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The Illusion of Happiness

By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

The addict looks for the next high, thinking it will make her happy. It won’t.

The exotic car collector thinks acquiring a Bugatti will make him happy.  It won’t.

The single person believes that finding the right partner will make them happy.  It won’t.

The music aficionado thinks that getting a hold of the elusive Grateful Dead track recorded in Monterrey will make her happy.  It won’t.

Many people have the illusion that getting something or someone will make them happy.  What they don’t understand is that happiness is not the same thing as excitement, adrenaline, or thrills.   Happiness is happiness.

– RG

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2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Happiness

  1. Keith says:

    It comes from within. Appreciate the reminder Randy.

  2. Gabe Munoz says:

    Simple yet profound. Thanks! Need that new book brother!


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