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Every New Years, I select a one-word theme to set my intention, guide me forward, and keep myself centered through the year. More than a resolution, it is an attitude, my attitude for what kind of year I am going to create.


Notice the language “create.” I’m not looking for what kind of year it is going to “be,” or the year that is going to “happen” to me, because that is the language of mediocrity, the language of victims. I’m talking about the year I’m going to create for myself.


Yes I will face setbacks, roadblocks, and challenges along the way. There will be all kinds of forces that seek to get me off course, beat me back, or cause me to give up. But I’ll never give up, because giving up is where victim-hood lives. And you can be a victor, or you can be a victim, but you can’t be both.


If you want 2015 to work out a certain way for you, you have to set that intention and take responsibility for it. Like me, you’ll face challenges. But those are simply tests from the universe – to see if you’re really serious about breaking out, or willing to settle for a life of mediocrity.


I know what you believe in, and what brings you to this page, so I’m betting on you. I think you’re going to have an amazing New Year, because you choose to.


Regular readers will remember that my word for 2014 was “ThermoFuckinNuclear.”   It certainly served we well, as 2014 truly was that for me. It was 365 days of challenge, opportunity and accelerated growth.


A big part of that growth was the development inherent in being on sabbatical, the most powerful learning and progression experience I have ever gone through. Now, as you read in a recent post, I’m ending my sabbatical and returning to my normal work. (If you can call this work I do normal.)


The sabbatical provided many lessons, some simple, some profound, that I would like to share with you in this blog over 2015. Hopefully they are lessons you can apply on your own path to enlightenment and prosperity. (As a result, you’ll see a lot more posts from me here. So I won’t be sending an e-zine every time I put up something, like I did with the postcards. You’ll need to check back here daily, or sign up in the “Stay Connected” box on the top right hand corner of this page.)


The word I’ve selected for 2015 is Transmutation. Of course transmutation was the term ancient alchemists used to describe the process of converting base substances like metal into more valuable ones like gold.  I feel like I have transformed myself in many ways and look forward to creating some serious transmutation in many things in 2015. Here’s to wishing you a year of transmutation as well.


One last thought on all this though…


To truly advance closer to your dreams, goals, and objectives in 2015 – you’re going to have to be willing to let go of who you were in 2014.


That person was good enough to get you where you got to last year. They’re not developed enough to take you where you want to go this year. So let that old you go, and step into the emerging greatness of the New You.


It’s the ultimate manifestation of the vacuum law of prosperity: Releasing what you want to let go of, creating space for what you want to attract.


Happy New Year. Happy New You!


– RG


P.S. Feel free to adopt one of my word themes for the New Year, or select one more appropriate for you. But whatever it is, I invite you to make a public declaration of it. Please share your word below, so we all can support your vision.

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85 thoughts on “TRANSMUTATION

  1. NeenJames says:

    For the last 10 years I have had a contextual word. Last year was ‘fitness’ and it was awesome to do my first marathon (yep I am bragging and proud that it is done since I had never run before) and my contextual word for 2015 is AH-Mazing (my take on it is that I was to go ‘ahhhh’ every day and be in awe of all it holds).  Excited to see and hear what your 2015 creates my friend!

  2. Ouestly1 says:

    Happy New Year ! 
    hmm , Im going on to face better my daily life

  3. Welcome back and thanks for always thinking of us while on your sabbatical. I have also been practicing the #OneWord theme for the last 4 years… this year my word is PURPOSE, more specifically Definiteness Of Purpose. Looking forward to a year filled with Love, Peace, Joy, and Prosperity.
    Cheers! CLB

  4. I love this blog and am glad to see you getting back into a regular rhythm again with us here.
    My primary goal/intention/expectation is to quit my full time casino job and go full time with my Network Marketing business by June 27th this year. If someone where to simply look at the present day numbers, they’d probably suggest that’s not possible. Not even close. I know it’s possible and I know I can do it.
    But I’m also not naïve about the level of commitment and work that achieving this goal/dream/vision is going to require; great commitment and consistency doing the work every day whether I “feel like it” that day or not.
    Yea, I think that’s my 2015 word. Part of me wants to say freedom but that’s more for 2016. This year isn’t about freedom. This year’s about putting in the work necessary to earn that freedom.
    Yea. Commitment. That’s it. I like it. Great idea, Randy. Thanks for throwing that out there.
    Oh and I do remember ThermoFuckinNuclear.
    Happy New Year!

