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The Only Free Cheese Is In the Mousetrap

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 29, 2020

Does that title above sound like I’m being flippant?  It’s a cute, concise, and clever way to describe the profound manner the laws of prosperity operate. 

Most people can sniff the free cheese from a mile away, but they fail to see the mousetrap.  You can’t manifest prosperity winning the lottery, getting an inheritance, or discovering oil in your backyard. Although situations like those sometimes create temporary wealth, true prosperity is maintained only when you live by the laws that govern it. Studies have shown again and again that most poor people who win large windfalls in the lottery are broke and miserable ten years later. And we are talking about people who have won ten, twenty, or even forty million dollars. They got the cash, but they didn’t have the prosperity consciousness. So the money didn't stay, and the other elements of prosperity never showed up. Wealth won’t hang around if you’re not taking the necessary actions. There is always a price to pay, which is offering the universe a fair exchange of value for the blessings you receive.

A big part of that price is becoming the kind of person who practices daily actions and has a mindset congruent wit prosperity.  There is no free cheese.  If you let the checkout clerk give you an extra five bucks, wire your house for cable without paying for it, or use a site to watch a bootleg transmission of a pay-per-view event – you’re trying to live in violation of universals laws.  Those laws have more power than you and the debt always comes due, in one way or another. 

Prosperous people don’t obsess over coupons, discounts. or bargaining – and they never look for unfair ways to exploit others.  Be happy to exchange value for value for all the possible good comes your way.

Peace, - RG

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