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The Avoidance Path

purpose and meaning
By Randy Gage in Critical Thinking, Success, Prosperity.

We’re doing a series of posts on the search for purpose and meaning, and what makes us get out of bed in the morning.  Last post we looked at possible passageway number one, joining gangs, religion and other cults.  Now let’s explore possibility number two… 

I told you pathway one seems like the easiest choice.  But that only appears so.  In actuality, the easiest choice is pathway number two: the avoidance path.

Even the choice of the first path, choosing to outsource their beliefs and thoughts to someone else is too arduous for many people.  So they compartmentalize their lives, filling every available second with diversion.

I also told you that we all need more than enjoyment, distraction, and entertainment.  But that’s my take. In actuality, there are millions of people who have decided that enjoyment, distraction, and entertainment is enough.  The rigors of introspection, critical thinking and self-examination are too much to endure.  So they choose a life of continuous distraction.

The symptoms vary widely.  They may be a soccer hooligan who travels from match to match, or a mid-level executive workaholic.  They can be the tailgater who consumes 24 Bud Lites every Sunday, or the person in a “top picks for you on Netflix” coma.  But the end result is always the same…

By keeping their life is a perpetual state of monotony, they never experience the ultimate highs, which would will reveal the remaining time to be so pointless.  It’s a life of mediocrity, but you’re not really aware it’s a life of mediocrity. For lots of people, ignorance truly is bliss.

Of course this leads us to the third possible choice: pursuing a life of purpose and meaning.  Which is where we’ll pick up on the next post.   Any thoughts before then?  Please share them below.


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2 thoughts on “The Avoidance Path

  1. Tom Flanigan says:

    “outsource their beliefs and thoughts to someone” Wow that statement is powerful I feel I have outsourced most of my life my happiness, problems ect. I am excited to see where this post goes. As Always thank you for sharing Randy.

  2. thechalkywhite says:

    A little disappointed in your use of language Randy. In particular “soccer hooligan”, which presumably refers to football as the world outside of North America calls it. Whilst not claiming to talk for the rest of the world, in the United Kingdom, crime is lower among football supporters than in the general population, hence adding the word “hooligan” is akin to the 70s attitude that added all sorts of innuendo to the word “homosexual” – as gays used to be called.

    Whilst appreciating the main point of your post – and agreeing with it – this has undermined your message a little. Only a little though, as even you will admit that an approach to life that includes leisure activities is a good one. Life can have purpose and meaning whilst still taking time to enjoy watching football, rugby, Game of Thrones, or other apparent time wasters.


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