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The Magic of Massage

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By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

All this week we’ve been doing a series on health, since it’s such an important prerequisite for success and prosperity.  Today I was going to talk about structural alignment.  But on reflection, I think it would make more sense to explore the benefits of massage first and then hit structure on the next post.

Pretty much everyone appreciates a massage, but it’s shocking how few people actually get regular massage treatments from a professional masseur.  And if you’re not, you’re missing out on something that can help your health and wellness (and thus your prosperity) a great deal.

Yes, massages feel great and they’re very relaxing.  Massage can help your disposition and reduce stress, certainly a health benefit in itself.  But it offers much, much more…

Massage can help you sleep better, benefit your digestion, and improve your circulation.  Increased circulation allows your body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.   This also helps stimulate the flow of your lymph system, your body’s natural defense system against toxic invaders.  This increased circulation of blood and lymph systems improves the condition of your skin as well.

A good massage will relax injured and overused muscles, reduce spasms and cramping, and increase your flexibility.  It can speed up recovery time from injuries, and ease pain.  This can decrease your need for medication.  Some methods such as Thai massage can provide exercise and stretching for atrophied muscles and reduces shortening of the muscles if you have restricted range of motion.

If everyone in the world got a massage every week – there would be no war!

Personally I like to mix up massage styles, and because I’m always at a resort somewhere, I can do Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Native America Head Massage (which was fascinating), hot stone, and reflexology (which probably deserves its own post).  Usually though my mainstays are deep tissue and Thai.  If you live in South Florida, I have two amazing guys I use:

For Thai massage I discovered Pure Energy Massage a while back.    Thai massage does a great deal of stretching and that really helps after strenuous athletic workouts.  And he’s great; a wonderful guy and very intuitive.  His website is:

Here is South Beach, David Salih is amazing.  I discovered him doing chair massages at Whole Foods about 15 years ago and been a client ever since.  He’s done a lot of self-development and is an amazing musician, so he brings a wonderful energy into the equation.  He specializes in deep tissue, but has more recently integrated some Thai techniques as well.  Find him at

I have another amazing Thai massage guy in Sydney, but alas, have his card in my apartment there, so can’t give you the details now.  But I will say that the Thai massage place on Oxford Street, up about four blocks from the park, just down from Flinders always has great body workers.  Normally I like guys because after softball tournaments or 15-hour flights I’m looking for stronger pressure.  But the Asians seem to have better training, so even the ladies there are strong enough to work out deep knots.  They’ll even walk on your back if they have to.

So do you have an amazing massage therapist where you live?  Please share their info below.  And next post we’ll really get to structural integration.


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31 thoughts on “The Magic of Massage

  1. Remède Physique

    Charelston, WV and Lewisburg, WV

    nutritional therapy, massage therapy specializing in structural integration and essential oils, hatha and kriya yoga instruction

  2. Joe G says:

    Randy writes, “it’s shocking how few people actually get regular massage treatments from a professional masseur.” Here in the states societal norms consider getting a massage as a “luxury.” So most subconsciously have worthiness and deserving issues playing. I just got back from a chair massage at Whole Foods. It’s a dollar per minute. You deserve it!

    1. Annie says:

      If I am wrong and we do need a message to be prosperous… I hope one day it will be included in universal healthcare. That way so many more people can enjoy them and be prosperous!! Thanks Joe

      PS Randy I just love yanking your chain.:) I just ate a piece of cheese and thought of you. It wasn’t in a mouse trap I paid for it.

      1. Joe G says:


        What I hope for is more people who are prosperous so we don’t need universal health care.

        1. Annie says:

          Joe- My hope is the same, I hope that universal health care will bring prosperity, to those who may have never dreamt of it before. More and more prosperous people.

          Anyway, I am not sure if the health care crisis is entirely due to people not being prosperous.

          In my opinion, health care should never be a for profit industry. There is no way for any for us to put a price on an individuals life. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Get that massage! Great posts this week!

