it, it really works.

    I think by using laws of imaging,writing,saying and etc. we can attract people we want to hang out with,It’s only the matter of taking action and start the relationship.

    Good luck

  11. There is a saying that you can’t become this or that by “osmosis”, or become like someone else just being near them, but of course the opposite is true (stands back in amazement).

    Again, we’re not our bodies, not even in physical reality. You’re something totally different, so the osmosis thing really works, even if you can’t see that with your eyes.

    Your eyes catch a fraction of electromagnetic light, which in turn is a fraction of what is out there. You are literally “blind”.

    Point being, unless you can mentally vibrate to a different location, or “bilocate”, of which I know only a few :-), internet, books, CDs and DVDs just don’t quite do it for you.

    You gotta be there!

  12. Gina says:

    Excellent post! Always great posts! Nice to read on a Sunday. ((clapping hands)) I look forward to reading your thoughts and insights Randy!

  13. Clyde Keep says:

    Great post! Makes so much sense going back to the concept of “you get what you focus on” (which includes where you physically go).

    I have also found that once you have found a like minded friend, that getting to know their sphere of influence is great too, b/c once again, typically they have attracted the same.

    I have been attending Unity of Great Lansing (Michigan) regularly for a few months now after visiting off & on for a year or so. It is amazing when you find a community of accepting & loving people. Something that from my childhood experience of organized religion pushed me away from church for a long time. Its only be a few months, but can already see some great friendship developing from there.

    Keep the great posts coming!

  14. Erin Budwick says:

    Randy – just love your stuff and I saw you at Art’s last Mastermind. You were talking about your spiritual community which got me thinking so I googled what church you go to.

    Found a Unity Church right near me in San Diego and it’s one of the largest, strongest, most active Unity churches. The first time I went, I really felt I found my tribe.

    The people are just amazing and I thank you for planting those seeds which have enriched my life.

    (Additionally, at the MasterMind I became friends with Jeanne K. on your team and she’s wonderful). Thank you for everything!

  15. David King says:

    Great post randy! I need to focus on connecting with higher quality of people! It seems hard at times though because I have developed myself so much it’s hard to find “rare people” who get things at different levels! I need to hang out in the groups of people in certain areas though, i’m sure i’ll find some! I love this btw “We learn the most from people that aren’t like us” great quote!

    Keep it up!

    David King

  16. Jimin says:

    I’ve been yearning to meet people like this for a while now because I’m getting a little sick of the daily crap that I’m receiving from the people I hang out with. I don’t hate them or anything but just wish they would contribute more positive and constructive values to the relationship whenever we meet.

    I’m really being selfish about this I know but I feel it’s important that I surround myself with people who contribute value to my life so that I can move on to the next higher level of consciousness/prosperity in my life in order to move closer to my goals.

    I love them but I’m feeling I’m wasting my life away if I spend too much time with them. Should I stand up to their negative comments (masked in jokes) and try to create a more positive environment whenever we hang out or just close one eye and find new friends to hang out with?

  17. Ann says:

    Hi RG,
    I joined a Science of Mind Center recently and it’s been a great way to meet like minded people. The workshops & classes offered at the Center is too, another wonderful way to deepen these new friendships while learning new ways of thinking. I’m meeting new friends thru my yoga and meditate meetup too. I’m finding myself in a constant state of happiness. And RG, thank you. Thru this blog and your prosperity material I do feel a new woman emerging. I feel like I stand a little taller, wear a brighter smile and I see myself a prosperous person.
    Many thanks!

  18. Karen Guillory says:

    Hi RG,
    I have found the most likeminded people at Book stores and Libraries. I did join a social community called Tut and Girlfriendology. And here at your sight, although I have not met anyone here, I enjoy reading the comments.
    Karen Guillory

  19. Don’t forget personal and business development seminars and workshops! People who are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to improve their personal or business skills are often great people to associate with.

  20. Great Post. I create an environment and surround myself with people that have focus the standard of living. I’ve choose good mentors. I share the good things I’ve learn to my friends to inspire them to promote greatness.

    I’ve join with good internet marketers and join the Cash Flow community of to increase my financial IQ.

  21. I have meet some amazing people at fundraisers for firemen.

  22. Art Jonak says:

    Great reminder & action step about the law of association Randy!

    Solid suggestion and ideas in your post, and in the crazy amount of awesome comments! Fantastic community and associations RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG! 🙂

    Here’s one way I’ve added:

    For example, this summer a few of my friends and I rented a Mangusta yacht for an extended vacation in Southern France. Now, most people (not you of course Randy) would say, “That ain’t cheap!” And it wasn’t!

