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The Value of Difficulty

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

One of the most insightful realizations you’ll ever have is when you understand that not all things have a shortcut or hack – and that this state is good.

Posting a snarky clapback on social media to someone who disagrees with you is easy.  Having a healthy, intelligent exchange of ideas is difficult.

Submitting a query on Google or another search engine is easy.  Knowing the right question to ask is more difficult.

Getting phony pec implants is easy.  Exercising in a way to develop healthy muscle tone is difficult.

Getting 400 friends on Facebook is easy.  Actually maintaining friendships over the years with people who matter to you is quite difficult.

Finding a quick hookup at a club or on a mobile app is easy.  Finding – and staying in – love is much more difficult.

And oftentimes, that difficulty is what creates the value.


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3 thoughts on “The Value of Difficulty

  1. Yes. Using something which is already created is much more easier, than create something which is useful.

    I wish people who hating their boss could understand this.

  2. Mia-Louise says:

    Nailed it.

    Peace Randy. X

  3. Bernice Alive says:

    Is it really hard to find & stay in love?

    I think once you connect with the real you, that is love.
    I also think once you find the real you again (because you were born with it & then learned lies) you won’t believe those lies again.
    Therefore, it may be difficult finding the real you/love again. Once you find you, it is easy to stay with you/love.

    is it ease that creates value?


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