  4. Ceci Graber says:

    I agree 100% . I discovered massage a few years back, and been been hooked ever since.
    The health benefits are immense for me. I believe it to be beneficial both for body and mind.
    Here in Canada, most extended health plans give you twelve free a year, and I’m always surprised when people don’t use them..
    there is magic in human touch.. it’s food for the soul.. we don’t touch each other enough.. and it’s so nourishing.. weather received from the hands of a professional, your mom or a special friend.. all lovely! 🙂

  5. kathleen Caldwell says:

    As a Swedish/reflexology masseuse myself, I appreciate both the support and reminder 🙂
    It is so easy to take care of others and forget to recharge ones self. I don’t treat myself to a massage nearly enough. I do use hydro therapy, Detox foot baths/pads for lymph cleansing and reflexology on myself. I also love aromatherapy. I am learning more everyday, about energy work of all kinds including the incredible power of our own mind.
    Thank you Randy for helping us be the best all around that we can be.

  6. Annie says:

    I like the idea of messages. I also think it would be nice if it eliminated war!

    After I had my son, I thought if everyone could give birth, there would never be war again. If Mom’s ruled the world, I am sure there would be peace and most problems would be resolved. 🙂

    I have been thinking about the health series, and to be honest I am not sure one has to do most of these things to be prosperous. I mean it certainly helps to be mentally and physically fit. But, the means to getting there is a very individual thing.

    So, it is nice you share what helps you, but I don’t believe that acupuncture, chiropractics, or massage is necessary for prosperity. Nothing against any of it. I know people right here in this Cow Town I’m living in that use acupuncture, chiropractics, and massage. However, it’s relevency to everyone’s prospertity I am not so sure of.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.


    1. Randy Gage says:

      What I said it you must have health to experience true prosperity. This series is a look at different modalities and techniques that help people reach optimal health.


      1. Annie says:

        Right on, your (you Randy Gage) optimal health. Yes, I think some of these suggestions are helpful and can enhance one’s health. But are they necessary for everyone’s optimal health?

        Anyway, I was at church tonight, and I read one of my favorite prayers, by one of my all time favorite Saints. St. Francis of Assisi, his prayer is the one that begins “Make me a channel of your peace…” Have you heard it?

        I don’t know how you feel about animals, but St. Francis is the Saint who prayes for all the little pets. On his feast day in October, you can bring your pet to Mass and have the priest bless it. Sophie the Pooh has been blessed. 🙂 Anyway, I was reading this evening an editorial about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, since her movie came out, a lot of editorialists are weighing in. I was taken how very opposite her philosophy was to this Saint I love so much.

        I was thinking, I wish Randy could read this prayer. St. Francis was a man with an interesting background, if you don’t know him, google him. If you want.

        I know I can’t change you or you me, but understanding differences is always nice.


  7. Joe G says:

    I just read this and thought it was applicable to this discussion:
    “Using money to nurture yourself is a manifestation of your acceptance of yourself and your endoresement of Self.” Dr Robert Anthony
    So do you accept yourself? How are you demonstrating it?

  8. Marcia says:

    I have been a Massage Therapist for 20 years and I have always educated my clients on the real benefits of a massage done properly. It was great to read your comments explaining the benefits. I try to get some type of body work once a week. Massage, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Thai Massage as well as brain balancing. I rarely become ill and I believe this practice is the reason. Keeping our bodies in balance can only lead to better functioning in all areas of our lives – Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. Thus being in the flow opens the doors to all sorts of opportunities.
    Thanks Randy.

