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The Power of Fear

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success.

I used to believe experiencing fear meant I was failing.  But I have come to understand that fear is usually quite useful and beneficial.

We know that the core reason for fear is to protect us from danger and keep us alive.  But obviously most of us are not experiencing many life-threatening scenarios in our daily lives.  And that gives you a chance to employ fear in very helpful applications…

Fear gets your adrenaline pumping, causing you to be at maximum alertness, focus, and awareness.   The key is to make sure you don’t over index on intellect.  Fear should be felt.  If you try to shut it down or rationalize it away, this can actually make you panic, because you can’t totally eliminate it.  But when you simply accept it and appreciate it, you are able to channel that fear into motivation and guidance.

When you understand fear is a natural reaction and you merge with it, fear can be your partner.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Fear

  1. Manuel Morgado says:

    Great Post.
    No wonder, that i read it just in this moment, because today one of my new team members had her first threeway call with me.
    In the beginning she was a little bit afraid and very nervous, but after some sentences she made it well and the call was successful.
    I will show her this post.
    Thank you, Randy!

  2. wellbeinginsights says:

    Be inspired by your greatest limitations, or potentially greatest! #Awesome #RespectFear


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