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What Is Your Vision?

By Randy Gage in Success.

My friend Ian Percy defines vision as “seeing your desired future as though it was already here.”  As you know, I believe that vision is what pulls us from our current reality to the one we want to manifest.  Invariably people of high achievement have a strong, powerful vision.

People who are struggling often say part of the reason is that they don’t have a vision.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  That’s because EVERYONE has a vision.  They just don’t all have positive ones.

Many have negative visions.  “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!”  “I can never seem to get a break.”  “I just don’t have the education and connections to succeed.”

Or here’s what’s much more likely…

They have a neutral vision.  They focus on the miniscule day-to-day dramas of their existence, focusing on getting to five o’clock on Friday, what club has the best happy hour, and what hot new gossip they can learn.

So what kind of a vision do you have for yourself?






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28 thoughts on “What Is Your Vision?

  1. Michael Nathanson says:

    Fun , Friendship , Freedom . Not going to shink my dreams to match my income,will grow my income to match my dreams.

  2. I see myself recieveing the Nobel prize for Peace.

  3. shloimy says:

    I have strong vision of living the 8 F’s fully, Friends, Family, Fun, Fitness, Freedom, Faith, Following, Finances!!!

  4. Angel Clark says:

    I see myself running a large business or group of marketing professionals. I can get the whole picture of my standing in front of the board with my little powerpoint or presentation software, nailing whatever I’m pitching. That is my drive….everyday!

  5. Kathleen Caldwell says:

    I have too many happy, positive, exciting visions and want to attack them all at once! I struggle with staying the course long enough to achieve the goal before I’m off to something else or stretched to thin, which is the norm. I think i was a butterfly in my last life. 🙂

  6. Alyson says:

    The last 10 years has been a real learning curve. Learning how to dream again, and bigger, reconnecting with inspiration to achieve. It has been interesting. I now have a mentor who just keeps leading the way quietly forward. The vision is now clear, the path is clear, the timing is set and day to day tasks to achieve that vision are becoming normal behavour, rather than different. I am now living my life on purpose with strong vision in mind.

  7. No matter the vision, it should created a fuller, freer, more inspired version of yourself. Also, I once heard a story that if your vision makes you laugh at how large it is, you’re on to something.

  8. Hi Randy,

    We imagine 24-7, 365.

    The imaging process begins at birth, ends at death. At least while we’re in our bodies.

    So we always imagine something.

    What we choose to imagine, that’s another story. Some choose to picture negative pictures, and back these pictures with negative circumstances, leading to the “same sh*t, different day, mindset.”

    Others choose a spectacular vision and view it each hour, becoming more excited as the vision grows more vivid. These are the winners, the achievers, the people who make the Universe their catalog, asking and receiving.

    Thanks for sharing Randy.


  9. suzanne hng says:

    Hi Randy,

    By God’s grace I have a huge vision. First time I am sharing. Will be visiting Health Care Professionals, ie. doctors and dentists and shamelessly promoting what I need to do. Well if you have an excellent product, you too would like to share with whoever croses your path. Right? Nevermind I will be thickskinned but professional. This island is thickly populated so I need to establish my strong base first. Not bad huh Randy for a grandmother of 6. I am excited!

    I am doing this so they can benefit from what I will be imparting and also I want to be rich like yourself. You see, your prosperity messages are taking effect!

    Thanks vm

  10. MOHAMOR GLM says:

    Hi!i’ve read most of comments!everyones vision is so weak or so strong about what they have!but my vision about eveything that happens around is in an average place!and about myself i’m trying hard to be the best,then i can help to the occurance around me to happen better!if i can…!

  11. Hi Randy,

    I appreciate this post, as I recently wrote a post for my own blog on Psychology Today called, “When Vision Becomes Tunnel Vision.” I think it is important to acknowledge how even the best intentions can get in our way, including having a vision:

    “Having a vision is a powerful tool. It means that you are honoring your goals, aspiring towards them, and taking risks to expand your horizons. But sometimes our visions for ourselves subtly turn into tunnel vision. We can’t see anything that contradicts our intentions and desires. We get selective perception, which limits our ability to remain open and to see things clearly. Instead of being present to our reality, we put the blinders on and barrel ahead towards our hopes and dreams.”

    I’m all for vision, but it needs to be tempered with discernment and reality. In my experience, when we combine vision this sort of clarity – we can often stumble upon even greater and more authentic visions for ourselves.

  12. Pierre Leyssac says:

    What ought to be provided is real world alterings, not intellectual chatter.
    In that respect what Ayn Rand produced speaks volume. Being an intellectual herself (not an industrialist) she held a vision for the world she wanted to live in.
    July 10. I invented myself to be the possibility of being selfish. That’s New!