  9. Ann Sado says:

    Dear Randy,
    If you come to Japan, I have amazing therapists that I can introduce. Dr. Kodama in Aoyama above the Hunting World in the Lions Mansion, 10F, called EMC Shiatsu combines shiatsu, kikou (energy flow healing) and seitai (spinal vertebrae adjustments), and people from all walks of life go there. He cures slipped disc, hernia, and other dysfunctions of the hip, joints, even skeletal imbalance of the head, etc. but it is all by appointment base and is 10000 yen for about 50 minute session. My son just started working at Tanaka Chiryoin in Gaienmae, which is a clinic focusing on shiatsu (finger pressure therapy) but he also does acupuncture and moxa of the meredian points. Dr. Tanaka is a seasoned, experienced shiatsu therapist in this business for 40 some years like Dr. Kodama. My personal trainer’s wife is a Lomi Lomi massage therapist. In Japan there are so many alternative healing methods which are herbal medicine, kikou (energy healing), shiatsu, accupuncture, moxa, seitai, chiropractice, massage of all types, and other relaxation methods. The hotspring is the most favorite Japanese past time to relieve chilling, muscle pain, and all sorts of ailments including asthma, arthritis, etc. with different sulphuric, mineral, and other contents. Dr. Suzuki whose clinic is in Sasatsuka, who does energy flow healing changes the energy field without touching the body so much so that whatever pain, discomfort, and tightness one was feeling is all gone after about an hour of treatment and sleep relaxation! I am blessed to have these healers around me and wonderful people who help me to keep my mind, body, soul in a peaceful condition. True prosperity is to be able to attract some healers who really serve the people and not for their own gain or fame. Ann

  10. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    I like your 3 last messages about health through propper food, chiropractic and massage. I think these components are very important to maintain an active lifestyle and be fit for life. It is through actions you achieve your goals, and action require energy, and to have that energy, you need these. The body is our tool to get things done in the physical univers.

  11. Inna says:

    This salon is located in downtown Odessa,Ukraine. I’ve been a client for 5 years and I love how I’ve been treated there.

  12. David says:

    Dear Randy,

    What a cool post. There is a therapist in South Beach named “Orlando”, who is a legend in some circles. Should you want to have deep tissue, trigger point work done, this is the man. When I went to masage school in 2003, my friends told me about how detailed Orlando was and how much pressure he could exert in just a few key joints to get the maximum effect. I think one person told me they saw God when he worked on them.

    That may not be a surprise to many since work like yours reminds us to see our own divinity even when we are not having a heavenly day.

    Can I recommend any therapist higher?

    Since I have been getting massage and body work since 1990, I have had a chance to enjoy the work of practitioners from all over the world, too. Orlando has worked in Europe and North America for over 15 years and is an ageless, timeless, wonder of nature. He asks a few questions and then goes right into some “massozone”.

    Check him out if you want deep work.
    Thanks for another awesome post.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      So how do we find him?

  13. John Riley says:

    Holistic therapies are a great way to reinvigorate your soul. When I first started to use some of these modalities, (Accupuncture, Chiropractic, and Massage) My theory was,”can’t hurt, might help” Somewhere in between I began to feel the importance of such things, It works! Here in Wilton Manors, my masseurs are from Infinite health Massage, The setting is peaceful with music, aromatherapy and singing bowls that enhance your time. Both Don and Paul
    have wonderful hands! Thanks RG for the reminder!

  14. Eve says:

    As a massage therapist one would assume I would advertise here. So then, when my intuition pointed me in another direction I was filled with a bit of wonder. So I will share that exploration here, more for myself than anything else, but let’s see.

    I love my profession. I have some of the best people for clients. Really good people who are also very prosperous. I have a house call business which was created from word of mouth advertising, and because of some of the dangers in the field, do not advertise in other ways.

    When I am with my clients I am 100% fully present for them. I focus on good intentions: health, healing, wellness, prosperity and allow my intuition to choose from the variety of tools I have obtained from a variety of healing methods to create a feeling of resonance that matches the peace in my heart.

    Some of my clients feel more comfortable talking and if that is the case I give them the space to do so. Some will ask what I am doing so I will briefly explain the mechanics. Other than that I do not talk much or at all during the sessions trying to explain what I am doing because it’s better for my clients to “be” with what I am doing. I’m not trying to sell the benefits to their minds. My focus is with creating health flow and not getting too caught up in the hows. You can reach deeper places of healing when the mind relaxes but it’s always a fine way to approach that because if you tell the mind not to talk…guess what it’s going to want to do?

