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The 4th Deadliest Cause of Failure…

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By Randy Gage in Success, Prosperity.

In this series, we’re exploring the biggest causes of failure that are holding people back.  (See the 5th deadliest here.)  Today we look at:

The 4th Deadliest Cause of Failure…

I’m betting the 4th most deadly cause of failure will surprise many of you.  That’s because it is:

Attempting Success, with a Poverty Consciousness Mentality

I believe the most successful achievers expand their prosperity consciousness in a continually evolving process.  The window they view their world through gets bigger and bigger as their consciousness expands.

Some examples in my own life:

As a gesture of prosperity consciousness, I sent fresh flowers to myself once.  Then I decided I liked having a vase of fresh flowers delivered once a week.  Now I spend more than $1,000 a month having fresh flowers delivered to my home.

There was a time if you would have told me you spent even $100 a month on flowers, I would have tried to get you committed into an insane asylum.  But because I like living and working in a harmonious environment, my prosperity consciousness has grown.

When I started my leveraged sales business at 20, my dream was to earn $10,000 a month.  I picked that number, because if I did that, I would be the wealthiest person I had ever met.  (I figured that anyone who earned that much a month could never spend it!)

Eventually I reached that level of income.  But instead of being complacent, my consciousness expanded and my dream became earning $50,000 a month.  (And of course, thought no one could ever spend that much money.)  But I discovered you can actually earn and spend that much money, and set my sights at $100,000 a month.  After a couple years, I did reach that reality.

But here’s the key: I didn’t get to 100K at the same belief system I had at 50K.  I had to expand the window I was viewing the world through.

And if you want to be more successful, so do you.

So what holds people back from expanding their window?  There are some common things.  First is an unhealthy fear of risk.  Some people are incredibly fear-based.  The idea of earning $1,000 is drowned out by their fear of losing $100.

Other times, it’s because they give a disproportionate weight to other peoples’ opinion of them.  They are afraid they might fail and then people will think less of them.  You have to realize that anyone who sees you attempt something and thinks less of you because you fail is a creep. And no one needs another creep in their life.

Almost any time you’re making a decision based on fear, you’re going to get negative results.  You have to flip the switch to optimism.  People who accomplish great things have a positive vision for their lives.  This takes putting yourself through continuous positive programming, and associating with positive people.

The other issue with fear-based people is their propensity to want to inch forward.  You don’t get to the really great destinations solely by taking tiny baby steps.  Sometimes you simply have to take a leap. Sprint for a while.

People with poverty consciousness get greedy and actually restrict their earning potential.  Let me give you an example…

I was consulting with someone on growing their business.  They had a scenario where they had a famous brand name co-sponsor, a captive audience, and an upside to grow their business 10-20X quickly.  They had the organizational stuff done and the logistics locked up.  What they were missing was the marketing element: social media, copywriting and online marketing.

I offered to come in as a partner, because I saw how we could readily add $10-15 million a year instantly, with what I could do with marketing.  But the owner comes from a poor childhood and still has poverty consciousness.  He didn’t want to give up equity, thinking he could just hire vendors or employees who could do what I was offering.

Six years later, he’s still scuffling along, exactly where he started.  But he saved money in his mind.  You’re better off with 50 percent of $10 million instead of 100 percent of $200,000.

I have categorized these five causes of failure, based on my work coaching with some of the most brilliant people in the world through consulting and my Breakthrough U coaching program.  Due to demand, I am opening up five additional spaces.  If you want to play in that sandbox, act quickly.

In tomorrow’s post, we’ll explore the 3rd deadliest cause of failure.  One I see in all groups: managers, entrepreneurs and sales people.


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7 thoughts on “The 4th Deadliest Cause of Failure…

  1. Daniel says:

    “I offered to come in as a partner, because I saw how we could readily add $10-15 million a year instantly, with what I could do with marketing.”

    You not gonna believe it, but it is just happening to my company.

    “But the owner comes from a poor childhood and still has poverty consciousness.”


    “He didn’t want to give up equity, thinking he could just hire vendors or employees who could do what I was offering.”

    That was my thought at first, but because I following you from years now, I already said yes.

  2. Modern day “Charles Fillmore”! ..mind expanding stuff! #grateful RG!

  3. Was just struggling w/ this yesterday — perfect timing ..thanks!

  4. Also love the flower example!… people would say you’re crazy even for $100.00 and judge it was a waste… question to myself: What I am withholding that brings me enjoyment?…because I am judging it!!! I think a fabulous steak dinner at my favorite restaurant is in order tonight. 🙂 I’ll toast you while I’m there! TY

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Love it, good for you!

  5. Sam says:

    I love your posts. I regularly follow on here and YouTube and I share them on social media. Thank you so much.

    1. Randy Gage says:

      Thank you for getting the word out!


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