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Time Management and Productivity

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Time is a very mysterious thing to many people.  They simply cannot understand the concept of what time is, and how to use it for the best productivity and results.  If you break it down to the essentials it’s pretty simple. 

We all have the exact same amount to work with every day.  But we never know when today, will be our last day.  So if we approach it as a finite resource of only 24 hours in this day, we have a stronger chance of achieving a productive use of it.

When you practice positive habits, you make time your collaborator.  When you practice negative habits, you make time your enemy.  But time is actually neutral.  It is only your enemy if you’re trying to kill it.


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6 thoughts on “Time Management and Productivity

  1. Bernice Ani Alive says:

    …and many are trying to kill it.,,therefore many are practicing negative habits.

  2. david says:

    same with money, n’est ce pas??

  3. jcbjr9455 says:

    Must I believe self-assessment as to how the use of the time is going – in terms of addressing the situation’s important outcomes as well as the use of that finite 24 hours per day. A ‘great’ outcome that’s not timely is no outcome at all!!!

  4. Bernice Ani Alive says:

    researching cognitive dissonance

  5. I really find a Wayne Dyer quote helpful here, so I’ll use it in this context: Positive use of time, in my discernment would represent the “active side of infinity”..

    time wasted would be the “inactive side of infinity”.. that’s how my brain makes productive sense from it. Thanks!


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