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The Gift of Receiving

By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

Every day the universe poses a very profound question to you.  It wants to know:

Exactly how much abundance are you willing to accept today?

And how you answer that question each and every day determines the amount of health, happiness and success you will achieve for your life.

Have you seen the WestJet Christmas video yet.  If not, you can see it here.  They set up a video Santa who asked everyone boarding a flight what they wanted for Christmas.  Then while the flight was in the air, they ran out, bought and wrapped all the presents!  The passengers landed and instead of luggage, found their presents coming around the carousel.  The video has gone viral, over 30 million views last time I checked.  It has a lot of lessons: giving back, corporate conscience, brilliant use of social media, just to name a few.

But did you catch the most important lesson from the prosperity standpoint?

Think about those people and what they asked that virtual Santa for.  Most of the kids had no problem asking for the present they wanted most.  Kids are usually very prosperous, because they haven’t had it programmed out of them yet.  There was the guy that said, “Well I could really use some socks and underwear.”  And then there was the family that asked for a big HD television.

And everyone got what they asked for…

Think about that guy that asked for the socks and underwear.  Or more specifically, the chances that YOU would have answered the question that same way.  Why did he do that?  Why would you do that?

The programming you received when you were five, six, or seven years old.  Programming to not draw attention for yourself, be sensible, be practical, and never ask for things for yourself.

That guy could have asked Santa for anything, but he said socks and underwear.  When all those presents started rolling off the luggage carousel, do you think he may have been wishing he asked for something more?

Now that’s easy for me to say.  I’m “the prosperity guy’ who has been teaching this stuff for more than twenty years.  You probably think I write this blog for you.  But I really write it for myself…

A couple of days ago, I was on the phone with Ann Feinstein, thanking her for the beautiful Christmas present I received from her and her husband David.  It was a very clever idea:  She took that funny graphic of me in my cape and tights, Photoshopped it with colors and a background, and had it framed.

We were discussing this and she mentioned how hard it was to find things for me.  I told her to stop worrying about it.  When I want something, I buy it.  I said it was not necessary to ever buy me anything; I was just grateful they are in my life.  That’s when she said, ”Would you please read the blog you just posted a couple of days ago?  Would you start following your own advice please and accept things when people want to give them to you?”


So my holiday wish for you  is the same one I wish for myself.  Give.  Give generously.  And be willing to receive.

– RG

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64 thoughts on “The Gift of Receiving

  1. Ashish Ahlawat says:

    merry Christmas randy #regards

  2. Jozef Pepe Psota says:

    BOOM !!!

  3. Ashish Ahlawat says:

    yippie my comment first

  4. Rafael Miecznikowski says:

    Sweetheart, i love you so, your love is healing me, empowering and allowing to abundantly grow

  5. Robert Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas Randy Gage – a million thankyous for your sage advice throughout the year

  6. Jo Galloway says:

    Have a beautiful festive break Randy. X

  7. Ferah Tyler says:

    merry chritmas randy you are the best love you so much

  8. #HappyHolidays Randy! Thank for being such an inspiration to me and so many across the globe. Blessings ~ CLB

  9. SPS Chauhan says:

    Thanks for posting this Video. Its pure brilliance !!
    I believe now that every day is Full of Abundance. If we go with a Cup that what we will get and if we go out with a Bucket that’s what we will get. Its all programmed in our Brains BUT we have the power to reprogram it !! That’s what I am continuously & consciously doing every day.
    Merry X-Mas Randy.

  10. ShelbyNolan1 says:

    Thank you Randy for the awesome post and reminder 🙂

  11. Jonathan1 says:

    VERY cool video Randy with a even cooler message. And yes, I agree that most of us, myself included, tend to sell ourselves short and NOT think BIG enough!  But my vision is BIG and I’m OPEN to receive all and more since the Universe is infinite as is the abundance around us. Have a VERY Happy Holiday that’s infinite in the amount of love and joy it brings you and yours!

  12. Leeloo says:

    Merry Christmas and enjoy all your gifts – the ones you chose for yourself and the ones you received for X-mas from friends. We all like to “give”, as you do.

    Enjoy and happy holidays. You´re great!! 
    Why not accept the greatness of your friends as well 🙂

  13. Karla Ticona says:

    Merry Christmas Randy!

