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The Prudence of Spending Money

Posted By: Randy GageMarch 18, 2019

Last post we discussed why being “realistic” was a bad premise. I suggested that a better word to use when considering something that might be considered expensive, extravagant, or not realistic is prudent.  So let’s go back to Tom’s original question about the ocean front room vs. the dumpster behind Denny’s view, let’s explore it in the prudent context.

For me, this inner debate surfaced every time I had to take a plane.  I walked past those plush, warm, wide, inviting, luxurious, leather thrones in the first class section and made my way to my threadbare, cramped seat in row 38 across from the lav.  And it wasn’t even a status thing...

The truth is airplane seat pitch (the distance between seats) was designed at a time when someone 5’10" was considered tall.  Since then, while people have been growing larger, airlines have actually been shoehorning more rows of seats in planes to make more money.  I’m over 6”1” so an economy seat is physical torture for me.  And the state of the economy section in most domestic airlines in American has degraded into flying slums.

As you can deduce from my rant above, I hated every flight I had to take.  And I took a lot of them.  But I used each trip as fuel…

I knew it wasn’t prudent for me to buy a First Class fare, because it would have crippled the speed it would take me to grow my company.  But I vowed that I would do what it took to create a business profitable enough, that I could upgrade permanently to First.  And after about five years as a road warrior, I finally did.   This allows me to take flights where I can work productively, and arrive rested and refreshed, not frazzled and abused.

I don’t spend money foolishly for status or prestige.  I couldn’t care less what the designer logo is on my briefcase or sunglasses.  That doesn’t enhance my life one bit and therefore isn’t prudent to me.  But a suite at the Mandarin Oriental, a JORD watch, or some Bally loafers certainly does.

Once you expand your prosperity consciousness, you expand the world you see and live in.  And more specifically, you decide the certain areas in your life where the more luxurious upgrades are important to you.  Sometimes it’s prudent to spend the money now.  Sometimes it’s prudent to use the money in another area, to further your prosperity down the road.

Here’s the next food for thought…

I don’t hope the airlines will give me an upgrade based on my status.  I buy a full fare First Class ticket. Since most of my flights are international, this can mean a price difference of five or six grand for one flight.  (Or for the private suites on Singapore Airlines and Emirates, more like 15 or 20K.)  Now maybe you’re thinking that me spending that money is immoral and would be better served by donating it to a worth cause.  If you are thinking that, you can go fuck yourself.  (Said totally with love and spiritual grace, lol.)  And I’ll explain why, on the next post…

- RG

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  • 14 comments on “The Prudence of Spending Money”

    1. "Now maybe you’re thinking that me spending that money is immoral and would be better served by donating it to a worth cause. If you are thinking that, you can go fuck yourself. (Said totally with love and spiritual grace, lol.) And I’ll explain why, on the next post…"

      Because if you invest it, it means you are creating value, which anybody can benefit from, therefore, you create money. If you spend it to charity, you are creating nothing. It is a waste of money really. What helps more, creating a factory, which offer 1000 jobs to the people as well as product to use, or give the money for helping the poor? Producing goods and services is what helps the poor, not charity. Many idiot, who constantly asking why the riches don't help the poor are ignoring the facts, that the riches is emerged from offering insane amount and quality stuff, which never would exist without them, like Amazon, Microsoft, any car company, any store in the world, any services, basically EVERYTHING which is on the market.

      Yet, they ask more. Stuff for free. Agree on that bro, they can fuck themselves!

      May I wasn't supposed to write this?

      1. Daniel, I'm agree with you until some point.

        Yes, rich people can use the money to invest in creating jobs for poor people (since some of poor expect riches without work).

        But there are also people who enrich themselves by not paying the right amount of money for the work (the modern sclavagism in Asia where big companies like Zara, Apple, and many more pay 1 dollar a day for 14-16 hours work and many of workers are exhausted) there are some documentaries who support what I'm saying.

        Randy mentioned many times that donations are part of prosperity process, even if you donate to the local church or some organisation.

        1. "and many more pay 1 dollar a day for 14-16 hours work "

          There is no company in the world which is benefiting from killing its own labour. They make less energy than what they use, this eventually leads them to death. Besides, if it were somehow true, you can imagine an economy, where is 1 dollar a day meaning a good payment. It must be a commie paradise. The lowest salaries are in Africa and nowhere near to Asia. I think the lowest one is about 450 dollar a year / capita. Even this is more than 1 dollar a day. By the way, the reason is because the totally barbaric and violent "political" environment around them which repel any business ideas in the region. There is no way for any apple factory to build there. I hate to say this but black people was always tortured their own people trough history the most. This is what we can observe in Africa.

    2. People with poor mentality may come with the objection of :"why buying expensive stuff when you can buy cheap and donate the rest to poor people". Most of people who are saying this are broke, frustrated and probably they don't donate huge amounts of money or not at all (since they barely have for themselves)

      Looking forward reading the new post 😉

      1. Some may consider college expensive, and I do think there are better ways to educate people that are more affordable. My plan was to get my doctorate in computer science because of the income I could make and live on while building a business. Luckily I had the opportunity to make a change in my degree if I wanted to. I decided to get my doctorate in management with a concentration on global leadership. I have worked in corporate America and that is why I first looked at a network marketing business. I have found similar results in different types of corporations and I know I am not the only one. My research is helping to understand organization cultures around the world. Thinking when we first go into business, we carry all the organizational culture stuff with us, even though that is what we want to break free from.
        I explore and learn and share it with others, And I need to earn an income to live on.

    3. When you can't figure out where the next meal will come from , you gotta gut us some slack , Doubt we even have the energy to go F ourself.
      interesting piece though

    4. It is your decision how you spend your money. If you want to buy me a first class ticket, I would ride first class. If I am buying the tickets, I'll buy the best/lowest price I can find.

      Thinking about classes, money doesn't determine if you get into heaven. I think loving others and equality does. So a class system based on inequality may be blocking people from love and eternity. I think it is ok to have different priced seats, the naming system may not be the best.

      Believing in eternity is another problem. If you think just one person went to heaven and rose from the dead, then you believe in equality and you don't believe in your own eternity.

      We aren't suppose to talk about beliefs and religion. Not talking about it isn't going to solve the problem. Not talking about is probably part of the plot to dis-empower people and rule them.

      1. Bernice, Equality is an impossible to achieve ideal. Have you studied the 80-20 rule at all? It seems to be a law of nature.
        Give people equality of opportunity by equally staying out of their way. And then let them decide what they want to do and who they want to be.

    5. If your going to expand your consciousness, since that's the "only real reality", I found it very effective to go "all in"; in a positive obsession like way!

      Love the Bally Loafers idea; especially the pair with the tread like soul. Kind of cool! #Awesomepost Sir Randy! #grateful

    6. Great to see so many comments on this. Thanks RG for peeling the onion back on how you think about this. Makes total sense to invest in yourself when you can. The more I expand my prosperity consciousness, the better life becomes. I’m more of a Ferragamo guy

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