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The “Good” Evil People in Your Life

Posted By: Randy GageAugust 23, 2018

I’m not sure how to say this nicely.  So I’ll just say it.  Your parents probably screwed you up.  Big time.  And if your parents didn’t, probably some close family friends, early teachers, or coaches did.

Why do I believe this?

Because eight out of ten people are seriously confused, live without a congruent philosophy, and continually self-sabotage their own happiness, success and prosperity.  This isn’t natural human behavior.  It is behavior caused by negative programming and limiting beliefs, which were instilled in them before their eighth birthday.

For most of you, I could spend 30 minutes with you, ask less then ten questions – and then be able to pinpoint when and how you were brainwashed with evil, insidious beliefs that have, or still are, messing up your life.

Most likely, by a good person, who wanted nothing but the best for you.

There are a lot of good people, who have done evil things for you.  You’ve probably already figured out some of them.  And you need to figure out who the others are.  (And if you need more help on that, read this book.  Or listen to this podcast.)

Not to get even with those people, confront them, or punish them.  (Because that would just be you sliding back into victim-hood.)  Don’t waste a precious second of your life trying to assign blame.  Please understand that the people who caused you hurt did so for one of two reasons:

  • They were hurting themselves and unknowingly perpetuating the pain cycle.


  • They unwittingly gave you horrendous advice, because they didn’t realize the negative memes and beliefs they were infected with. They actually wanted the best for you.

So you don’t try to figure out how you got negative programming to discover your tormentors.  You do it because you need to know what limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back or actually sabotaging your results.  Because once you know what those beliefs are, you can eviscerate them, and replace them with ones that empower you.

Which is where we’ll pick up on the next post.  Until then, please share your thoughts below.


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  • 9 comments on “The “Good” Evil People in Your Life”

    1. Don't forget to mention that most of the people are like sabotaging. Deep inside they often know what they doing. The "nice guy" image is just a trick to cover their hidden agenda. I don't wanted to believe this, when I figured it out, but that's the truth. I have read in a book, that "How do you know if somebody want to deliberately f@ck with you? Because it hurts you, thats how." It is that simple. If it hurt, it is deliberately. If it is happening by mistake, it won't hurt you so much, because it is obvious to your soul that is by mistake. I know it is bitter, because everyone wants to believe in an inherently good world, but it is just not the truth. And naivety is often just a form of denial.

    2. I think that actually life is dramatic - not tragic, as Jordan Peterson says, different concept -, namely that it pushes your freedom to act according your core values and being. If we did not have this, we would not grow, period. Bad people or nice people doing bad things given that they are involved in the evil chain is just the same old story of life and history. Once you canceled the false program of "positive thinking" and have assumed that you have to be ready to cope all what can occur in your life, you got already the first giant step.

    3. Perhaps fortunately, I've been listening to you since your "Duplication Nation" set, as well as reading many of the books and engaging with so many others you recommend. Your post reminded me of my mum, dad, gran, etc, all saying things like "That's not for the like of us" when someone would visit us with a nice car (we used the bus of course), or "Don't get too big for your boots" when I came top in the class!

      A different approach I've used to identifying the limiting beliefs, is looking at the beliefs that someone has (or is likely to have) who has achieved what you want to achieve, then visualise those beliefs, affirm that you have them and act as if you have already got them (without spending like a millionaire before someone challenges this!).

      Working well for me, and improving all the time, partly due to your friend Wes Linden as well.

    4. Unfortunately, what you state here is true. The fact is the human mind produces around 50,000 thoughts per day, the majority of those are negative and/or not truthful. Often times, we sabotage ourselves and others without even consciously knowing it. Once you are able to go back in your life (usually in your childhood) and discover the major events which have and still are causing your negative thoughts, you are able to incorporate tools to squelch those thoughts. As with any skill, the more often you do it, the less often you will be motivated by condescending, negative thoughts. It takes diligence and constant implementation but you can dispel thoughts that are detrimental to your enlightenment and your progression for making yourself a better human being, which all results in greater happiness (after all, isn't greater happiness the one thing all of us are trying to strive for?).

    5. What about the belief that failures are where the breakthroughs are? Is being afailure better?
      You have one chance for eternity/heaven, I don't think the breakthroughs is in failure.

    6. We all have heard the story of loves and fishes. Jesus is preaching to large crowds of followers who sit and listen without food and money. This story is creating poor followers. Poverty costs everyone. You were born prosperous. Regardless of how much money you have, or your family has, you all were born prosperous

      That is exactly where the writers of the Bible ( not God) are attacking you and telling you that you are poor. You are homeless, without food, without money, and you wait for the church to help you.

      There were Roman-Jewish wars going on in the first century. Jews wrote the Bible. Roman’s banned the Bible/Christianity for several hundred years.

      I think they forgot why they banned the Bible and Christianity.

      We have to tell a different story to create prosperity, a home, healthy food, healthy planet, healthy people, kindness, well paying and affordable living.

      I think Bernice (in the Bible) is and was in the light. I think she was different from the Jewish people. She knew babies are born in the light.

      I also think she was betrayed by someone. Writers of the Bible betrayed her. They used some truths mixed with deadly beliefs. They were attacking the Roman empire and the world. They were creating enemies and destroying them with beliefs.

      This has harmed many people and the planet.

      We have to make changes to live. We have to take care of ourselves, others, and the planet. We have to empower people to be kind and prosperous.

      The Bible is also creating sinners, shame, guilt, sorrow (sorry), sickness, death, etc.

      We need to stop listening to this and replace it with healthy beliefs and ways.

    7. I believe it was the latter: I was given really "horrendous advice" and they had zero idea they were carriers of memes.. am super vigilant now.. and immersed/ committed in sharing this great news too!

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