  14. Alice L Ferreira says:

    Thanks. Merry Christmas Randy Gage. Blessings and much love!!!

  15. Patricia Paone says:

    Abundance and joy – I find it hard to receive as I have so much, not necessarily material things but a great deal of love and support from family and friends. Merry Christmas to the man in the blue tights and cape (love that picture).

  16. HeloiseDS says:

    Right on! And I just read someone’s post, asking to fill in the blank of “what do you want for Christmas…” And the first thing that popped up in my head was “I don’t know… I don’t need anything”. But that felt wrong. There are things I want, there aren’t objects though. And I thought about my latest dream wall, and well… of course I could fill in the blank 🙂

    I noticed that it’s easier for people to give than to receive. 
    I had to work on that and now I surprised sometimes myself by accepting without arguing. It’s also kinda disrespectful to refuse somebody’s gift. So now I’m just being grateful ♥
    And now I’m very grateful to you for remind me, us, of this gift!
    Thank You : )

  17. We should remember that there can’t be a giver without there being a receiver. Receive well.

  18. Sean OShea says:

    Fantastic post and reminder. As we’re taking about receiving, let me share a present with you as well. 🙂 Four and a half years ago I was a valet parking cars and working as a part time musician. I was Forty years old. I was making between 12k and 15k a year. My credit was ruined. I was driving an old truck given to me by my parents (because I couldn’t buy a car of my own). I was broke and constantly on the verge of major disaster. I lived in a broke down, exceptionally small one bedroom apartment. I had surrounded myself with relationships that were a study in dysfunction, toxicity, and lack thinking. It was pretty dark and fairly hopeless. Being forty I had begun to question whether all the big dreams I had had were all folly, and that struggle and lack were to be my lot.
    Super bummer!! 🙂
    Around that time a friend recommended I check out you, Bob Burg, and Larry Winget. I had just started reading Power Of Intention by

  19. Heloise De Smet says:

    Thanks Randy! Right on! Btw you’re invited After all you’re the one who passed on this tradition 🙂

  20. Sean OShea says:

    Fantastic post and reminder! As we’re taking about receiving Randy, let me share a present with you as well. 🙂
    Four and a half years ago I was a valet parking cars and working as a part time musician. I was Forty years old. I was making between 12k and 15k a year. My credit was ruined. I was driving an old truck given to me by my parents (because I couldn’t buy a car of my own). I was broke and constantly on the verge of major disaster. I lived in a broke down, exceptionally small one bedroom apartment. I had surrounded myself with relationships that were a study in dysfunction, toxicity, and lack thinking. It was pretty dark and fairly hopeless. Being forty I had begun to question whether all the big dreams I had had were all folly, and that struggle and lack were to be my lot.
    Super bummer!! 🙂
    Around that time a friend recommended I check out you, Bob Burg, and Larry Winget. I had just started reading Power Of Intention by Wayne Dyer and it was starting to open me up and was super helpful.
    I purchased all of your books, read your blog religiously, read all of Bob’s books, all of Larry’s books, and that’s where it all started to change. These led me become obsessed with learning more, pushing more, becoming more. I found Jim Rohn, and he was another perfect prosperity/success dimension that I needed to hear.
    Long story kinda long, I started my own dog training business, and I slowly built it up based on prosperity/success principles. It took off. I then started a dog training/life changing/business/sales/marketing seminar series (with two partners who were on similar prosperity paths) based on prosperity/success principles, and it too took off like gangbusters. I then started another company that sells DVDs, and other dog training products (here’s a link to our 49 second DVD teaser: I purchased the car of my dreams (2013 pimped out Jeep Rubicon), moved into a beautiful house AND picked up an amazing loft in my favorite city New Orleans, and now split my time between LA and Nola. I’m not a millionaire just yet, but I cleared close to 300k this year – up from 12k!!! Lol. I’m surrounded by awesome people, have a fantastic online/social media community, have had my blogs published, was hired by Cesar Millan to co-teach one of his seminars, and now get hired to speak on business and self-development. Honestly Randy, it’s still incredibly hard to believe – not in a lack/undeserving fashion, but in the so complete turnaround of it all!!
    So here’s my gift I wish for you to receive: Thank you so much for all the work, value, sharing, generosity, and authenticity you’ve shared with all of us. This stuff really does work!! Lol. What a difference 4 1/2 years make. To anyone else out there struggling, in pain, doubtful of your possibilities or of the truth and power of studying prosperity/self-development, all I can say is, if you really want more for yourself, it’s all just waiting for you to become more. Do the work and it will show up. Living proof is right here. 🙂
    Deepest gratitude Randy, and I will do my part to pass it on. 🙂
    Love ya man. 🙂

  21. Mihaela Colesica says:

    Merry Christmas, Randy!