    Love and Respect – Pierre Leyssac, cph

  13. Uno says:

    If Randy, that kind of pessimism that we are unconscious habits that we have to go positive in order to evolve ourselves … Because it’s like stepping stones! .. Thanks

  14. xime says:

    My vision is a life of prosperity, growth, happiness, travels and health, having my own successful business, having happy children and one beautiful family.
    I work on that every day 🙂


  15. Jonathan says:

    My vision is connected to my Purpose which means it’s about empowering people through media that educates, engages, inspires and entertains.

    It’s a vision that includes transforming the way adults learn, live, grow and find purpose. And it’s also a vision of living a life of purpose, love, abundance, travel and community.

    My vision is clear to the point of knowing where I will live, who I share my love and life with, what I drive, where I travel, the type of friends and colleagues I have and being present at all times. And it’s about collaboration, not competition.

  16. Akos Fintor says:

    Dr Joe Vitale in his Attractor Factor refers to the vision already fulfilled as “Nevelizing your dream” is pretty much the same thing.

    I wish prosperity to all living creation.

    Great share, Randy!

  17. Darren says:

    My vision and mission “Helping to Unleash Your Internet Potential to Enrich Your Life”

    I believe that if people have that burning desire, have a dream and want to learn anything and ev everything is possible especially when leveraging the internet

  18. Fred Riley says:

    A timely message here from Randy. I see it very much linked with the rioting, arson and looting taking place in several UK cities just now.

    The people leading this destruction certainly have a vision, a vision based on anger and frustration leading to the involvement of others similarly with limited vision.

    This violence has to be stopped so whatever force is necessary must be employed in order to save lives and livelihoods.

    But this is not the complete answer. The iron fist of the law has it’s place but alongside of this, attention must be paid now to grapple with the underlying reasons for why the violence in the first place. Not an easy task but it has to start somewhere.

    It has to start with creating a progressive vision based on all the good qualities in life instead of a vision based on selfish survival. Network Marketing helps us to see that.

    Here is a quote from a late leading member of our church Gordon B Hinckley: “Society’s problems arise, almost without exception, out of the homes of the people. If there has to be a reformation, if there has to be a change, if there is to be a return to old and sacred values, it must begin in the home” And that’s worth thinking about!

    Thanks Randy for your contributions.

  19. Simon says:

    My vision is up and down from one day to the next. One moment I’m pretty up beat, life is wonderful and all that stuff, and the next its all crashing around my feet.
    It would be all too easy to say its because there’s so much stuff going on in my life, but the reality is is that there is “stuff” going on in the lives of everyone. Some make it through without even a scratch and others, I guess like me, well we beat ourselves up for the crap going on. I use words like, “Its my parents fault, I was born to the wrong parents, if only I had paid more attention in school, if this if that.”
    Truth is I hate the lot of it, but at the same time, I have become comfortable with my situation, I’ve even sabotaged my employment when it seems to be getting better.
    The good news Randy, is this. From listening to your videos and reading your blog posts I am beginning to change these mind sets. I am even beginning to recognized when I am about to sabotage something that is good in my life and force myself to see the positive. Question, is it possible for someone to be blind to positive? Your post today has hit home again and has reminded me that what is now, doesn’t have to be tomorrow. I have the power to change. (thank you Randy)

  20. Mo says:

    My vision is to create art 16 hours a day.Painting.Great personal exclusive paintings that people desire.I sell everyone.I have a super room where I paint them.My life is that.

  21. zunking says:

    30 years old I retired professionally. Started to strut the world looking for ‘excitement’ but from one extreme to the other I couldn’t feel it. When I lived a life free to do whatever I want – to be wherever I want – I realized that it was all senseless. I was senseless.

    I little by little realized that all the success stories and failures I had seen so far was all about ‘me’; ego based.

    What I missed – skipped – totally was true happiness. Though I did all the things people say “wow!” to.

    My life motto, my drive, turned into living a life where I feel good; and I learnt the skill to say no and yes – based on do I feel good about it. When you hear this the first time it seems egoistic.

    (The inability to say ‘no’ is mostly an ego issue; ‘yes’ is an ego dictated answer)

    I realized it was next to impossible for me to feel happy. When I felt something it was always a negative feeling. And that as well was ego driven; to be accepted – to be flawless – to be better than you! My ego and fears seemed to make me unhappy. So, it was time to let go.

    When people notice that your yes/no answer makes you happy and in fact is the right answer for you they accept you. The skill is to listen to your heart and making it. This brings out happiness in people since authentic happiness is always accepted by unconditional love. When you see others make decisions that make them happy you fully give into that.

    Then I started mumbling something about ‘true love’. And this eventually turned into a vision. The few shades of unconditional love I have found so far brings happiness.

    My vision is to live a life in true love.

  22. Ronnie Cruz says:

    To make an impact

  23. adsieg01 says:

    Very interesting post. Keeping positive is essential to shaping a mindset that gets results. Check this similar post about communication vision

  24. adsieg01 says:

    Very interesting post. Keeping positive is essential to shaping a mindset that gets results. Check this similar post about communication vision

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