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The Role of Luck in Money

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

Amazing how much power people attribute to luck, isn’t it?  When they don’t have money, they ascribe it to being unlucky.  And when they see others with an abundance of money, they consider them “lucky.”  Such a coincidence.

It’s true that you can become rich by being lucky.  You might buy the random winning lottery ticket or be born into a wealthy family.  If this is the case, then consider yourself lucky.  The facts show however, that people who acquire money by luck, usually are quite good at losing it.

To create the kind of wealth that is generational, it’s about becoming a wealthy person.  Meaning someone with the mindset to understand the real role of money and the kind of service you must provide in order to attract it to you.  And the wisdom to be a good guardian of it.  When you have become that type of person, if you would face some adversity that causes you to lose your money, you would be able to recreate it again.

Ask yourself how you qualify in that area.  And in the next post, we’ll explore the role of luck in prosperity.  Until then, would love to see your thoughts below.

– RG

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3 thoughts on “The Role of Luck in Money

  1. Daniel says:

    Winning, inheriting money can be luck (but I have doubts). Keeping it, simply can’t.

  2. Krzysztof Obarski says:

    Being a victim in the past I always envied the kids who had rich parents and considered them “lucky”. Today I don’t envy anybody anything as I see that effort and most of all informed/wise life choices are all the luck I need. My current mindset is heavily influenced by Mr RG and believe me, his teachings, if implemented right, will make your bank account swell. Cheers, Randy!

  3. Heavens says:

    Wise teachings Mr.Gage


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