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Tag: Success

Is It Time to Start Over?

I’m pretty sure the most overused and overhyped expression in advertising is the claim that someone or something will “change your life.”  Even as you read this there are radio commercials air...

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A New You for the New Year

What would you do if you woke up one day to discover you were living the wrong life?  What if you woke up and realized you didn’t really like yourself…or actually hated yourself? (It usually...

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Your “Sacred Circle” Determines Your Prosperity

How much do you think your spouse or life partner impacts the level of prosperity you manifest in life?  What about your best friend, co-workers, or softball team?  If you didn’t answer, ...

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Prosperity is Your Assignment

Once you begin doing the work you are truly meant to do, the universe will reward you with prosperity. You're in harmony with your nature and attract more harmony in your affairs.  This is the w...

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The Mystery of Getting Motivated

A couple weeks ago I raised the subject of inspiration with the readers of my “Gage on Prosperity” newsletter.  More specifically, the role inspiration plays in motivation.  Inspiration is a ve...

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Poverty is a Sin!

Someone you know is a professional victim.  (Hopefully it’s not you.)  Maybe you know a few.  Professional victims have drama and trauma “happen” to them constantly.  The hu...

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This Can Be Your Prosperity Superpower…

Did your parents advise you to get a college degree so you could earn more?  That used to be solid advice.  Do you believe that having strong experience in an occupation is the secret to ea...

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Are You in a Prosperity Cocoon?

The most transformational decision in my life (and I’ve made many) was at 16 years old, when I decided to pack up what would fit into my 71 Plymouth and moved from Wisconsin to Miami.  I had n...

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