  22. lynnhuber says:

    Fantastic post Randy!  And something I am always working on.

  23. kafotospr says:

    Thanks for remind me the same. Merry Christmas.

  24. jimbarber says:

    Randy, it’s a perfect time for this insightful reminder. Thanks! (And may all your dreams come true in the new year!)

  25. AnnFeinstein says:

    Sean OShea — Just read your comment about Randy’s post … congratulations on your tremendous success!!! What a story of transformation!! BRAVO! … just goes to show we are all 6 degrees of separation … as my husband and I along with our 2 Yorkies & Maltese are great fans & students of Cesar too!! … and mascot’s of our business!

  26. iceburner says:

    Thank you Randy. The gifts I receive are too numerous and too wonderful sometimes.  The mind meme that suggests I don’t deserve, the one that suggests I’ll never be able to pay them back, the one that wishes I could more, do better…. all get in the way of gratitude for the life I live.  We all do the best we can in the moment and we get another one following.  Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas! Thank you for taking point!

  27. Alexander Klimenko says:

    Привет из Украины! 🙂 Отличный пост.

  28. AnnFeinstein says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your authenticity towards acknowledging those special moments of awareness & acceptance… so as I sat down with my afternoon coffee to catch up on some emails, your postcard arrived!  By now, I should know better  than to open & read anything from you while drinking coffee, water or any beverage of choice … as I am now cleaning the spray off my computer screen!  LOL!! Merry Christmas dear friend!!

  29. urtheboss says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Randy. May you and yours be blessed.

  30. Mary-Ellen Johnson says:

    I loved that commercial and I agree with your sentiments about it Randy. They were lucky I wasn’t there because I would have asked for a Goldwing. Merry Christmas everyone.

  31. maryellen514 says:

    Loved that commercial. The airline was lucky I wasn’t on that flight. I would have asked for a Goldwing.

  32. pandkenterprises says:

    I wonder how they would have wrapped my Learjet?  Randy, how was yours wrapped when you purchased it (as if Randy really reads these posts)?

  33. Randy_Gage says:

    Sean OSheaTHat is wonderful to hear – a great Christmas present for me. 

  34. Sean OShea says:

    And me too! 🙂 Thanks man!! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  35. Laura Morgan says:

    Sean OShea as someone who knows you very well, I can attest to all the accomplishments you have laid out here, AND many many more!! you are one of the most wonderful people I know. Thank you for bring Randy into my life, as well, and continuing to pass on the gifts that you seek out and grow from daily.

  36. Sean OShea says:

    Thanks so much Laura B! I know Randy has helped us both kick our financial limitation’s butt! 🙂

  37. Sandi Rosenfeld Greenberg says:

    Merry Christmas

  38. Max Buy says:

    Great Christmas idea – thank you, Randy! I want the gift as a line of investment customers to let us manage a construction project in France. My gift for them in return will be 50 to 100% growth of their money in 2 years.

  39. oceania says:

    I don’t care if it was a publicity stunt – it was still a
    beautiful thing to do.Glad it wasn’t my job to organize it, though!It’s interesting
    to see the different reactions between the kids and the adults.The kids were like:yeah, I got what I asked for, whereas a lot
    of the parents were crying.I’ve had
    some money miracles happen in the past – stuff like bills miraculously getting
    paid when I had no money at all to pay them.Miracles do happen.

  40. million dollar says:

    Oh that’s a good one. Start following your own advice…
    Merry christmas !

  41. carmen161595 says:

    Randy, that video brought tears to my eyes. I would have LOVED being a part of organising, shopping and wrapping all of those presents. What a buzz! Thanks Randy for the reminder to ask for big things. With a broke family, I’ve come to ask for very small things at Christmas because they can’t afford much. That video reminded me of the power of the universe to deliver. Sending you much love this Christmas and wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2014.