    AND… we got to meet people who also had or rented yachts. It’s an entire community onto itself, yachting from St Tropez, to Cannes, to Nice, etc.

    Make me not want to cruise economy on a cruise ever again (other than the annual MLM Cruise of course! LOL).

    If you wonder what it’s like to increase your associations, to actually port a yacht into St. Tropez (1000 Euro per night, just in port fees alone, plus have to reserve your spot for that particular day many, many, many months in advance), check out this video:

    We filmed it while arriving in St. Tropez, and share our story of raising our associations and dreams.

    Thanks for being their, raising my associations, for the the last 15+ years Randy. Lots of ♥!

    1. Great point! And since you started:

      I actually cruised to ANTARCTICA earlier this year with friends, through Drake Passage, “the most dangerous waters in the world”, with up to 45 foot waves…

      An estimated less than 100 000 people have EVER set foot on the Antarctic MAINLAND in its current form.

      Try that people!

      With the fantastic weather we had, it was a trip of a lifetime. An incredible experience which will never be forgotten.

      What many of us learned in Antarctica is that literally, at the bottom of our world, the world inside of us, there is a pristine place that opens into the deepest part of ourselves.

      No matter what else is happening in our life, there is a foundation of peace, quiet and clarity to which we can always retreat.

      Often, we have a rough and stormy time getting to that part of Self. But, we can always can get there and bring the purity and innocence with us wherever we go.

      Antarctica is about balance, security, mystery and the unchanging origin of all.

      1. Art Jonak says:

        Awesome! Thanks for the story and lesson.

        One of the goals my brother-in-law had was to visit all 7 continents by age 30. Antarctica was the last one on his list. I remember when he bought he and his wife the tickets to head to Argentina for a while and then off to Drake Passage. He brought back some great photos… and like you, fortunately had good weather. 🙂

  23. Sofia Castro says:

    espectacular!!! gracias… es verdad aveces uno se cierra en un circulo.. pero hay que salir a conocer gente diferente y aprender de ellos!!!
    saludos Sofia

  24. Great post, Randy. I was just pondering this two days ago as I was driving back from a bachelor party. No, it was not “that” kind of party; but still, it was a bunch of guys trying to be 20 all over again. I felt my IQ rise a few points when I left the scene. It’s vitally important to assess the value of every relationship. Relationships are either making us better people or they’re not. Personally, I like to meet amazing people at book clubs (people that enjoy reading), leadership associations in my community or charity endeavors. If people are giving enough of their time to volunteer their time for noble causes or lend their expertise to help their communities, I certainly want to associate with them. Great post. Made me think.

  25. Edward Devero says:

    I notice my friends have the same interests that I do and I always met people through them. I am kicking myself in the pants for not becoming a junior member of the RCYC ( Royal Canadian Yacht Club ) when my Dad was suggesting it. It would have cost hardly anything and I would have learned to sail. He even told me these are the kind of people you want to be with rather than the riff-raff I went to public school with. I would have had more and better connections that way. I would still have that membeship today. I was an extremely dumb and foolish teenager. I spend my time hanging around not doing much in the way of things useful. I liked to ride my bike quite a bit though. I was doing poorly in school due to complete lack of interest so they sent me to a private school that made sure I studied.

  26. saachi says:

    I didn’t know this new post until today. Another great post, RG! For some reason, this post did touch my heart and loved reading it.

    “So these are some of my ideas on meeting positive people. … Where do you go or what do you do when you want to hang with people of consciousness? Please share your thoughts below.”

    I do often spend my weekends at Barnes and Nobles, too. I love the environment where I could smell the freshly made coffee all the time, and see people really into reading books. I often run into people who are so friendly and begin a conversation with me. I sit there in the lounge with my legs all crossed very comfortably : ), reading the books I just bought or take my own books with me. I do agree with you about people who spend time in a place like that tend to be people of higher consciousness. It’s really true. I should go there more often even during the week.

    “Relax and live in the moment, appreciating everyone for who they are and you’ll become more attractive to others.”
    LOL 🙂

    Thank you for this post. Many truths/needs about our willingness/desire in reaching a higher consciousness are revealed and emanated from this post. I’m sure like-minded people who are interested and willing to continue to learn a higher state of consciousness appreciate you and your posts very much. Thanks again and a hug from me. – Saachi

  27. Rachel Henke says:

    I love spending time at the library. Social networking online has brought some amazing people into my life also that I never would have met if I was just meeting people locally.

    Another great way is when you travel – being open and ready to make new friends. Again – people you never would usually meet in your normal routine might be sitting right next to you on the aeroplane!


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