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The Only Tragedy in Goal Setting

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Lots of talk in the self-development space about goal setting.  And rightfully so.  Setting goals creates a desired vision, gives you focus, and something to be accountable about.  But what happens when you fall short?

Some people seem to think missing goals is a tragedy.  One of the biggest limiting mind viruses you’ll find is people suggesting you tone down your goals to be “more realistic” or “not set yourself up for disappointment.”  In many cases, what they actually telling you (although they may not be aware of it consciously), is “Stay safe, be mediocre.  Please don’t overachieve because then you’ll take away the excuses I use to stay average.”

Missing your goal isn’t a tragedy.  Tragedy is not having a goal.

– RG

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One thought on “The Only Tragedy in Goal Setting

  1. Eric C Smith says:

    I work an in person sales job and this dynamic is a motherfucker.

    Will keep this in mind. I may of unlocked a new layer to all this subconcious programming stuff you talk about.


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