  5. pandkenterprises says:

    My new word for 2015 is self-mutilation.  No, no, strike that – I don’t want that one.  It wouldn’t work for me anyway since I am not a teenage girl.

  6. Chris Tempro says:

    I’m thinking my word is Integrity – Honoring every commitment to others, and to myself.

  7. Expansive says:

    2015 — my word is Expansiveness.
    And I’m READY.

  8. Jonathan1 says:

    Right On RG!!! Transmu-fucking-tation!! I LOVE IT!! Sorry for the profanity but I know you get the power that comes with this too! I’m SO about completely letting GO and manifesting my HIGHEST intention in all ways knowing I AM WORTHY of it too! Thanks for getting back in the game again though we all know you never left. And am so grateful you’re healthy and have healed completely too! 2015 is THE year for all of us to ROCK IT!

  9. Simal Raicha says:

    2014 was epic year.
    2015 should be – EXPANSION” of my various businesses in Africa,UK where currently doing business and out in different markets too

  10. Randy, your post gave me butterflies! Love the idea of a one word theme – brilliant! Okay, my one word for 2015 is BRAVE. I’m going for it! Muah! xo

  11. Scott says:


  12. Steve Pohlit says:

    This is great  Randy and the theme of what you are writing about is exactly part of my posts on line where I wrote I am not wishing you a Happy New Year! I am asking you to decide what you need to do and become for the New Year to be happy for you. If you are intending to expand your experiences in a very positive way then what specifically does that mean? Have you written what that means in measurable terms? How are you going to develop in order to achieve your own definition of happiness?  So I really like your 2015 word transmutation and am adopting that

  13. Randy_Gage says:

    lifetosuccess Thanks!

  14. BurleB says:

    My focus is on Solutions not problems or challenges.

  15. CNave says:

    Transmutation … it already started … Thank u 4 the support! Happy New Year 2015!

  16. HarryRamos says:

    Randy, I gave decided to make 2015 my Transmutational Year. I am extremely please you are back with us because I know this is going to be one hell of wonderful journey. Therefore, yearly resolutions is old school…done! The new paradigm is TRANSMUTATION. If you don’t mind, I am going to be riding right along with you through these posts. Let the journey begin!

  17. Alice L Ferreira says:

    Thank you.Happy New Years!U0001f603

  18. pandkenterprises says:

    After long contemplation, I have decided that my word for 2015 is going to be “Legs”.  I am going to do my best to spread the word.

  19. Gregory Russell says:

    I like this!Thank you for all you do have a great New Year! #Transmutation

  20. KaramagiGeoffreyMello says:

    Fascinating indeed

  21. KaramagiGeoffreyMello says:

    Happy new year Gage

  22. HeloiseDS says:

    What a great theme, Randy!
    Did a lot of releasing and transmutation in 2014! It has been a crazy year and I hear that it was the case for many people. Lots of moving, changes in all areas… I organized a virtual burning bowl yesterday like every year since my first one with you in 2004! Inviting people to let go and create a life where struggles have no place. Transmute & Create !
    Well, CREATION is my theme then this year ♥
    It’s great to have you back 😉 I can delete my twitter account SpottedRG then 😉
    I am the creation of me, my life, my world, my universe.
    Have a joyful year of transmutation Randy!
    ♥ Heloise

  23. KaramagiGeoffreyMello says:

    Welcome back

  24. zhannetka says:

    Happy New Year Randy! I’ll stay connected with your word during the next year and will have the important information as well as a great pleasure and satisfaction from communication. I really feel your presence while reading because you answer my questions right after they appear in my head.That’s incredible! Thank you ever so much!

