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Health Philosophy for Prosperity

How do you…you know…actually manifest prosperity?  There’s so many conflicting theories and a lot of just batshit crazy beliefs about the subject.  If you’re just jumping on board, ...

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Could You Do 3 Chin-ups to Save Your Life?

If everyone on earth had to do three chin-ups to save their lives tomorrow – it would be an extinction level event.

If that doesn’t frighten you, it should.  And if you’re one of the 97 perc...

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Surrounding Yourself with Amazing People…

Yesterday we explored how people live in fantasy states and prevent themselves from creating prosperous relationships around them.  So once you accept reality – how do you attract people around you...

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It Is All About Your Smile

We’ve had a great series on the importance of health to your prosperity.  Before we move on, there’s one more topic to look at… (more…)...

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Energizing Your Power to Heal

Today is a great day to reclaim your health and wholeness.  Each breath you take pulls more oxygen into your body, which circulates through your blood, which feeds the activity of your liver, lungs, ...

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Throwing Off The Shackles

In yesterday’s post we talked about wheelchairs, braces, medication, therapy, and similar things.  I asked you when do we really need them, and when are they actually keeping us sick.  Did you rea...

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Getting a Streak Going

I remember going to my SOMA therapist and her commenting on what an amazing improvement my body had made in the four years since I have seen her last.   The next day my chiropractor told me that my ...

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