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How to Deal with a Professional Victim

She came up on me like a Cat-5 hurricane.  Within ten minutes of meeting, she had regaled me with at least four different tragedies from her past.  The drama and trauma were palpable. By the time sh...

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Look Inside…

It only took 11 negative dysfunctional relationships in a row for me to question whether I might just happen to have some culpability in the results.  It was the same dynamic after numerous busi...

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The Victim’s Journey

We’ve talked a lot in this space about the mythical hero’s journey, and how it applies in our day-to-day lives.  One of the common hero journey myths is slaying the dragon.  In European...

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Prosperity Is not Created by Chance, Accident, or Luck

Most people like to think that prosperity comes as a result of, random chance, unplanned accident, or simply luck.  This is a common and comfortable belief because it removes any personal respon...

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Life Is Not Fair…

CNBC offers non-stop “Shark Tank” reruns almost nightly.  I’ve been binge watching over the holidays and couldn’t help but notice how misogynistic and demeaning the male sharks behave to...

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The Fake Reward of Being a Victim

Funny coincidence:  I’m working with two different writers in my author apprentice program and yesterday gave the same advice to both of them.  Specifically, that for their (very different...

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Killing Your Inner Victim

There are random acts, but no random lives.  As you now know, your life (whether we’re discussing the old one or the reboot you desire to create) is the harvest of the thoughts you give precedence ...

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Are You Really Living Your Life?

I get asked frequently why I’m so hard on organized religion.  Most who ask believe I’m on a crusade to convert the world to atheism.  In actuality, that’s the last thing I want to do.  There...

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