  25. LindaRyanfromNJ says:

    My word is WhatIf (Since you ran a couple words together last year, felt like I could too)
    WhatIf… This year is my most profitable EVER?
    WhatIf… I sell my house in a week?
    WhatIf… I fall in love again?
    WhatIf… Nobody bats an eye when I raise my fees?

  26. Randy_Gage says:

    BobBurg Mad love bro, and Happy new Year!

  27. BobBurg says:

    Randy_Gage You as well, my brother. Awesome post. Powerful!!

  28. morphwithus says:

    BobBurg Great! Had to add that to my Rebel Mouse:

  29. BobBurg says:

    morphwithus Thank you, Susan. Glad you enjoyed Randy_Gage’s post!

  30. RichardBony says:

    Happy New Year, Randy!

    I will definitely appropriate for myself the big word.

  31. KrisNattstjarna says:

    Happy New Year !
    Thanks Randy for the” One Word” 🙂
    Mine will be 200 000 000 SEK! in 2015. ( It´s said that when you reach that sum there will be an energy shift you can´t fathom before you´re there. Thanks again:)

  32. Daniela says:

    I’ve been reading  your posts for the last 2 months now. Feel like “I’m home”, everytime I’m here. Insanely true and happy to start this new year.
    TRANSMUTATION, great word. Can’t wait to see what is going to bring to you or, to be correct what YOU WILL BRING IN 2015. For me 2015 must be COMMITMENT. Due to various life lessons, I let myself go and I recently start a new life with my kids. I know what my call is, I know what I need to do, I just need to COMMIT to do it every day.Is going to be a lot of work but doable. Looking foward to enjoy every day along the way with great  friends like yourself. 
    Peace and love, 

  33. Randy_Gage says:

    CarlyAThorne Thanks!

  34. able2now says:

    Incredible post Randy! Welcome back and Happy New Year indeed.

  35. DFoyen says:

    Welcome back big man. 2015 is just going to be great. Happy new year. Now lets get on with it.

  36. Rebecca Coleman says:

    You are so encouraging.You make what others have complicated, easy to understand and duplicate. Thanks for all you do to help us.

  37. Randy_Gage says:

    James_Carian Thanks!

  38. James_Carian says:

    You’re welcome Randy_Gage

  39. ChrisLianos says:

    In 2014 – Mine ws POSITIVITY
    In 2015 – I’m stepping it up a notch with : REINVETION.
    Thanks for everything you share my friend. BTW – the book is due out shortly. I’ll send you a copy. 
    Much love.

  40. Maliki says:

    Great though as usual. Thanks for the enlightenment. Happy New Year RG!

  41. Expansive says:

    Simal Raicha  Here’s wishing you the EXPANSION you desire in all areas of your life. Happy 2015! Linda

  42. Janet K Best says:

    Allowing and receiving my good and creating sound good to me. Thank you, Randy.

  43. saintido says:

    RG, you are my Crazy Idol!

  44. artjonak says:

    “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s
    words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” –
    T.S. Elliott

  45. G1c says:

    My new word for 2015: Elevation….I intend to elevate my awareness, income (residual and passive), the caliber of my friends, and how I respond to the universe around me.

  46. SebastianAnthonyIlacqua says:

    Randy, hope your digs are in order now. Looking forward to a great year. Kathy is retiring. We picked up some real estate and we have a plan. See you out there, my friend – Tony.

