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The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Nature abhors a vacuum. And because the inherent nature of the universe is good  – it will naturally fill a vacuum with good.
One evening at the end of the prosperity class I was teaching at my church, one of the students walked up to me confused.  She wanted to know how all “this prosperity stuff” could be working, since she had recently lost her job, and her boyfriend left her.

The interesting thing was that she had been complaining about that job for months.  Her pay was minuscule, and it seemed to offer no room for advancement.  And several times we had discussed her boyfriend, who had been both physically and verbally abusive to her.

So actually, as I told her, she was quite likely on a very positive path towards prosperity.  Which is exactly how it turned out for her.   As her consciousness developed, her job could no longer hold her, and her boyfriend was no longer comfortable with her.  Ultimately she was able to get a much better job, and attract a man who appreciated her and wouldn’t abuse her.

If you are holding on to something negative, there is no room for the positive to come into your life.  So when people come to me for advice because they are manifesting prosperity in all areas of their lives, the first question I ask is the one below:

What are you still holding on to—that you need to release?  I’ve made a short video on the topic.  Take a look at let me know what you think:

Remember: The universe cannot put good into your hand, until you let go of what you are holding in it. You are surrounded by good everywhere.  The only lack, is the lack in your mind.  Open your mind to receive prosperity, create a vacuum to hold it, and you will attract it.


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39 thoughts on “The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

  1. Leo Prodz says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve kinda thought about this Vacuum but never realized it firmly……. UNTIL NOW!

    God Bless You and your team Randy,


  2. Wow! That hit a few chords. Thanks alot. I’ve got some clearing to do here.

    Keep em coming .

  3. Guillermo says:

    Good video. It’s the first time I see you explaining one of the laws of prosperity. Clear and understandable. Thanks.

    I’ll watch the other videos now.


  4. Bones Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the vlog Randy- Now that Worre finally made it into the 21st century, looks like you’re both creating some great material.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Great stuff Randy! This is food for thought on many fronts.

    When you used the analogy of a clean desk or clearing closets to create a vacuum, this is something I do almost to a fault. So now I look at this and say, “OK..if my desk, home, car, etc. is neat and tidy which equates with a vacuum, why isn’t the Universe filling in with what I desire?” Is it possible I’m so in fear of receiving what I KNOW is possible that it’s the Fear that blocks prosperity? Am sure we all struggle with the ‘I’m not worthy” belief. How do we release this and get the Universe to fill it in?


  6. Wayne says:

    I am curious… as a minister, I was simply curious which religious belief and/or denomination that Randy is with?

    Does anyone know?

  7. nicole matthijs says:

    THANKS Randy,

    as always clear and to the point, a true eye opener, i know what i m going to do today


  8. Dorene says:

    Great information Randy. Yes, I have heard you talk about it before, but I need to keep refreshing these principles.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide to so many, to always open ourselves up to be the best we can possibly be.

    I appreciate you!

  9. Kim Witner says:

    Thanks Randy! This is just what I needed to day! What a great start of the day between your link and the phone call I received while viewing it!

    I’m working it!

  10. Rachel Henke says:

    Awesome video! Last time I read your article about that I cleared out my clothes cupboards and passed on a load of stuff.

    Within a couple of days I manifested a $100 clothes voucher which I really couldn’t spend on anything else!

    Lots more good stuff has happened as a result of my following those laws.

    The challenge is sticking with it and not forgetting them!! 🙂


    p.s Wayne I believe Randy is with the Unity Church.

  11. Elly says:

    You are just so spooky sometimes! I have literally just finished tidying my desk and decided to log on and check emails when this one came in. I love the idea of creating “a vacuum for harmony” that really resonated with me. Look forward to the next vid!

  12. Craig Davis says:

    Randy is a member of the Unity Church. You can google to find out more.

  13. Sarah Saint Amour says:

    I can tell you it’s all true! Last year I sold my house (YES! in this market I attracted a buyer) and I donated about 95% of what I owned….furniture, dishes, clothing, toys, you name it. I call it the “Great Purge” and it feels awesome. I was most worried that I wouldn’t find enough people to give away my furniture too (nice stuff too- Pottery Barn) but I went “up” and within a week a girl I work with found out I was getting rid of my bedroom set, I met another guy who was so happy to take my dining set and a few other tables, etc.

