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Unleash Vacuum Energy to Attract Prosperity

Posted By: Randy GageSeptember 16, 2020

Walking along the beach, you might leave footprints in the sand.  But give the wind and the waves a few minutes, and those tracks will be filled in.  Your footprints in the snow will experience the same fate.  In a similar manner, vegetation will cover a field, water fills a channel, and an agenda expands to the time budgeted for the meeting.  Even the void in your heart for someone you have loved and lost, can eventually be filled with a blessed memory.  Aristotle observed that no true vacuums exist in nature because the difference in pressure results in a force that acts to correct the equilibrium.  I’ll take it farther and posit that vacuum energy exists throughout the known universe – and the universe does not abide vacuums.

Believe it or not, this vacuum dynamic plays an important role in prosperity, and your ability to manifest it.  Permit me to break down the process…

Begin with the premise that the universe doesn’t allow vacuums. We know both nature and the universe develop by evolution and natural selection, with weaker elements being eliminated and stronger elements surviving.  Humankind has followed the same process, going (and growing) through our own evolutionary journey.  Bad genes that didn’t serve us were eliminated and good genes were continued.  Humans, nature, and the bigger universe all shared a common path: one that is intrinsically positive and predisposed toward expansion.  Taking this to the next level…

Since the inherent nature of the universe is good, a vacuum will always be filled with good. So, one of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is to create vacuums. 

Here’s a case study of how this plays out in practical application:

For many years, I taught a prosperity class at the Unity church in Miami.  One evening, one of my students stayed behind, confused.  She wanted to know how all “this prosperity stuff” could be working, since she had recently lost her job, and her boyfriend had left her. (Maybe you’ve felt similar emotions in your own life when severe changes like this occur.)   I suggested she was already on a very positive trajectory toward prosperity.  I wasn’t being flippant or uncaring, the evidence led me to conclude this.  Because she had been complaining to the class about that job for months.  Her salary was low, and her position offered no room for advancement.  Several times she had brought up her boyfriend, telling us he had been verbally and even physically abusive to her. 

In essence, the prosperity work she was doing in class allowed her to create a vacuum.

As her consciousness developed, her wearisome job could no longer hold her, and her abusive boyfriend was no longer attracted to her. (Because things that constrain you require a certain acceptance of being victimized from you.  When you recognize victimhood, you reduce some of its power over you and can create a vacuum for victory.)  Ultimately, she was able to get a much better job, and attract a man who appreciated her and would never abuse her.  She used the dynamics of vacuum energy to create a better life for herself, just as you can.  But to do this, you must accept and act on the following truth…

The universe cannot place something in your hand if it’s clenched around something else.  If you’re holding onto something negative, you must release it to create a vacuum for something positive to replace it. 

When people come to me for advice because they aren’t manifesting prosperity in all areas of their lives, usually the first question I ask is: What are you still holding on to – that you need to release?  Please take a moment and ponder the question.  Really give it the space and attention it deserves. 

What (who, where, or when) are you holding on to – that you need to release?

When I am feeling distracted and overwhelmed with work, a quick look around my office explains everything.  Stuff piled around everywhere.  My environment is cluttered and disorganized, so I feel cluttered and disorganized.  I stop working and start sorting everything in piles on the floor according to project.  Next, each project goes into its own folder.  Then I write a to-do list, with all the important things that need to be done for each project.  Even if I have 25 items on my list, immediately I feel calm, and approach the tasks at hand with clarity and focus.  I prioritize the list and take great joy for each item crossed off as they are finished.  This creates a positive energy, and before you know it, everything is complete.  I create a vacuum by releasing all the busyness and chaos, and the vacuum gets filled with harmony and clarity. 

This vacuum effect works in all areas of your life... 

If you want some new clothes, clean out your closet and donate some old clothes to a homeless shelter or thrift store.  If you desire more love in your heart, you may have to release vengeance you’re holding against someone.  If you’re looking for your true soulmate, you might first have to let go of an unfulfilling relationship you’re clinging to.

I spent more than three decades of my life deeply in debt, enduring negative dysfunctional relationships, and experiencing frequent health challenges, believing I was cursed.  In actuality, I was manifesting all the lack and limitation because I suffered from a victim consciousness.  I was holding on to lack – because it allowed me to keep manifesting bad things – which allowed me to feed my noble victim scenario.  (A frequent symptom of low self-esteem: you manifest more challenges for yourself, because it makes you feel virtuous.  You see yourself as an innocent victim, fighting the forces of evil. In reality, you’re experiencing worthiness or imposter issues and are desperately trying to feel worthy.) I hung around with my loser friends each day, with all of us commiserating about how difficult, unfair and horrible our lives were.  It took a great deal of self-development work to discover something quite liberating…

If you’re holding on to being a victim – you cannot become a victor.  There is no vacuum.  

It takes courage to put vacuum energy into practice.  You have to be brave enough to let go of some things (with some of those “things” being people).  That can be scary because even if that something or someone is undesirable or even harmful, it’s known to you, whereas what you will attract is unknown.  Once you realize that the universe is inherently good, it’s easier to have faith in a just outcome.  You no longer have to fear releasing things, because you know that they will be replaced with something of equal or even higher value.  Closing argument:

The universe you live in is inherently good… 

The only lack is the lack in your mind... 

Open your mind to receive prosperity.  Create a vacuum to receive it and you will attract it. 

Peace, - RG

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  • 8 comments on “Unleash Vacuum Energy to Attract Prosperity”

    1. RG, I’m a bit confused. You always said that nature abhors a vacuum and you also state here that the universe does not abide vacuums. Yet, you say at the end to create a vacuum. Any clarification would be appreciated.

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