  42. RG, love it. Really, really love it. Deserving issues run deep. I mean, do you think anybody asked for a Ferrari? Even if contest rules existed I betcha nobody had an abundant enough view to do it. Not saying i would have ;)….but the idea crossed my mind when I thought of the underwear and socks guy.
    I just manifested a 4 month vacation… a house 40 feet away from the beach….in Fiji! Unreal! I was a broke, laid off security guard 4 years ago who wanted to pay bills and have enough to eat fast food on the weekends. Now I am living on the beach in Fiji for almost half a year. My “deservingness” had to rise for me to make it happen and it has taken continual mental effort to do this….but thank God, literally, I asked for what I wanted, and forgot the whole big-small thing, because size or scale does not exist from a Universal perspective….just intents, faith, clarity, and surrender…..thanks Randy, Merry Christmas dude!

  43. TigerJoanna says:

    I was thinking the same thing about what the people wished for, especially the man with the socks and underwear. Curious to know if someone asked for a car, if they would have gotten it.
    Many people believe they are undeserving of gifts.
    Because of that I gave anonymous gifts this year. For example, I gave cash to a lady at church. I paid a bill for somebody. I also did other things like I gave a stranger walking down the street a ride. I did other things as well, not trying to brag at all.
    Being a Christian, I wonder why so many are taught it is more Christian/Godly to be poor, why people are taught that money makes you bad. God wants to abundantly supply all our needs, not only in heaven, but in this life.
    I have someone who died a Millionaire, but nobody know it. This person even had multiple financial advisors, so that not even the advisors would know that. Did that person think that others would think them bad for having money ? This person had a kind soul and never even gossiped about anybody. Very benevolent person who gave money to many different charities.
    Anyway and as always, you’re on the mark!
    God bless and Merry Christmas

  44. TigerJoanna says:

    Carmen: you wanted to be part of the giving. How about the receiving??? 🙂

  45. oceania says:

    RyanKBiddulphWell done!

  46. Lea Sedan says:

    Every day the universe  wants to know,what is your really big wish,
    which you dream about itand want to make it reality,when you will
    tell it the answer you will get is “”.

  47. Carlos DeGuzman says:

    Prosperity Rock, Mr. Gage.

  48. Annieb says:

    Merry Christmas Randy.  For Christmas I would like for you and I to be friends again.  I feel like I got sent to the Randy Gage Wasteland, (with reason, I know), but I would like to be back on Randy Gage Island for Christmas. 🙂

  49. Mariela Elorduy Blackaller says:

    All the best!

  50. ArtyomPokatilov says:

    Nice, very nice post, Randy. Instructive and heartfelt.
    More to add: when people take compliment to me, I learning receving it with gratitude and without valuation, just as it is. Like an absolute. Without layer of any opinion. Beautiful practice which gives great results.
    I wish you and for everyone to become as much prosperious as he only can!

  51. LeneJytteHansen says:

    Thank’s Randy and Merry Christmas to you ♥

  52. Ingeborg Wetter says:

    wish the same for you

  53. souravghosh says:

    Thanks for sharing the amazing video! Really there is no limit to how far a great brand can go to make people smile. And thanks for the lesson. I need to work on that. Giving comes very naturally to me, but I guess i need to be more willing to receive. 
    Btw Merry Christmas sir. Thank you for being an inspiration always.

  54. Pavel Vanhara says:

    Epic ending!! 😀

  55. Hazir Awan says:

    Hi Sir Randy, I had a question. I am working on my weekend challenge which is to “Ask someone who has achieved a great success in life that what was the turning point in his life when he made a resolute decision after which his life had never been the same.” If you could kindly help me and guide me as how and when you made that decision that would be really helpful for making mine over the weekend. 
    Thank you very Sir for you help all along. Hear from you soon 🙂

  56. Randy_Gage says:

    Hazir AwanThat is a great question!  One that deserves a thoughtful response.  So watch for a future postcard where I will address this topic.

  57. Lea Sedan says:

    Hazir Awan
    Read the book “” by Npoleon Hill

  58. Very inspiring post :)!! I experienced that many times in my life, when I asked for something I thought might be too big, but I got that with no problems. So I wish everyone to dream big!
    Thanks, Randy, for sharing these valuable thoughts!

  59. Hazir Awan says:

    Randy_Gage Hazir Awan Thank you very much Sir.


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