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The Infinite Nature of Money…

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

In the last post, we discussed the issues of who gets to decide what is moral and isn’t, and who decides where the money goes.  While the intent may be noble (and usually begins that way), the end result is evil.  I also said there was another negative element.  Here’s what that is…

This whole discussion of morality centered around arguments like should Joe fly First Class or donate that money to save the rainforest (orphans, whales, tofu burgers, etc.) is based on a flawed premise.  The argument is based on the premise that money is a finite resource.  But money (currency) is simply a man-man mind virus.  Currency is a method of barter, a convenient way to exchange value.  But the “real” element of prosperity is the value that you create, which can be exchanged to begin with.  That value is infinite.  The more value you create for the world, the more prosperous you will become.  It’s a law of the universe.

It’s not a question of flying First Class or helping the orphans in Africa.  You can do both, if you choose to.

– RG

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8 thoughts on “The Infinite Nature of Money…

  1. Ulli says:

    Rich people can do both. Many prosperity teachers teach that. Thanks for reminding us once again.

    1. Tom says:

      Ulli, I think “rich” is a subjective term. There are plenty of people with a lot of money that don’t give away a penny. And that’s ok. There are plenty of people that maybe don’t have a lot extra, but help out any way they can. I’d say the latter is more prosperous and has a prosperity mindset.

  2. I prefer to defend and promote free enterprise which is the most noble cause of all.

    1. Bernice Ani Alive says:

      What if heaven is a feminine culture (nurturing and caring) instead of a masculine culture?

  3. Bernice Alive says:

    And if you fly first class and help orphans in Africa …and you don’t see yourself and others as equals and good,,, ?
    best to see yourself and others as created equal and good and with the will to choose to.

  4. Money is just a piece of paper. Paintings just colours on canvas. Cars are just bunch of metals. Humans are just walking waters. I got it. The value of the money is the agreement behind it. Poker cards have no value, yet, they can make you rich or broke, depending on how you use it. Weddings are based on agreements (maybe not the best example). Every single contracts is written on paper. But you think money have no intrinsic value, because you can’t bash a nail with it.

    The one and single thing what all humans are agree is the value of money. There is no other things in the planet, which as much people agree on. Even if somebody is hating money, he or she can pay with it. Every single piece of this paper contain the agreement of the human race. Yet, for you, it is a mind virus.

    Let me ask something: how we do know what things are saints? Like the Shroud of Turin? Because we said it is saint, therefore it is saint and that’s all.

  5. Bernice Ani Alive says:

    Who decides if God is male or female or both? Who decides which gender or culture is superior?
    I believe we are created equal and good. Others may believe we are unequal and born sinners.
    I may believe in spiritual resurrection and life on earth and others may not, or may believe it is for someone else.
    I may believe in kindness and happiness while others may believe in ___________.

    If you don’t like your results, change your beliefs and your God.
    You can have money, health, prosperity, happiness, and eternity.
    You may have to give up hate, discrimination, inequality, and harming others.

    1. Bernice Ani Alive says:

      You can have money and believe we are created equal, kind and good.
      You can be overweight and believe we are created equal, kind, and good.
      Money and weight did not make a difference with love.
      You can be rich or poor and still go to heaven.
      You can be thin or overweight and still go to heaven.
      You can also be any combination of rich, poor, thin, overweight and not go to heaven.


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