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The Unspeakable Evil

By Randy Gage in Prosperity.

As you likely know, here in the United States, we’ve had many protests since George Floyd was killed by a police officer.  Obviously, there are all the surface issues like systemic bias, racism, and police brutality.  But there’s an underlying issue that frightens me more than any other…

The dehumanization of human beings. 

The dehumanization that has to take place for any person to kneel upon someone else’s neck until they die.  Think of the story you have to tell yourself, sell yourself, to take a life in this manner.  I believe the only way possible for Derek Chauvin to commit this atrocity is believing his victim was sub-human.  I believe the only way possible for his three fellow officers to stand by silently and watch this transpire was for them to compartmentalize this in their mind and see George Floyd as less than human.

This is unspeakable evil.

I felt the same horror when the administration enacted a policy to separate babies from their parents at the border.  There were cases where children were detained and the parent deported – with no records kept and no way to reunite the two.  This is unspeakable evil.  I felt then (and still do), that the people responsible for that decision should be tried in the World Court for crimes against humanity.

Brian Kilmeade of FOX & Friends dismissed the controversy with the statement, “Like it or not, these aren’t our kids.  Show them some compassion. But it’s not like he’s (President Trump) doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country. And now people are saying that they’re more important than people in our country.”  You can’t sell that story to yourself unless you think migrant children aren’t really human.

This is unspeakable evil.

For the Chinese government to place Uyghur Muslims in detention camps, when Islamic fundamentalists throw homosexuals off rooftops, or when the Nazis attempted to exterminate the Jews – humans can only act this way when they view others as less than human.

This is unspeakable evil.

Yes, there are many forces that brainwash and manipulate you to judge, fear and hate “others.”  But each of us must take personal responsibility for what we choose to believe.  We must all – each and every one of us – stand up for dignity and inalienable human rights for every person on earth.

The unspeakable evil must be spoken.  Because if you stand by silently, then you are part of the unspeakable evil.


– RG

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7 thoughts on “The Unspeakable Evil

  1. BAM! ALL lives matter! it all begins with “consciousness”.

    1. thechalkywhite says:

      True (all lives matter), however by saying this there is the possibility of trvialising the Black Lives Matter at present, purely as the BLM campaign exists because Black lives have been valued less over the past years, decades and centuries by the “system”. Not just in America either. Here in the UK it has happened – and is almost certainly still happening.

      “All lives matter” is a statement of the obvious and by the nature of statements of the obvious should not need to be “stated”.

      Black Lives Matter exists because it is not a statement of the obvious, yet should be.

      1. Ralph Johnson says:

        Thank you for sharing the distinction!

  2. bswalter says:

    Powerful post. And indeed what is unspeakable evil now must be spoken and spotlighted and thwarted. Or we will not move forward. Thank you.

  3. Bradly Paul Storsteen says:

    One needs to change how they see the world to make a change in the world. Hope they want to see a better world.

  4. Gini Mirro says:

    Brilliantly said , thank you Randy for expressing it so well !

  5. Osman Yoldaş says:

    The unspeakable evil must be spoken. Because if you stand by silently, then you are part of the unspeakable evil.

    That is the point!


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