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Tag: Success

The Tribal Champion

We spoke a lot lately about tribes and the movements that drive them.  Certainly the election of Barak Obama was a wonderful demonstration of this phenomenon in action.  But there was actually a muc...

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The Prosperous Sound of Silence

It was a terrific Tuesday in South Beach.  In fact it was so gorgeous this morning that I decided to skip the gym and do my cardio running along the bay.

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Tribal Prosperity

Got some interesting comments on the post about Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes.”   I was particularly intrigued by the questions there and in the follow up e-book Marcos posted on how leading t...

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Leading Your Tribe

Seth Godin writes books about brilliant ideas.  But I have a confession to make…

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Prosperity Socialism?

The current economic meltdown is making it much worse for a lot of people to manifest prosperity.  Not because the economy is bad, but because they are getting more lack programming.

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Expanding Your Prosperity Window

Last post we looked at developing your prosperity consciousness.  The real process we need to do here is expansion.  Expanding the window through which you see the world.

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Raising Your Prosperity Consciousness

A big step towards manifesting prosperity is expanding your consciousness towards it.  You can’t be treated for prosperity; you must be open to receiving it.  And if you have been raised in an env...

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More on 'The Secret'

Yesterday I mentioned that I like ‘The Secret” because it has introduced people to the law of attraction.  The problem comes from all of the people that watch it and think they can just sit on th...

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