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Turning Weakness into Strength

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Last post we talked about using deadlines.  You know why they work so well for me?  Because I tend to be very obsessed about things like that.  It drives me berserk to have projects not completed.

And because of that, I hate to ever miss a deadline.  So I turn what a lot of people would consider a weakness, into a gift.

Do you know the fascinating story about how the founder of IKEA, used being dyslexic to create success?  Have you thought about how you might do something similar?

Especially with fear.

Yes fear can be debilitating, if you allow it to.  But when you not only recognize and acknowledge fear – but choose to dance with it – you can actually harness it for motivation.

If you’ve done that, please share in the comments below. And tomorrow we’ll look at some other meta-habits for achieving more.

– RG

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4 thoughts on “Turning Weakness into Strength

  1. Simbarashe says:

    Powerful article. A different way to look at problems and weaknesses

  2. Tim Olsen says:

    I spent the last three years identifying new and old fears as I battled cancer. I was very afraid of doing chemo and radiation, fearing the scars and damage it might do to my mind and body. I used that fear to motivate me to change my lifestyle and attempt to address my treatment in as holistic a manner as possible. Unfortunately I had to succumb to the chemo/radiation treatment but I had a new wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition which allowed me to kick cancers ass. Now I can continue moving forward with a healthier lifestyle and diet, while also helping others to do the same and empower themselves to overcome their health (and other) obstacles.

    1. Paul R Erickson says:

      Hi, Tim – since you have had some health issues and you are obviously using nutrition to mitigate or reverse the issues, I would suggest you get the book from Doctor Greger “How Not to Die”. I believe you will find it very informative and will add to your repertoire of using a healthy diet to reverse disease. I can give you story after story of people I know who have had cancer, heart disease, etc., and I purchased the book for them as a guide to fight their ailment, and even though they were told by their doctor they only had 3 to 6 months to live, the ones that followed it religiously are still alive after 2 years (of course, most doctors are not going to propose consuming a healthy diet For 2 reasons – 1) most doctors have received less than 16 hours of nutritional education so they have no idea what a proper diet is 2) they don’t make any money off of well people, only sick people). And the best part about the book is the advice is evidence-based, not some Internet guru trying to get you to purchase his “vibrating, quantum physics healing crystals” or some other bullshit unproven item, medical device, or supplement.

  3. stefanjosefhoeck says:

    I would not call it fear but – on some days – it’s a strange feeling to widen the comfort zone.


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