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The Human Spirit

human spirit
By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

After the last post, I heard from my good friend Steve Siebold.  He wrote me, “The first-world is Disneyland, where we live in a bubble and have discussions like these.  The vast majority of the world is dark and brutal, where the priorities are food, shelter, survival, and war.  We should be positive because we won the geographical lottery.”

I hear what he’s saying… 

Truth is, those of us living in the first world have won a lottery in a sense.  (Although I would argue we had a large role in creating the conditions we enjoy.)  And I’m not so naive to think that there aren’t serious challenges in the developing world.

But here’s why I won’t buy into the dark side…

I traveled extensively in the second and third world, usually doing programs on how to reach success.  And the passion, dedication and effort the people there display for free enterprise is inspirational, breath-taking, and heart-warming.  Once someone drove for five days, sleeping in their car, simply to shake my hand in Moscow.  I’ve had people travel by train for 40 hours to get to one of my seminars in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Did a program in Lima where someone rode over the mountains from Colombia in the back of a pickup truck with livestock.  Had someone come to a program in Trujillo, riding on a mule.

There is almost nothing so powerful as a person with a dream.  And getting to witness that personally as I am so blessed to do, can’t help but leave me optimistic.

I’ve seen the passion in the eyes of people pursuing their dreams from San Diego to London, La Paz to Sydney, San Salvador to Memphis, and Seoul to a trailer park in Pensacola.

The human spirit is extraordinary.  And every time you get the chance – bet on it.


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4 thoughts on “The Human Spirit

  1. chrislianos says:

    Hey Randy, perhaps the line in the middle that is often not talked about is the ‘likelihood’ of someone from a 2nd and 3rd world country taking the prosperity journey. The visible options are less and the indoctrination in a particular way of living – and thinking – far deeper I would think than in a 1st world country. Does our lottery-win by being born in a 1st world country make it easier or harder to win the race? One could argue that mediocrity is it’s own vice – but I have to agree with Steve that the ‘likelihood’ of the human spirit emerging is greater in a 1st world country because our basic needs are for the most part already met.

  2. I rather call some tax paradises to first-world, instead of a highly leftist country (I know, almost the whole world are leftist).

    About your video Randy: why you call the money neutral? If the money wouldn’t be exist, our monetary system will go back to the stone-age with us. If better to have something than don’t have it, this is not neutral. This is good.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      The point I’m making in the video is that money has no inherent value in and of itself. It is simply a medium for exchanging goods and services. -RG

  3. Eric C Smith says:

    when you are really getting into your dreams/vision, you really take a moment to pause and fully envision it right? meditate etc


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