    I also do not advertise because I want to keep my business as a stable support for my life while I explore myself and other forms of healing that can help all those that can’t afford massage. I have a soft heart so it is hard to tell someone who really needs the work what my prices are when I know they can’t afford them. I haven’t abandoned them, with my extra time I am growing and exploring. But for the time being I keep these worlds a bit separate.

    When I have grown enough I see myself creating a type of community where volunteers run the basics and as you grow you become more prosperous and can charge as well as pay for more services. But this entry level place is where everyone would start. I believe that when we are dealing with healing methods it is very important for practitioners to practice what they learn and use it on each other so they can really feel what is happening and not just apply techniques based on faith but with experience. Since healing comes from resonance, The best healer is one that is healed. And if we don’t take time out to “be” with each other our healing potential is limited.

    With this community I also see it not as a place to just create health and wellness, but a place to celebrate it. Celebrating keeps things alive! So it is much more than just a healing spa. It is large community with all are contributing to the wellness of the whole by uncovering who they authentically are.

    But getting back to massage, weather I am a client or the therapist, the basics of health are the same: Do what we can to remove any obstructions and then fill ourselves up with the spirit of health, wellness and prosperity in ways that nourish our minds, hearts and bodies. Seek what is out there but listen and connect deeply with your intuition and heart because this will guide you.

    Our deeper connections are all guided by the same life force that has everyone’s best interest in mind. It knows what is the best for you as well as everyone else. And that will sometimes be different from each other. And that is ok because we are all needed in different places to make the whole work in harmony.

    So I am not advertising here but I can say massage is great! I love it! And now I am off to read what you guys wrote about it.

    1. Eve says:

      ps, I wrote my vision very quick so it really doesn’t depict the fullness of it. when I say volunteers run the basics that is not really what I mean. But it’s like a way of passing on what you learn before charging money for it. More of an apprenticeship which serves the greater community.

  15. Vernell Spann says:

    My favorite in Arverne, NY is Surreal Serenity. Owner Sheree Turner-Sophas is AMAZING!

  16. Mary-Ellen says:

    I gave my ex fiance a massage almost every night we were together. I know, “ohh stop it””. Don’t worry. I did. Maybe it’s my turn to get some. I like the comment about reinforcing your self value by doing good for yourself. Hot rock massage, here I come.

  17. CINDY says:

    I agree that massage can improve one’s health, wealth, & happiness.
    I will go 2 steps further and say that Acupuncture & massage go hand in hand
    in improving life’s quality. Acupuncture enables the body to heal itself. Given this thought one can well imagine the potential it provides the recipient: a tremendous sense of WELL-BEING, definitive stress relief, and the ability of the individual to vibrate on a grander scale Both mentally & physically! Try it some time!

  18. CINDY says:

    Neil Sydney Singer-Miami, FL

  19. Annie says:

    Happy Easter Mr. Randy! Hope you get a chocolate bunny.:)


  20. Randy,

    The way we feel determines our behavior. If everyone felt great then there would be no war or any other kind of acts of aggression.

    Feeling good has to be a priority.

  21. Idael Perez says:

    Hi Randy, I have followed your articles for a long time already, I can tell you all of them are excellent, instructive and inspiring.

    I truly appreciate the fact that you took your time to write an article about Therapeutic Massage and its benefits. This article is not only beneficial for Massage Therapists (I prefer to call us Massage Therapists and not “professional masseur”), but also for people in general.

    It is quite important to keep on educating our friends, our family members and everyone around us about Therapeutic Massage. Some people consider it a luxury, but it is not; some others try to give a sexual connotation, but it should never be seen like that.

    Here, at my practice,I take my time to educate and provide as much information as possible to everyone and each of my patients, and I hope every therapist out there is doing the same, it is going to be the only way to see Massage Therapy as a healing approach to the whole human body.

    Thank you so much Randy for your dedication and passion in your profession. Thank you for being the great person that you are.

    Idael Perez

  22. Massage is really a magic. It not only provides easy way to find physical and intellectual wellness but also rejuvenate overused muscles, reduce spasms and cramping, and increase flexibility. It alleviate the muscular tension by escalating oxygen flow and the movement of blood all through the body.


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