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Killing Your Inner Victim

There are random acts, but no random lives.  As you now know, your life (whether we’re discussing the old one or the reboot you desire to create) is the harvest of the thoughts you give precedence ...

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Are You Really Living Your Life?

I get asked frequently why I’m so hard on organized religion.  Most who ask believe I’m on a crusade to convert the world to atheism.  In actuality, that’s the last thing I want to do.  There...

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Co-Creating Your Own Prosperity

What do the following statements all have in common?

It was going great until the recession hit…
Then the divorce happened, and I lost…
I knew it wouldn’t work. But my partner wanted...

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Looking in the Mirror

Last post I shared with you the question that transformed my life forever.  It was the question I asked in desperation, after a continuous pattern of health challenges, business failures, toxic relat...

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Throwing Off the Shackles of Slavery

I’d like to apologize to those who were offended by the last post.  Although I’d like to, I won’t… (more…)...

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Occupation: Victim

We’ve spoken a great deal in this forum about the ultimate choice we all face: to be a victim or a victor.  So why do so many people still choose being a self-imposed victim? (more…)...

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Are You a Professional Victim?

Do you still talk about bad ex-lovers, personal slights, or money you lost in business deals in the past?  What you may think is entertaining to others, or is simply expressing your frustration, is a...

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The Clues of Victimhood…

In yesterday’s post we looked at people who become attached to the role of perpetual victim.  You can easily recognize them by the clues they give you. (more…)...

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