  47. Joseph says:

    Last year mine was Shibumi (learnt from you) and I was really setting the base for a good take off. It actually worked out so well in most areas of my life.
    So beginning about this time and for the next 6 to 18 months, I am getting airborne! So my word is LAUNCHING!!
    But one more important thing I have already picked from here, even with all the achievements of 2014 under my belt, I must be, and I am, letting go of who I was in order to create room for who I am going to be in 2015. Because who I was last year is not developed enough to take me where I am going to be this year!
    Thanks RandyU0001f44d

  48. DeniseSchnitzer says:

    Happy New Year and Welcome Back! I declare my word to be “unstoppable” and my life “unrecognizable” for 2015. As I prepare and train for a 140km walk in the desert (from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi, UAE) I am reminded of my goals and crushing my limiting beliefs. I can do anything! The Universe conspires to my happiness. My body is ready to take on this challenge. For the rest of the year, I will challenge my body and my mind. Who knows, maybe I will surprise myself and elevate to another level of consciousness. There are many changes coming for me in 2015 and I will accept them in an “unstoppable” manner….and always with a smile. Thank you for who you are! love, Denise

  49. CarlyAThorne says:

    Randy_Gage Happy New Year ! Transmutations has been a part of my life and logo for ions… Change Choice Powerful

  50. Happy New Year and Glad you are back ! My wife and my word is ” Oneness ” ! To Know that We are one with each other and One with the Universe and that we are all one with each other ! This a started for a new begging ! Look out world we are on the move !

  51. natalyafrenkel says:

    То, что требуется многим из нас именно сейчас! Великолепный пост!

  52. esm24k says:

    “New Era” is going to be the word I’m selecting for 2015. It is the beginging of a rebirth period for me as a individual, a year to start recreating myself and designing a conscious life. This is a new beginning! HAPPY NEW YEARS RANDY AND EVERYONE ELSE, BUON ANNO! wishing everyone a life of prosperity and abundance!

  53. ChalkyWhite says:


  54. Juventud Arjuccp Pucusana says:


  55. Gonetothebarn says:

    Expansion. Or:  JustDoIt. or DoItAnyway. I’m one of those souls who has to have all my ducks in a row…going to do some duck hunting this year. Man, they get in the way of potential.

  56. Excellent post, very thought provoking Sir Randy! Happy New Year to you and our community here!
    I was thinking of metamorphisis, or “transcendant”, or even transformative..
    Before I decide, how does one discern (discernment is critical) the difference between TRANSMUTATION and transformative? 
    am wanting to articulate this appropriately.
    Much gratitude RG!

  57. Expansive  Great place to start!

  58. Randy_Gage says:

    CarlyAThorne Thanks, you too.

  59. Randy_Gage says:

    WilcoVeuger Thanks for getting the word out.

  60. Randy_Gage says:

    PeterGHorrill They’re very similar, but of course transformative is describing the process: usually of transformation.  I chose transmutation because of the alchemy aspect; transformation the base into the valuable.  -RG

  61. Mr Move it says:

    It took me 5 years preparing for 2015. To be exact Saturday October 24 2015 at 12:00 – I am challenging 7 Billion people to be able to do 10 clean push ups (press ups). If you are in my city of Graz I call upon you to join us in setting a world record of 10000 people doing 10 clean push ups.
    Did you know that over 97% of the world population cannot do 10 clean push ups. Can you? If you can then you have already discovered the laws of prosperity. Mr. Gage is the MASTER STUDENT on that STUDY.
    M!OVETIVATION is my word period. 🙂

  62. Ahh, one of my favorite chapters in Think and Grow Rich, and arguably the most aligned with my own success.  Great choice, Randy!

  63. LoriMoreno says:

    Awesome! Great post!

  64. sullyj1951 says:

    Pretty Simple My Word is LOVE . By simply Loving Myself and all that Surrounds Me , I can’t Help to Succeed .

  65. Bob Pond3 says:

    POWERFUL. Your blog and my word for the year. It simply connects with each of my goal categories. POWERFUL.A great reminder word that brings me back from any where I find myself that I am not feeling POWERFUL. Thank you Randy for sharing what you have found time and again.

  66. Milieunet says:

    Thanks Randy. Happy New Year Kind regards Erik

  67. Awesome article as usual. Thanks 🙂

  68. Shirley Sun says:

    On New Year’s eve, I join devotees to pray for those involved in the air disaster.  I had my New year resolution all written down ‘bad habits, fears, challenges that impedes, blocks my path to what I want to do, my success are all in the trash !  Washed my hands and light up the candle to a new person that I want to be in 2015 ! The event was so meaningful that I thank myself for not staying at home, watch TV and wait for countdown !

