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By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Okay so you read the last post, and decided to really chase your dreams.  Now you better get ready for THE TEST.  Because the universe isn’t  going to simply allow someone to risk it all, step up and achieve their dreams.  Oh no, that isn’t the way that works…

You’re going to open your nail salon and the city is going to tear up the road in front of your shop.  You’re going to skip college, declare for the NFL draft, and then tear an ACL.  You’re going to decide you want to be an artist instead of a dentist, and your parents are going to stop speaking to you.

You see the universe has discovered that it doesn’t work if everybody just achieves their dreams on the first try…

Otherwise everyone does that, and there’s no one left to work at the hardware store.  So the universe instituted the testing system.  To test who is really serious about their dreams – and who is just a poser.

Now the universe is just waiting to see – which group you are in.


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7 thoughts on “THE TEST…

  1. Paul Erickson says:

    Well, as long as the test isn’t a urine test, I should be good.

    1. Mary Lincoln says:

      I was looking for the ha ha button Paul:)

  2. maryellen514 says:

    I read a quote once that I absolutely love. ” Don’t let your success take you, where your character can’t keep you.” Success is the journey, not the destination. It takes a lot of failure to get to success. The great thing about it, is that you never come out the way you came in, if you persist. I’ve learned that success comes down to the little changes that are made each day. Knowing going in that failure is an inevitable part of success, helps make the ride much more manageable. Don’t let the fear of failure ever stop you. It’s part of the ride.

  3. Jorge says:

    The Will…the red or the blue?

    1. Jorge says:

      The Pill…speller…The Red or the Blue

  4. Sean says:

    Know your struggle… what are you willing to fight for

  5. Catherine Ives says:

    Isn’t this a hero’s journey overcoming all those obstacles and tests to be a hero or Victor?


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