    Let me tell you what the Universe has given me…..besides peace of mind. I found a great guy. It’s still pretty new yet so I wouldn’t say “soulmate” just yet but it’s freaky how much we have in common and enjoy each others company. We are already talking about moving in together. Yes I am suggesting he give away everything he has too….

    I owe Randy a HUGE Thank You for teaching this over and over.

    🙂 Sarah

  14. Dave says:

    So true, so true.

  15. alx rocks says:

    Everyone has sorrows that can not be named.

  16. Isil says:

    Hello Randy,
    Thanks for having crossed my path..I’m following you everywhere :))) That does me ‘good’.
    I couldn’t watch the video because here in Turkey the government has banned the access to YouTube..any other way you think of, to watch your videos??
    God bless you…

  17. marvin says:

    vacuum law.. i read about it 6 years from now.. and heaven told me it is true.. I saved my life from desperation and misery..I was failed in engineering course, i had a bad relationship,,i am hopeless..but when i read the vacuum,, I surpassed all the problems, i recieved the diploma in infotech course..coz i did the vacuum

  18. Mary says:

    Okay Randy, I WILL go and sort out my office today so I can bring in the good stuff. I really needed to hear this. It is brilliant.

  19. Tony Beach says:

    Great postings…amazing what happens when you get rid of the old baggage that you’ve been holding onto for so long….let all the good stuff in now! I’m finding that if I just let the good things happen they will….no need to force things…there is so much abundance out there! I’ve been following you since knew it then and you still say things that make sense 24/7!

  20. Steve Pohlit says:

    I think I first learned about this law from one of Randy’s tapes. Like most things he does a great job of bringing clarity to the topic.

    One think I think about is what is it that I am trying to attract. Then what may be lingering that I should release. Sometimes that is physical items and sometimes that is negative feelings from past events we are carrying forward. Release to move forward with a clean slate and to allow room for what you want.

    Consider not replacing what you no longer want with more of what you don’t want.

  21. Well said! Not only is it one of the most powerful things you could do to bring more prosperity in your life…it’s also one of the easiest.

    After you let go of/clear out what is not serving you, you need to make sure you don’t rush to fill that space with something else that is equally mediocre. Be patient and discriminating…and allow that space to be filled by something worthy.

  22. zannie rose says:

    great to hear Randy is a member of Unity Church as I always feel uplifted by their material.
    Great to listen to this reminder too. I just bought two new items for a planned Pilates class, so will now look for two items to recycle. I know thisis the opposite way round to what was said on the video, but it is a step in the right direction

  23. william says:

    very clear,short and to the point.
    Thanks , William

  24. hannah says:

    awesomeeeeeee… wowowowow incredible… i loveeeeee this man..

  25. douglas says:


    Thanks for the repost.
    I’ve been telling people about it, most have had an “A-Ha” moment.


  26. Randy, thanks for presenting this on video in a way that makes it easy to get my head around.

    I’m sitting here looking at a desk which, to the untrained eye, looks a mess. There is order within the chaos – and tasks do get actioned – but the chaos remains.

    Your comments are the catalyst I need to overcome the chaos.

  27. Involved time and energy to study every one of the feedback, however i definitely loved the particular write-up. That proved to grow to be really beneficial to me personally and I am certain to all the commenters right here! Its continually excellent when you can not only be told, but additionally interested! I’m positive you had enjoyment penning this write-up.

  28. very interesting concept randy. the video explains it well..

  29. very interesting concept randy. the video explains it well..

  30. LaurenStanford says:

    Loved this. I loved your video. Thank you for this! Your energy is so amazing~~

  31. MikeLintro says:

    Very interesting outlook and metaphor. When your floor gets dirty from the world, sometimes a vacuum just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just need something a little stronger that you can’t do yourself. It would be nice to own a carpet cleaning machine that worked just as well as the commercial ones.

  32. MoniqueHarvey says:

    I’d been reading The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder off and on for about ten years or so. Watching the video and hearing Randy talk about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity reaffirmed what I’d been studying and helped to visualize what more I needed to do.

  33. Ezikpe Deborah says:

    Actually getting things right is much difficult when you still hold on to the past but its not actually easy to let of the past.

  34. Rodrigo Vallejo says:


  35. This undeniably works. You know how homeless people always have a cup with change in it and it usually seems to get filled up, I tried tithing with some change in a cup and got a hefty return back almost exactly the amount of change that was lacking in the cup, so cool.


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