  69. Emo Enev says:

    Happy New Year

  70. Emo Enev says:

    Happy New Year

  71. My word is Charismatic. I am not big on NY Resolutions as I feel most people abandon them in week two of January. I consistently work on myself. This year, I did make one and that is that I want to become a people person. I am a Real Estate Broker and also part owner of a Medical Clinic. I made 6 figures doing real estate in 2014 of which I am very grateful. However, I had a lot of big potential deals in 2014 that I lost. In real estate, not every deal works out and in beautiful places like Miami, people often want to tour beautiful homes and condos with no intention of buying. That being said, I have to take partial responsibility for not getting some of these potential deals. I can go on thinking people only want to use me as their tour guide, I never get serious big clients, I don’t have what it takes to do huge deals and should just be happy with what I am doing, etc. As RG says, you can be a Victim or you can be a Victor, but you can NEVER be both. I choose to be a Victor! I do have what it takes to do huge 7 and 8 digit deals. I can focus on the positive, at least some of these clients called me. 2014 was training ground. I am going to kill it in 2015. I know that everything comes from people. If you want more money and more business, it comes from other people. Therefore, I need to develop better people skills. I have been hurt, disappointed and rejected by many people and I see myself sabotaging potential business and personal relationships. I am taking responsibility on myself and have taken steps to conquer this. Earlier this week, I signed up for T Harv Ekers Life Makeover Coaching Program where they cover 8 areas of life, but you focus on 1 priority category. I am focusing on Relationships. My picked the word Charismatic as I want to let go and develop my personality. I know I have value to offer others and it is time to start showing it. I need to release the fear. This is going to be my main focus of 2015!

  72. nzeks_jay says:

    nzeks_jay. nice one Randy. last year I unconsciously adopted ‘be free forever’. this year, I’l stick with TRANSMUTATION!!!

  73. Thank you Randy for the awesome post.
    My word for 2015 is QUANTUMLEAP!
    Wish you incredible 2015!!!

  74. dennijordanrealtor #awesome! You can do it! Expand your consciousness with ideas. Identify with that “flow of consciousness”. Act as if it’s impossible to fail! #rootingforyou

  75. Randy_Gage says:

    LyndaNarducci Thanks for getting the word out.

  76. PeterGHorrill dennijordanrealtor Thanks so much Peter. Great advice! I am doing that. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m also partnering up with people who will hold me to high standards.

  77. jsmartcan says:

    First let me say Happy New Year, Randy! 
    Great opening to the new year ideas and thoughts. My word for the year is FOCUS. Tremendous,committed total focus. This must be my breakout year and it all begins and ends with FOCUS.
    Keep the message coming Rrandy….we need you,
    Peace and Prosperity,

  78. Randy_Gage says:

    KathleenCaldwel Thanks!

  79. mlmplus says:

    Thanks Randy and a very Happy Transmutating New Year To You also. I have to find the word for this year, I am working on it right now, but your post sparkled that a lot. Maybe BREAKTROUGH will be one…

  80. KarL_imanoeL says:

    FEARLESS!!! Yeah baby! That’s gonna be my 2015 word!

  81. HomebizTrainer says:

    Great post Randy!  As always I’m inspired.

  82. ScottGWhite1 says:

    Great thought Randy. I shared this one.

  83. Carla Figueiredo says:

    it will take a lot of reminding myself of what i want for this year. Because in the past i didn’t really knew what i wanted, and without effort good things would came to me, people i crossed path with, but my life changed so drastically that now i know what i want. its funny, sometimes life kicks you and nothing happens but when u start having another life depending on u it all changes. well, my son was that wake up call, realizing that i want him to have the best that i as a mother can be and as a result i became a better human being. i couldn’t do it for myself, so he came out of the blue to enlighten my life. i will keep reading your thoughts.


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